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I made the trip out to Jo-anns and got some cording that would work for the lacing. Forgive my hair and the mirror and hubby pics. I promise to take better ones once the combinations are complete.

After my husband finished lacing me in he made the comment that it was the best one I have made. Which threw me off because I normally have to ask him his opinion on something and then I swear he doesn't even look at it...
The only thing I can see is maybe need a thicker boning or more of it right at the lacing holes. Any other suggestions?
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9 grommets in. I think I smashed my thumb 4 times out of the 9.

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I was able to complete the 6 boning channels that I got cut out last night. My goal before I can go to sleep tonight is to get the last 6 cut out and the back facing. Then I can finish those tomorrow and be able to work on hand stitching over the weekend. Which is a good thing because we are heading towards San Diego for the weekend.
ound this and liked it so I am sharing. Tomorrow there will be pics of the corset. I promise!
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4 more boning channels done. These were single bone channels so they were smaller.  I think I steamed my fingers more than I did the fabric. Ouchie!
I also cut out 6 more channels. When I finish those I will be on the last/back panel!
I probably could of gotten more done but I was to busy on the internet. I was trying to find a good halter top pattern. Not a quick and easy gather top with a ribbon around the neck halter but something tailored looking....no luck..... also no luck with stockings that would be appropriate for the teens. That was a frustrating waste of an hour or so. Maybe tomorrow my google-fu will be back.

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I am determined to keep up with this like I said I would. Today I sewed in the other side of the busk and attached the waist tape on that side. I got as far as cutting out the first pair of boning channels, (one for each side,) and ironing them before I had to start getting ready for bed.
The fabric for the combinations came today. It's already been washed. Just needs a good ironing.
The Astorias have been sent back. Hopefully it won't be to long before the bigger size arrives.

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