Feb. 4th, 2017

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So I can  get lost again in it when I start the semester again on Monday. But since its been 3 months since I posted last, I though it might be a good idea to say hi.
I use to wonder why people who were in school or  just had kids fell off the face of  the costuming world. I mean come on you can always find spare moments to sew, right! HA! I need to go smack my past self for being so niave. Those spare moments, yea, they get filled up with other things. And one day you wake up and realize 3 months have gone by and you haven't sewn a damn thing.  Add in a ton of anxiety, a little depression and a faulty LJ app and I didn't even post on here. I got a new LJ app so I am hoping my posting or at minimum reading and commenting will be a little more consistant.
I think its so cool the cosfit group is active again. I lost 10lbs over the semester. Only to gain pretty much all of it back ove the holidays. Holiday yummies and a wave of depression hit me really hard. Hubby and I have plans to eat healthy and get back on track starting next week. A biggest loser between the two of us going until my birthday/WonderCon. Winner gets $100 at WonderCon to use as they wish. I would join in with the cosfit BUT I need to see if Ihave any luck posting first.
I don't forsee any sewing happening in the next 8 weeks. I have Med/Surg for the first half of the semester (the 8 weeks) and have been warned multiple times that I won't have a life. It sucks only because I was getting to the point of shaking off the blues and wanting to work on things. It doesn't help that the Jane Austen Evening was last weekend, where hanging with friends in all their pretties always inspires me. I have Blackwork I need to work on, Hopefully that is enough to keep me inspired, till the second half of the semester when I should have more time to maybe sneak in a small project. I am at the stage where I am not actively planning anything. But my brain is going nuts. :) I'm hoping to knock out all sorts of things come summer break.
So what have I been up to:
I got a B+ in my first semester of Nursing school. Soooo close!!!! to an A. Then we went straight away into getting ready for Christmas. I made a ton of presents and crafty holday things. I think my fravorite was my wreath. I have always wanted one but could never found one that had everything I wanted/liked. So I made one. :)
I've always want a wreath but couldn't find one I loved. So I made one. #icrafty #christmaswreath #christmascrafting #christmastime
Shortly after the holidays we got our reading lists so my motivation died.
Got the reading list for the first 8 weeks of the second semester. #goodbyesociallife Grateful #WonderCon at the beginning of my spring break. Though I doubt if there will be any time for new #cosplays 😖.#nursingschool #nursingstudent
The most I could muster was doing photo shoots. But I must admit. I really really enjoy doing them. The first one I did was an idea for Veterans day. I'd like to redo it. It didn't come out the way I envisioned. I was trying to get the shots done at sunset. We quickly lost light so so many of the shots came out blurry. :( My main goal was not overly sexy out of respect for the flag.
Veterans shoot )

The next one was an Ice fairy/nymph/queen. I still don't have the full costume done. I still need to make the me sized wings and dress. But its one of those things where the make-up and idea has been in my head so long it needed to come out. So I'm thinking of it as a test run. These make me go back and forth between, "Hey I'm pretty" and " what the hell was I thinking??? I am not creative enough to pull this stuff off.
Ice Fairy )

The next one I did, I treated not as just photography but as an art expression. I think I am the most self concious of this one. I was trying to convey a fallen angel. I know I just used Christmas lights on my head but I wanted the Halo look but I also liked that they had a crown of torns look
fallen angel )
The Jane Austen Evening gave me a chance to take pics also. If you are patient with me and are willing to give me a chance to be a little more artistic, I love to take pics. Thankfully the gals who I went with let me play. Especially Katherine. I'm not sure how many times she had to have heard, let me try that again. But I think it was worth it. The full album is on my flickr.
Some of my favorites )
I have a project that I want to do. I need all my talented and beautiful friends to help. Now I do realise it may not be anytime soon but I figure if I mention it now maybe you guys can start thinking of ideas. The project I want to do is recreate portraits or paintings. Ideally I'd like to do it on a level where I am close to a studio setting. Or in fun locals. I just know I have friends who can recreate a gown and era to perfection. Some of you are already good at getting great shots that look like you've stepped out of a painting. But if you are interested in shots that don't just look posed, in your creations, let me know. Its something I really want to do.


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