Jan. 1st, 2016

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last years goals )Started the year off strong with Regency wear. A strapped petticoat, embroidered teagown, and ballgown.

First project complete in the new year. #regency petticoat with straps and tucks. #sewing, #Framatic, @morelikeapp#Regencyweekend #costumingadventures A little candlelight reading.Mirror mirror on the wall....#regency, #JaneAusten #janeaustenevening
I revamped my Italian Ren kirtle to a new trim design with fabric a little more approrpiate for middle class. I also made a new black partlet and sleeves. Overall it worked well but I will need to make a cooler kirtle and want to make a linen waistcoat to round out my wardrobe.

Spent my weekend at the #tournamentofthephoenix. Great fun but left me exhausted!#joefoleyphotography #costume #renaissance #stiveshistoricalsoceityNew trim pattern. I need to hurry!!!Next weekend is the last week of faire. While I will miss it, looking forward to having time to craft and work on new costumes. First up will be a Game of Thrones King's Landing type dress, and Taffeta from Wreck it Ralph. #renaissancefair #cosplay
I worked on a linen jerkin commission before opening week at the same time.
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This was an impulse costume. It was group project so it had to be something we could wear together. I made the majority of the costumes to include the dress and 1st petticoat. She was left to hem hers and make or buy an under petticoat. We wanted to do a version not normally done so we choose the Fireball versions. We also didn't want to go over sexualized, which is so often seen. So I had fun with the details. Fire flower was made to go in my pocket and a fireball purse. Those details will be done before I wear it again. This was the first that I really played with my make up.
Overall a great weekend! Now to sleep for a week! #WonderCon #cosplay #luigi IMG_1472fixed.jpgWaiting for the glue to dry but otherwise done. YAY! #8bit #fireflower #marioandluigi #cosplayTook a break from homework to work on some accessories for my costume. It's just the stem part right now, but I already love it. #8bit #marioandluigi #cosplay
A quick Shortgown to louge about and polish silver at Aubry's:
I was sooooooo anxious to wear this costume. I'm glad I did because I absolutely love it but it was definitely one that push my boundaries. The front overskirt and bolero top were bought..... years ago. I repurposed my captain america corset, and made the bustle and hair feathers.
11755646_1621540308093884_5913851227531237641_n.jpg 11751768_1621540391427209_7725792004986894502_n.jpg11694939_1621540361427212_2523341610202475377_n.jpg
Little Red Riding Hood- This spawned off of [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson's idea. But try as I could I couldn't imagine her as 18th century. She always looked like this to me. After the frustration of not finishing my GoT it felt good to have this finished and exactly how I envisioned it in a weeks time.

Photos from the official photographers at #CoCo2015 #costume #cosplay #Littleredridinghood #diabolicalcontest16 @diabolically_alice DSC_1661.JPG
After CoCo my momentum came to a complete and under halt. I really struggled with depression and anxiety. I know what it was orginially triggered by, and then a labor intestive semester, not neccassarily the hardest semester I have had but ALOT of work, just never allowed for me to get my creative mojo back.
A fun circle skirt I made from Wearing History's print, that got lots of compliments.
Needed a quick and somewhat easy project to help get me out of my creativity funk. It just needs a placard and waistband which should be an hours worth of work tomorrow. I love the fabric, it's from @wearinghistory and inspired by #1940s fabrics. #retro
End of year photography class assignment/ Gotham Sirens. I may not have sewn alot for these costumes, but I am proud of them. I was learning more as a model, photographer, make up artist, along with styling poison ivy's wig, making catwoman's ears, and altering the corset for Harley and making the bustle.

gotham sirens1.jpg
A wedding quilt. It was the first real project I used my embroidery machine on. Even though it is not complete enough to send off. I have finished all of the piecing and am now quilting it. Which cant be easily seen in a photo. So done!
Holday Harley Quinn: It didn't feel like Christmas to me so Christmas Eve I made a Harley Christmas hat and cape.
gotham sirens1.jpg

2016's goals )


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