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Remind me to to do that when I come up for air in a few weeks. But I wanted to share a few pics taken for my class. There's a three fold reason for it. One, because its a prelude for when I do the implied nudity shoot. 2 because I feel I look sexy in them. and 3 because I go my first troll on my cosplay page. I don't feel like feeding the troll but that doesn't mean I'm not human. So rant and pics under cut. And yes its a rant. So maybe just look at the pics and not actually read what I say.
Sum up of their commet is I am a fat ass and shouldn't cosplay because no body wants to see it. Except with more curse words and refrences to my fatness. What I wanted to say:

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And more from the shoot but of my friend. The last one is a picture of a picture. Sorry for the poor quality. The assignment was lighting. I had so much fun with it.
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When you stay up for a solid week late trying to finish your dress. Come to within seconds of a complete anxiety attack because it's just not working, then your friend pulls through with the perfect alternative. That seems to just fall into place.... But shhhh there's still time for it to act a fool....
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So I decided to write a few thoughts down.
I'm horridly horridly behind on updating. It's mostly boring school stuff but some fun and productively.
I'm horridly behind on commenting. You'll ll get comments months later. Sorry...
And I'm only a few days behind reading. I love how awesome you all are. I don't say that enough... Probably because I'm behind on commenting.
And some for my happiness jar: enjoying the mild weather. I know it means summer and 100+ degree weather will be here, like tomorrow.... Okay maybe 2 weeks from now. But it's nice right now. I was walking across campus today, and the trees all have fresh leaves that are casting shadows that have bits of sunshine peeking through. Weather was perfect. I think I saw 5 or so butterflies between class a and class b and I caught myself smiling. I can honestly say for 5 mins or so I was just happy. No other thought, or stress, which you all know I got plenty of. No real reason. Just a feeling that fulfilled all sense of the word. I was happy.
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Oh MY GOSH guys!!!!!! I am sooooo excited. You'd think I was going somewhere exotic for Spring Break but no. I am looking forward to the sleep, and time off. I do have 4 assignments I should give attention to. I have 3 papers due late April early May. My goal is to get at least 1 done this week. The last assignment I need to pay attention to is I need to take photos with a focus on lighting. Not hard and actually looking forward to that, BUT it does take up precious precious time.
Other than that I have 2 things I want/need to do. SLEEP and SEW.
I have 3 projects that I am currently obsessing over. My Victorian ballgown. Needed in 12 days... no pressure or anything. (I am aware I did it to myself. But still!) I also need an overgown for my black kirtle. Black is off limits and is reserved for Royalty or puritans at my faire. But If I wear an over gown where it is mostly covered I have gotten permission to wear it. YAY!!!!!!!! I plan to make the overogwn out of a tropical weight wool so it will be nice and lightweight. That and the linen the kirtle is made out, even at two layers will be loads cooler than my current medium weight kirtle.
And the last project I am DYING to work on, is off limits until the above are done. It sucks because I want to work on it the most. I have a passion for it. But I need the above costrumes more. I don't need this one, and I won't be wearing it until probably SDCC. I decided to keep it a secret project. I know I suck. I'm just so excited for it and I don't think I am going to have a whole lot of new stuff for CoCo. So I'm hoping to have this one be my one new thing revel. Pretty sure all the rest of the costumes I wear at CoCo will be re-wears.
Oh and so this has at least one pic. Finished the hand sewing project I'd been working on. A guild member asked me to do blackwork that he could add to his shirt.
Current project, not #cosplay related, but for #fairseason which starts next week! Will I see any of you out there????#embroidery #blackwork #renfaire #renaissancefair
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I finished my midterms early and find myself lost, not knowing what to do with all my free time.  It'd be nice if I could pick up and do something productive..... but I've been lacking any real motivation to do anything. Except maybe cuddle a certain furball and eat.  But I don't want to dwell on the bad. Thats part of why I maintain radio silence on here. I don't want you all to hate reading my posts because the are so bleak.
WonderCon was last weekend. I got sick the day before so I didn't wear costumes the full run. Can't say I was overly disappointed. I wore a Captain America dress and just wondered the con floor. Surprisingly I got a lot of complements on the dress. We had dinner, Friday, with [livejournal.com profile] bauhausfrau,. I love seeing you all outside of CoCo. I think Meals were the highlights for me during the weekend. Friday with Loren and Saturday with military friends of the hubby and mine.
A few weeks back I was asked if I would make a Steampunk Captain America. I didn't think I would have time but it intrigued me. So I gave a tentive yes. I took the parts of my Burlesque Captain America and expanded on it. While Burlesque Captain America was tons of fun, especially with [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb as my Bucky, I always felt SUPER self-concious. I got some good pics out of it and nows its been morphed. And I like it. Its still just version one because I ran out of time. But I like it! I felt completely comfortable, and really pretty. I have a few plans to make it resemble his uniform a bit more. white undersleeves, red spats, a hat with veil and a bigger star on the chest.
Great day at #wondercon. finding food then deciding if the ankles can handle going back. #cosplayer #wondercon2016 #wondercon #captainamerica #steampunk#steampunk #captainamerica #wondercon #wondercon2016 #cosplayer #cosplay
I was a little sad because I loved it so much but didn't have a ton of requests for pics. I was crying about it to my hubby and he told me it was because they were sniping pics and not asking me for them. He also told me that as they passed me they would say how cool it is. I told him he was lying and he insisted. He was walking behind me most of the time so he noticed it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't need that morale boost.
Sunday I wore Harley.

My next project is to finish my Victorian Ballgown in a week so I have it for the ball. After that.... not sure. I am still in a major slump. TONS of CADD but no desire to actually sew.
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This semester has been the most tiring so far. I won't say the hardest because that wouldn't be true. But tiring yes. I seldom get to bed before midnight and am up between 6 and 7:30. I'm the type that needs 8 solid hours to function properly. I get less sleep on a regular basis, either due to insomnia/stress or just life, but it will start messing with my moods. I've seen some of that already. I'm more emotional. Things that shouldn't affect me are and I'm more irritable. I keep reminding myself that it won't last forever. This is the last semester of this until the nursing school picks me up. I don't wan to jinx myself by predicting how hard or easy that will be but this is the last semester of regular classes that will have any difficulty. At the end of this semester, I will have 2 extra AA degrees. It will be worth it.
So this semester I am taking 5 classes. 2 Psychs. Human Sexuality and Intro to counseling. So far they have been 'eh on the interesting scale. I am a little excited about the paper topic I got approved for in Intro to counseling. I took the teacher before and wrote about Failure to Thrive. I am going to expand on that paper and write about Reactive Attachment Disorder and Attachment Therapy. ASL is okay. I think I choose the wrong teacher though. He is a hearing man from a Deaf family. So he knows his stuff, but gets so caught up in telling us about Deaf culture and the injustices done to the Deaf community. I think he would be a great teacher to take Deaf culture classes with, but I haven't learnt a lot of ASL so far this semester, which is what I am suppose to be learning. Trig has been... trig.... Its a math. You guys know how much I 'love' math. But to be fair it hasn't been to bad.*knock on wood* It doesn't come easy. I have to put the hours into the homework, but I'm getting it.
I am taking another Photography class. Its camera and composition, so the focus of the class is different. Our first assignment was Photograms. They were intersting but frustrating. I forsee that being the theme for this class for me. LOTS and LOTS of frustration. But its a good frustration. I get to be creative, stretch my current boundaries. I like that kind of frustration. Its worth it in the end. The current assignment is pinhole cameras. I have ideas... We'll see if they come out the way I want them to. I've also been playing with some ideas for future shoots. I really want to do some implied nudity shots. I don't want anything resembling a playboy bunny shoot. But I am really really considering something that is more sensual. I've seen some really beautiful stuff, when you get the lighting right and poses right. It would stretch my boundaries as a model but also my creative side. If I could toss in some historical or cosplay stuff into it also. Like I said I have ideas... I've tossed it around enough in my head that I've even brought it up to the hubby. My rule has always been I won't do anythng that I wouldn't be comfortable bringing up or showing to my husband and/or father. Of course I wished I was skinnier. And would probably try and lose more and tone up before I commit to this idea. But I am truely entertaining the thought.  Not sure how many are reading all of this and not just skimming it. But would love ideas/opinions.
I have been wanting to sew very very badly. I have lots of creative ideas.  CADD is running rampant. But I haven't been doing a lot of sewing. I tried to complete my GoT dress for Long Beach Comic Expo. But the collar on it is being all sorts of wonky. Stupid V neck bias nonsense. I'm not 100% sure how to fix it. And I just don't have the brainpower or will to figure it out. That and when I took it in I may have taken it in to much and the collar opens extremely low in the front unless I pull it closed further, But when I do that it pulls oddly across the chest. Its probaly just a bad fit now but I've put so much work into it I don't want give up. I have a feeling its going to be one of those costumes I always hate. I want to try and finish it before WonderCon. If I can find time. I was also asked to try and change my Burlesque Captain America into a Steampunk Captain America. I have a few ideas. I don't think they would be to hard to finish. If the exhaustion of the week doesn't take over that is.
Faire season is coming up. I've been advised by the Hubby to not overwhelm myself. I am so tired already if I give up my weekends also he thinks I am going to have a complete break. Last year I got sick because I pushed myself. He thinks this year will be worse. I'm sad to admit I think he's right. Even if he wasn't I'm not sure how many weekends we can afford for me to go. *sigh* This is one of those things that even though I know he is right it makes me sad to admit it. I get teary eyed everytime I think about it or talk about it. I hate having to admit it and then having to tell my guild that I am a loser who can't commit to the full season. Logically I know its the best decision, but still I get emotional.
I know there is some depression looming over me because of the lack of desire to do anything. I've been tossing between I want to sew ALL the things and create things and take awsome pictures, then to not wanting to do anyting. It gets bad enough that I consider giving up on everything. Like I will have the panic thought that it is less than 5 months until CoCo and what do I have new thats worth me wearing. Then I get nasty thoughts of just not going to CoCo, its not like I am that good anyway. So far I have been good about catching myself and usually going to bed. But I know that is the start of my depression spiral. I just have to try really hard to not fall into it.
Well its midnight. I should get myself to bed so I can start another week. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took this weekend. We took a trip out to Death Valley to see the Super Bloom that was happening there. I wanted to take some pics with the pinhole camera but these are on my phone and then I played with filters.
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I have some breathing room in homework this weekend so you guys might get an update on the state of Amy Lee.... I know you're excited...
But I wanted to share a happy thought for the jar I've been neglecting. Actually a pic.
I love the change of seasons. I think it's beautiful. Love it in fall, because it means winter is coming. Hate that it means summer is coming in spring but love it in the moment. So here it is on display on my campus. 3 months ago and today.

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No time for intellegent conversation, but I got out of school 50 mins early and made it through homework earlish so I edited some of the photos I got from 2 shoots I did over the weekend. If I hurry and slap them here for you all to see but give you actual written content later, I could actualy make it to bed before midnight. AND SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

under the cut because you've seen these costumes before )

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I have quite a bit to catch you all up on but it's past bedtime and yet another long week looms ahead of me, so I should get to bed. Just wanted to wave hi before I forget.
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I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!! I started by pulling everything out of the space. Holy cow that got out of hand.

I think I'm a hoarder. I was only able to part with 1 and a half kitchen sized trashbags of stuff. I went with the bag rule. If it could make a costuming bag I kept it. Or if it was long strips because I could use those for binding. It was really hard!!!!
These are my UFO bins. I'm telling you guys I have a problem. This is after I purged what I could bear to get rid of. A fairy costume, an embroidery project, a scrub top, a quilt. My goal is to finish enough UFOs that I am only using the bottom bin.

And the finished project. I would like to get to a point where my stash is only the 6 big containers, (Wool, Silk, Linen/cottons, Everday/vintage fabrics, Quilting Cottons, Cosplay fabrics), which means 2 medium and one small tote need to be used up, sold, or donated, and the medium UFO tote needs to have the projects inside done. I would also like to get down to just two of my pattern boxes.

For now I am just happy its done and organised. Bonus to this clean up, I found some silk taffeta that I am hoping will be enough for a Early 1870's ballgown.They are both purple shots so this picture doesn't do either full justice. They look flat in the pic but not in person. I have a bit over 8 of the light purple and a bit over 5 of the dark one.

I decided to postpone the late 1860 design. I love it to much to compormise on materials and it was quickly getting to expensive. Next year!
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What's the smallest dimensions of fabric that you guys hold onto. I am cleaning my sewing room and trying to destash a bit. I'm a fabric hoarder and am always amazed by the accessories you guys get out of scraps, but that doesn't help my hoarding tendencies. So curious what's the magic number for you guys to say goodbye to a scrap.
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I must spread this awesomeness.
Edited to add this, hubby and I are having to much fun with the memes:

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Today was better. Thanks to all who offered condolences. I called my Grandmother today. She let me know that G-Grandma was ready to go. She told the doc she was ready to go home and be back with her husband, and that she didn't want to wear the mask anymore. She died an hour later with all her kids around her. I cried a bit during the conversation but I feel a great deal better.
Happy thought is getting small chores done off my checklist.


Feb. 3rd, 2016 11:41 am
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Feb 2- Last day of Intercession! 99.9% in the class. WOO! Realized its been one month and a day without soda. And after my late shift at work, when I got home, hubby greeted me in the kitchen as I came in. He told me my hair looked nice which threw me off. He doesn't just give out compliments. I asked him why. He told me he didn't know, it just did, and that I looked pretty. I had just looked in the rear view mirror on my way out of the car and thought I looked tired and old. So it was especially out of nowhere for me. I admit it made me blush and get a little smile on my face.

If I finish my personal statement for the scholarship fund at my school I am hoping to get some personal sewing done this weekend. I am really close to finishing my linen GoT dress. If I finish that up, it'll be a new costume for Cons, and completely from my stash. Which would be nice. Its also a UFO finished. My plan is to finish that, start my Vernet dress, and to embroider a few baby bibs for a friend who is having a baby. I can't believe Spring semester starts again on Monday!!!!! My photography class is being threatened to be dropped. Not enough people enrolled. Which sucks. I like the creative outlet.
Right now I am enrolled in ASL3, Human Sexuality, and Trigonometry. Yea... I know... another Math class. Ugh. I am waitlisted for another Psych class, Intro to Counseling. If I get into that one also, I am ahead of the game for my AA-T in Psych. Then I need to figure out if the Trig counts for the degree or I need one more Math.


Feb. 1st, 2016 09:08 pm
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February 1- I have a couple so I'm going to post them all. Sometimes you need the extras to balance things.
-because of the weather Hubby had to stay home from work. So after I got up to get ready for school I came back in the room to find Little curled up with him. I should have taken a picture. It was cute.
Snow on the ground during my drive to school.
Finished sewing a piece for my Dad. It's fun to help him with the projects he comes up with, especially since he always helps me with mine.
Hot coco with mini marshmallows.
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Jan 25- after a weekend of not being strict with my diet I didn't gain any weight.
Jan 26- icky day but at the end of it Little was in my lap and looked up at me with his "I love you sooooo much" look. I swear my hubby doesn't even look at me with that much love. It makes me melt and I just want to grab him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George. 😜
Jan 27- got an A on my presentation. He loved that I showed differences between the Baraque and Rococo eras. And that I mentioned the kitties under skirts as not meaning just kitties playing under skirts. I also got my conceptional art piece idea approved. If you guys want to see me make a fool of myself singing and using ASL I can show you the video.

JAE 2016

Jan. 25th, 2016 12:27 am
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My Happiness Jar post for Jan 24 can be summed up in this pic.

Costuming, friends, actually danceing a little bit, and feeling pretty!
Jan 24, 2016- Finishing my Art appreciation presentation at a resonable hour, so I don't feel like a failure who skipped town to play pretty pretty princess and didn't finish her homework.
And a more thorough Jane Austen evening run down with more pics. )


Jan. 23rd, 2016 12:50 am
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Ack it's almost been a full week. I suck at this post daily thing. Thankfully nothing bad this week to delay writing. Just busy with school, work, sewing, and Fallout 4. 🤓
Jan 17 - friend came over for dinner to celebrate her birthday and we had drinks and watched movies.
Jan 18- putzed around all day playing video games and sewing. Love lazy days
Jan 19- midterm taken, halfway through with the semester.
Jan 20 - got a 97% on my midterm. Wooooo
Jan 21- finishing my overgown ahead of time for the Jane Austen Evening. So relieved that it was done!
Jan 22- talking with a friend while driving to LA. It's nice to share what's up in life, good and bad.
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I know I have been pretty glum and had to find things to post for this. But past couple days have been pretty good so I may add a couple things on some days.
Jan 15 - going out to dinner with former co-workers. Having adult conversations that did not revolve around school work. And then coming home to play video games until 4 am, because I could. Video games and reading use to be a big part of my life. Then I discovered sewing so they took a back burner. Then I got jobs or started school that sucked up my time and the only hobby I could manage (and as you guys know that suffers when I am extremely busy). I need to put more of them back into my life.
Jan 16 - went into the big city, Bakersfield to find an Apple store for my hubby. We choose to go that way instead of towards L.A. for something new. Going up and over the mountains is kind of spectacular. Or side is all desert, as you descend the other side you are in rolling lush green hills, which then turn into flat farmland. I can't remember the name of the book I read in high school that describes characters during the great depression coming through the desert and up these exact mountains into the farmlands. If I am taken aback now I can only image it then. And yes I realize I am a huge nerd, remembering a book from high school when I see that sight.


Jan. 14th, 2016 02:45 pm
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Jan 13- coming home to sandwiches from our favorite bakery. No cooking and leisurely completing homework.
Jan 14- only homework going into a 4 day weekend is to work on my art appreciation rococo art presentation. Yay!!!!!!!


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