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Over the weekend Hubby and I went out to Las Vegas. We had some PTO days that we had to take before state comes in and takes us over. Which... as of today, the lease was signed, so should be happening quite quickly. This is both bad and good, and causes me immense amounts of stress and tears. Mostly because there is a bunch of unknown that I have no control over, and I hate that. No matter what comes, I should be back in school this coming semester. Enough of that for now, I don't want to work myself up before bed.
Vegas! Hubby and I enjoy Vegas, a lot. We do a lot of relaxing, take long naps, eat way to much, and play penny slots. We did plenty of that and I got to spend most of Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat. Our vacation weekend happened to correspond with the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival, which worked out perfectly! This faire is unique compared to others I have been too. It is actually quite large but has a small or starter faire feel.
I was able to finish the UFO sleeves to a wearable stage so I had new sleeves to debut. Afterwards I finished all the beading on them. All I have left are the wrist closures which are just tacked closed right now.  I am going to make buttons for them using the method I learned at Costume College this year. I'm counting them as finished for now, though.

My favorite picture from the day.
sunglasses cropped


Oct. 8th, 2012 02:16 pm
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coco2012 016
 have a new blog post up about my Autumn Dress. 
I have been sewing. I just haven't finished any of the 3 projects I am currently working on and I want to wait until I have pictures to show. Hopefully tonight!
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I kind of feel like life threw me in the deep end and told me to swim... but I barely know how to doggy paddle, then work threw in some sharks and said "good luck with that". I am hoping in a few weeks I will look back and laugh at myself for being such a baby. For now though... it is just that overwhelming.
In less depressing news I have been sewing. I altered my Italian Ren a bit. I wanted it to be newer and more improved for my second weekend at faire this year. I know I would win the award for world's slowest sewing and wouldn't even be trying for the award. It took me 12 hours of solid work to get what I did get done, done. I had hoped to get a lot more done but ran out of time. ;(  I was afraid I would hate it. Since I started this project I was torn between two lengths. I started leaning towards the shorter one when I kept getting stepped on at the faire, but I was afraid if I cut it shorter I would hate it and you can't go back once you've taken the scissors to it. But I like it so there was no need to stress. There is still even more I want to get done with this costume but I am grateful my latest adventure with it has not put it into the ruined pile. Photo on left is before, Right is after. I had to resew the hanging sleeves into the armholes. They were starting to pull out in a couple places. I Added the frogs to the front. I think if I can find some new ones that absolutely thrill me I will probably change them. If not I might just add one or two more to the bottom. I cute off the bottom by 6 inches and added the black velvet hem guard. I still want more velvet trim to trim the front similiar to the sleeves, and I want to add a second guard to the bottom of the kirtle. After all that I just need a veil and to bling the heck out of it... Yes... BLING it. *grin* 

 also finished a UFO. My father-in-law wanted me to fix or make a new a tea pot holder that his grandfather had. I felt it would be wrong to just recover the piece so I used it as my template and made a new one. I ABSOLUTELY hate the top pillow part. It would be burned in a fiery pit if it was for me. But its not... and my hubby says its fine and wanted it by his Dad's birthday this weekend. I hate giving someone something that is not my best work. The only thing I like on it is the ribbon trim. I work so hard on that.
Pictures below: Left is a quilted piece that wraps around the tea pot, that then goes into bowl looking thing  My remade version is the green one. The Right picture is the pillow type thing that sits on top of the teapot with a space in the middle for the handle to come out of.

Other than that, good news is Costume College Limited class registration came and is out. There are a TON of classes I want to attend this year. Which means ALL costume MUST be done ahead of time this year. There will be no time to work on them there. I am going to be naked.... Unless something changes that is. So far I have no new costumes. I am hoping to change that!

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And a few photos that she didn't use, or I didn't send her because I am just being goofy.



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I'm not going to post pictures just yet because there will be alot of them real soon. But getting a bunch of small projects and accessories done for the IRCC. I have pretty hair things. One of the things I LOVE about Italian Ren. They showed their hair off more than Elisabetheans do and it was with PURTY hair thingies. I also made a set of earrings and a girdle. I am working on the sleeves for the kirtle right now. I went over TONS AND TONS of pictures. I can't find any evidence of bling (yep official word for it,) on Italian sleeves. It sort of makes me sad. They are all so plain. This dress needs TONS more bling. It makes me yawn right now. *sigh* Though I did find a picture to help support it on the over gown. Will probably happen after the challenge is over.
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Will try to finish this up before work. 
I didn't have enough to wear one thing during the day and one thing at night so I just wore the Steampunk the whole day. I am very happy with that costume. Its at last completely done, except maybe a few accessories.
I took a few classes that morning. Then I went and parked myself in the sewing retreat in attempts to finally get my sleeves in. Those things were just plain evil!!!! I tore the one out 3 times and broke my needle and had to ask the other gals if they had one. BUT while there I caught two learning circles I really enjoyed. Bess' cut lace and [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb and [livejournal.com profile] girliegirl32786  class.
It was about half way into Bess' class that the headache and dizziness started. Which I feel so dumb about. I should of known better. As you can see in the above pics I was crazily overheated yet I still didn't eat or drink anything all day. When I got back to the room I joined my roommates who were going to dinner and then the ice cream social.  I enjoyed standing off to the side and just watching all the costumes go by. I retired early, because  I was determined to finish putting in the hanging sleeves. Headache only got worse and by the time I finally went to sleep it had graduated into a migrane complete with auras. Needless to say it was night two of little to no sleep.
Saturday morning I woke up, still had headache but its edge was gone. But I had the added benefit of having a stuffy nose and sore throat. I was able to finish up the last three inches or so of the hanging sleeve, YEA! and got dressed in my 50's dress. I also did my hair in a retro style. As long as it doesn't involve curls I kind of have an idea of what I am doing. No pictures of that but its really not that exciting.
I had my partlets and gollars limited class that morning. Not what I thought it was going to be... but I will have an extra costume piece for my Ren faire garb if I ever hit up a faire that is cold. Afterwards it was back to the sewing room. Where I finished up the each pjs. Thankfully those were super easy.
Then back to the room to SLOWLY get dressed for the gala.

Yes my head has been cut off on purpose. See rosy cheeks in first pics. Times that by about 10. It was way to warm in that room. Or this gown is really heavy... or I was sick... or all of the above. But one thing I did forget to pack was make up. I have seen other pics of this outfit that are tons better that I will see if I can get from their owners and add them later. I had the 3 foot rule in effect with this gown though. Still a lot I have and want to get done still. But I had a great sense of accomplishment. This is the third thing on my list from when I started sewing that I wanted to make one day. Its about 5 years in the planning process and at last it is getting done. I can finally see what I was envisioning and that is just mind boggling.
I did enjoy a nice dinner but the headache was starting to peak again so I only mingled a short while after dinner. I wanted to be sociable so bad too. I got to see [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson 's fancy dress. I WANT ONE! [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat  and [livejournal.com profile] girliegirl32786 's evening spotty gowns, [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb  EPIC pink ball gown, and a hundred other just awesome creations. I wish my camera battery didn't decide then was a good time to die. Shortly after though it was off to bed for me.

Sunday I woke up and just wanted to go home. But I forced myself to stay for a few classes. I am glad I did! I took Trystan's Elisabethean hair class. I can't wait to try out what she taught. She made it soooo simple too. After that class though I called hubby and asked him to pick me up so we could go home.
I wore my Beach Pajamas. They were sooo comfy. 
And that was my costume collge. I am excited for next year!  I will show my loot later its time to get ready for work.
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 I worked on the sleeves and wings all day yesterday. I didn't think the sleeves had that much trim but 12 yards or so is gone... I guess I will have to get more to trim the actual gown. Hoping the marketplace at Costume College will yield something nice.
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 I think I have ripped out as many seams as I have put in. :( But proof I am actually working on something.

Making sure I keep working
More pics under here )
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 Which means I need to get everything but little minor things done. My focus will be on finishing my over gown done. I was able to get the fashion fabric shell done in small bursts this past week. So it looks like I will just be working on the lining/interlining, trim and hemming it. I also want to get my 1930's beach pajamas done. I am sorta bummed. The dress pattern and fabric for my jampange dress have STILL not arrived. :( Doesn't look like that will get done. Well I should get to the sewing or nothing will get done. Stay tuned for updates!
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 The main one I am sure is just my insecurities. I didn't get anything done so all I as wearing was my steampunk and kirtle. Everyone else was in their 'pretty pretty princess' dresses. So I kept catching people pointing and laughing, not that i have EVER had that happen there before, but in my dream it was just like one of the worst high school movies you can think of. Nobody would talk to me, and none of the classes were interesting to me so I spent a lot of time alone in the room. Ugh! that is so disheartening. Maybe working on my loose gown will make me feel better... hopefully.
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 Not getting as far as I wanted to today. We went grocery shopping and had lunch, then I got started. I cut out my lining and interfacing. Then when I went to cut out the velvet I couldn't get over its musty smell. So I cut the panels I would need adding about 5-6 inches in case of fraying or shrinkage. They are in the wash now... which puts me on hold... My other patterns didn't come in the mail yesterday so I can't mock those up. The beach Pajamas fabric have already been washed.... I guess I could do eyelets.... But I think while the fabric is washing I am going to take a nap. I need one, so now is as good of a time as any other.
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 My pattern for the loose gown is ready to go. Mock up went well. Hopefully it transfers over to the velvet as easily. Famous last words I am sure. Sew-a-thon starts anew in the morning.
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 The kirtle is put together at last!!!! I think I had to be doing something wrong in my method. It took me 11 hours of solid work. A needle broke. My thumb and forefinger are sore and feel like they may have blisters under them and my pinkie is raw from the thread.... AND I did use a thimble! I mean I know how to do a whip stich... but maybe it was to condensed... And these are the details that dress diaries usually leave out because they seem to mundane so I will never know if I did it 'right'.  BUT it is attached! It is hanging now in case skirts want to stretch. Then onto eyelets, *my poooooor fingers* hem and skirt trim. 
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 I finished sewing the trim on last night. My wrist is shot now but its done! Next up is adding the skirts to the kirtle. Today I might just take a break from it though. We'll see how the blahs and wrist feel later. Now onto the pics!

Nit picking at it I have two problems. I think the front dip might be a little to long... I will have to see if it grows on me or looks differently with the skirts on. And it looks a bit plain to me. But I am use to Elizabethans with all their bling. In the second front picture you can see how far I have gotten with the blackwork. Even though most of that will be covered up with the partlet I like it!
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This training is seriously exhausting! I want it to be the weekend already. I know I know it will be friday in a matter of 3 hours but I am beyond done already. I have a BURNING desire to sew, even if it is just more boring quilt squares. Knowing how I feel right now though.... sleep is all I can garuntee for sure. Its sad too. I am MAYBE 2 inches from finishing one sleeves embroidery and I have not made my 4 a day quota in quite some time.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not include the Comic Con costume I HAVE to make, finishing both of my steampunk costumes, or starting my Autumn dress' undies. The are all musts in my eyes, that HAVE to be done before Costume College. And if I was to lose my mind completely I would say I want to finish the 50's dress that I had started, (It needs some adjustments to the bust darts and its one of those things that is being put to the side until I have lots of time to futz with it properly, since I have never tackled that type of fitting issue before.), my secret project's undies, and the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress. *sigh*
I think I should go to bed and quit letting my delirious mind ramble.
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I am bad. I blame it on my LJ friends though. I bought wool because it was on sale. I have been wanting to make a flemish gown for some time now. Last year [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora  made one and that only intensified my desire to make one. So I bought the fabric for it. It is sorta silly for me to do that because it will be years probably before I get to it, but hey I will have the fabric for it. Honestly I was hoping to find some cream/white wool for the Autumn dress kirtle. No such luck. I also got some dark chocolate wool for my Lolita Steampunk outfit. I have changed the design slightly and I think the fabric will be perfect for it. Of course I won't know until I can see/feel it.
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So after finding out my husband will be seperating from the military. Future sewing projects and events have been put under review. Hubby is allowing me to still go to both Comic Con and Costume College because he knows how much I have been looking forward to them. I just have to do them as cheaply as humanly possible.
Comic Con will be just one costume. I might still go as a Jack, from Nightmare before Christmas, fan. But that only requires me to gather some Jack items together and wear them. That would make two costumes, but only one is being made and will cost me. Thankfully most of the fabric and what not is already bought. I will be buying some netting tomorrow, I need shoes, a wig, and some random materials to make a crown. Which is not to bad.....
For Costume College I really need to cut back on plans. My souper sekrit project that was suppose to be my gala dress, which turned into just getting the undies done for the undies breakfast, is totally being cut from this years line up. Hopefully next year if all goes well with moving, and finding jobs. I really want to make this dress and do it right. But to do that I need time and money which I don't have right now. So right now I have my Regency dress planned to wear. I do love that outfit, it makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess. I wore it to last years Costume Con but its okay to rewear costumes and it has never seen a Costume College.
I also want to finish up an outfit that was suppose to be my Steampunk apron out fit but now I have other ideas for it. So a little revamping and finishing up. Thankfully for the most part I have all the materials for that one. I may need a little more velvet trim but that is it.
I have my Steampunk Lolita still in my UFO bin but it requires to much additional materials to finish for Costume College.
I am hoping the Autumn dress will get to a wearable and decent looking state so I can wear that for my gala dress.... but I don't intend to hold my breath with that one. The Autumn dress has a way of throwing loops and obstacles so that it can remain forever the unfinished dress.
I do have a stash so I may be able to throw some small projects in but the rule is except for the Comic Con, and Autumn dress projects any new projects cannot cost more than $20 to complete. Even Comic Con and Autumn have a price range of $120 each. After that I have to get crafty because I can't spend any money.
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Corset - 2 / Me - 0. I think I finally have a good length. And the arm hole is good. But the tabs are crap. And the length may need an inch or so more. I am never sure with it because I like my corsets long. But the tabs are definatly crap.
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The semester for school is almost over, and I am sooooo ready for it to be. Sad thing is its mostly because of one class. Boooo to that class. But also boo to it sucking up my sewing time. I really have been wanting to sew. But I know I should do homework so I forbid myself to do any sewing until my homework is done. Then since I am starting to detest the homework I don't do that and nothing gets done. *DOH* I did sew some binding to the openings of the sleeves down at the cuff. I wanted to work on something pretty so I picked up the Autumn sleeves again. I have all four of the bindings machine sewn. One sleeve only needs half of one side done and then it is finished. The other still has not been touched. The underskirt's drill has been cut down, and after scaling up the pattern I found out I will need 1 1/2- 2 more yards of drill for the farthingale. Out of all the drills I have I ran out of white. Oh well At least by scraping the old skirt I don't have to buy quite as much.  The first thing I will have to make though is a corset. I can't do the waist of the farthingale without knowing my waist measurement. And if it alters my waist by more then an inch or so I will have to redo my measurements for the farthingales bottom circumference. SO yea... I decided to work on sleeves. I should work on the sleeves and bodice of the Generic Ren I was working on. Just in case I go to the faire this weekend. No.... I should do my homework. BLAH!
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I went down or I guess it would be up, to the LA fabric district today. Its only the second time I have been there to shop for fabric, and I still find the place slightly overwhelming. Last time it was an overly pushy salesperson and this time it was a man wanting change and giving me a rose and... I am still not sure exactly all that happened/was said but it made me very uncomfortable. I was successful in finding fabrics though. Two for my souper sekrit project and two BEAUTIFUL shot silk taffetas for a Renaissance corset. I have decided I want a pair of Dorothea like stays to wear under the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress and I want them super purrrrrrty! I would take a picture but I am sure it won't come out on my camera and it being a shot I think only in person will it truely be appreciated. I was able to get a steal on one of the secret projects fabrics. I still felt a wee bit guilty because lets face it I am poor, BUTat a $7 discount it really is a great deal. Hubby isn't mad so I am feeling less guilty now. :)
Of course as soon as I got home Kit sensed the fabric and had to crawl in the bag before I had even finished putting everything down. Strange fabric whore of a cat. Fortunatly the one that his white fur would really cling to and show up on was in its own bag tied up so he wasn't in direct contact to it.
In other news I really hate the new medicine the doc put me on. Since I started it I have just been light headed and slightly headachy. While out today I was feeling that way and it just got worse so that by the time we were driving home I would almost sware I had a migrane. I completely crashed out when I got home. I woke up about 3 and half hours later and the headache was still full fledged. Hubby forced me to take some excedrin, which I was weary of taking because I don't know how it would react with the meds. I think it helped because headache is now a dull roar. I hate this new med!


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