Feb. 6th, 2016

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I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!! I started by pulling everything out of the space. Holy cow that got out of hand.

I think I'm a hoarder. I was only able to part with 1 and a half kitchen sized trashbags of stuff. I went with the bag rule. If it could make a costuming bag I kept it. Or if it was long strips because I could use those for binding. It was really hard!!!!
These are my UFO bins. I'm telling you guys I have a problem. This is after I purged what I could bear to get rid of. A fairy costume, an embroidery project, a scrub top, a quilt. My goal is to finish enough UFOs that I am only using the bottom bin.

And the finished project. I would like to get to a point where my stash is only the 6 big containers, (Wool, Silk, Linen/cottons, Everday/vintage fabrics, Quilting Cottons, Cosplay fabrics), which means 2 medium and one small tote need to be used up, sold, or donated, and the medium UFO tote needs to have the projects inside done. I would also like to get down to just two of my pattern boxes.

For now I am just happy its done and organised. Bonus to this clean up, I found some silk taffeta that I am hoping will be enough for a Early 1870's ballgown.They are both purple shots so this picture doesn't do either full justice. They look flat in the pic but not in person. I have a bit over 8 of the light purple and a bit over 5 of the dark one.

I decided to postpone the late 1860 design. I love it to much to compormise on materials and it was quickly getting to expensive. Next year!


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