Apr. 3rd, 2016

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Oh MY GOSH guys!!!!!! I am sooooo excited. You'd think I was going somewhere exotic for Spring Break but no. I am looking forward to the sleep, and time off. I do have 4 assignments I should give attention to. I have 3 papers due late April early May. My goal is to get at least 1 done this week. The last assignment I need to pay attention to is I need to take photos with a focus on lighting. Not hard and actually looking forward to that, BUT it does take up precious precious time.
Other than that I have 2 things I want/need to do. SLEEP and SEW.
I have 3 projects that I am currently obsessing over. My Victorian ballgown. Needed in 12 days... no pressure or anything. (I am aware I did it to myself. But still!) I also need an overgown for my black kirtle. Black is off limits and is reserved for Royalty or puritans at my faire. But If I wear an over gown where it is mostly covered I have gotten permission to wear it. YAY!!!!!!!! I plan to make the overogwn out of a tropical weight wool so it will be nice and lightweight. That and the linen the kirtle is made out, even at two layers will be loads cooler than my current medium weight kirtle.
And the last project I am DYING to work on, is off limits until the above are done. It sucks because I want to work on it the most. I have a passion for it. But I need the above costrumes more. I don't need this one, and I won't be wearing it until probably SDCC. I decided to keep it a secret project. I know I suck. I'm just so excited for it and I don't think I am going to have a whole lot of new stuff for CoCo. So I'm hoping to have this one be my one new thing revel. Pretty sure all the rest of the costumes I wear at CoCo will be re-wears.
Oh and so this has at least one pic. Finished the hand sewing project I'd been working on. A guild member asked me to do blackwork that he could add to his shirt.
Current project, not #cosplay related, but for #fairseason which starts next week! Will I see any of you out there????#embroidery #blackwork #renfaire #renaissancefair


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