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So whats harder than making a petticoat out of tulle?
Making one with a little helper. Who really really wants to help.

Or how about when he gets tired of helping... 

...and just wants to cuddle.
But hey its done! and it gives my skirt volume that just makes me want to swish around. :)
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Just wanted to show the picture I took of the circle skirt for the sailor dress. Sorry its so wrinkly.

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 I have noticed when things get bad, or stressful I withdraw from the world. This is probably not the most productive thing to do, probably makes it worse in fact because I also don't do things I love to get out of the funk.... BUT ANYWAY... Things have not so much been bad as just busy and stressful. I have been reading everyone's posts. Just not enough time to reply much less make my own posts. I have also been sewing. Just not much nor fast. 
Of course we just had Halloween. The costumer's holiday, (unless you go to Costume College :) ) I knew I was in a funk when I didn't get crazy excited and It didn't lite fire under my bum. I did help a friend with her kids costumes. I hope their good enough to be clear on what they are. I blurred out their faces though. The whole not my kids and to many crazies out there.

Doing these made me happy. Even if they are much quicker and dirtier that most of my costumes, results are definitely seen. And the little girl totally loved it which always helps.
I was working on my husband's Halloween Costume. The Coon from Southpark. All the furry bits are done. Just need to put the C on a shirt and cape. He got asked if he was a cat and/or a fox... So not as much success with that one yet.
I was also following along with Casey from Elegant Musing's
I didn't get finished in time to for the finished party post, But I am trying to make mine into the sailor Dress. Its slowly getting there. :)
I decided to play with making some of my own hair ties. I like them. They are fun! Plus they add a little bit of girlie to a very plain work wardrobe.

With it being the holiday season A lot of my crafting with be geared towards that. But I am hoping to be productive enough to finish the sailor dress also. We'll see I guess.

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I finished the horse hair braid trim on the circle skirt. Another first for me! I think my only gripe is I don't think I like the top stitching that I used. Probably should of used a interlining and tacked it to that. I have a lining but I want it to be free flowing on its own. I guess its knowledge for next time.
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Just wanted to show the back. Part of the reason I was sold on this dress.

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This week has been sooo emotionally draining. A lot of soul searching and heartache. Most of it sums up to us kicking my brother out. Can you call it kicking him out if you give him 4 months notice?  Its weeks like this that I wish we could just move back to Okinawa. *sigh* won't go into to much  more detail because I am sure it will just bore people. But I am proud of myself. I finally did a facebook purge. I had people on there that I did out of obligation, (mostly family). Everyone says I am to nice when it comes to things like this and part of me does feel selfish about it. But it didn't bring me anything but heartache so screw it. I am gonna be a little selfish. Any LJ friends that happen to be on my facebook, you are definatly safe. My one rule with facebook was I had to know them in person. If you made it past that rule it means I wanna be your friend. Poor you. :) 
My sewing mojo and inspiration is coming back. I am going to follow along with a Casey's sew a long.  It will be the start to this dress, with some tweaks. I want to use a darker blue ribon on it. And maybe a darker red.... But wouldn't this just be awesome!


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