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but I still want to do it! My CoCo sum up.

I had a fabulous time at Costume College this year.  Even a whole month later it is still brings a stupid smile to my face. Even with the stress of an impending TDY, horribly swollen ankles, and a near gala melt down, I can still say Fabulous time. I think it shows in just my anxiety levels. Last year I had a full out anxiety attack that my hubby had to talk me out of and I was near one several times. This year there were two times that I got to the stage of shaky, escalated heart rate, and tearing up/crying. The first one was Wednesday night. I couldn't figure out why but I knew the signs so I called my hubby. That man knows me to well... He told me,  that I was probably just getting overwhelmed. I had spent most the day traveling, 3 hours of which were on the 405 in construction traffic. After a good nights sleep I would be fine. And he was right. We even drove around the next day and I didn't have any problems at all.
Thursday we went.... )
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This took way to long due to a slow computer and internet!!!!!!!!!! I retabbed the pages in my blog for the costumes. The actual pages are more manageable now. I also added a post for the 18th C. Barbie aka Casaque gown.
Now to take a shower, fold laundry and iron uniforms... fun....
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Best gala ever, (for me). I was a total fan girl!! I got to dance with..... Talk with.... Take a picture with.... Yea it was awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much Aubry and Katherine (top secret why but they know and I love them for it.) I felt like a total princess and could die happy!!!!

Look I have a feather in my hair!!! ROFL!!!!

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Need opinions/advice/another set of eyes!!!! This is the trim on my gala gown. I love it. Hubby hates it. He said "it's just all bunched up." Uhhhhh........ ????????????
So I am going for 18thc flooffy (is that a word??) am I on the right track or did I miss the mark and go gaudy or "it's just all bunched up"

Did finish the hem, and sewing down the neck facing. All that's left is this trim.


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