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I hate cutting things out. It is truly one of the worst things when it comes to crafts and or sewing that deals with fabric! - this rant brought to you because my hand hurts. 5 pj bottoms cut out. Two more to go. Then hopefully my serger wants to play right.
I'm in a bit of a slump because my three day weekend just passed and I was hoping to get a lot more done creatively. I did do quite a bit of research but nothing hands on. All my energy was put into house remodels. With help from my Dad we took the wall unit swamp cooler out and put in a roof unit, new air duct and all. Of course when you take a wall unit out it leaves a hole in your wall. So we had to patch that also. All that is left is to run the water line and power to the roof unit and texture and paint the wall. Thankfully it's Fall and past swamp cooler time so the first two don't have to be done till Spring. The last one should be done by Sunday at latest.
I guess I lied a little about not getting to do anything creative. I have been making myself do a little cross stitching every day, even if its just a few lines. So I have more then just the big orange blob, I showed you last time. I have several blobs!

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Here is the latest quilt. The design has the outside border and rick rack as red. But the mommy wanted yellow due to baby's shyness so they still don't know the sex. My next quilt will be the same just with more blues, greens, and browns, instead of the orginal red or this ones yellow. I guess its a popular pattern I had two people choose it. Luckily I think the kit came with enough fabric for me to make both of them if I am thrifty with my cutting. Thats is always a win!

And pictures of my new sleeves. I think I am going to end up making them shorter os I can add the lower sleeve. Right now its to long to do it and it still look like I want it to. You can't really see it but the lacing rings behaved, no gapping or lifting weirdly. YEA! Everytime I wear this outifit it gets a little closer to done and a little more accurate. Though I have decided I hate the neck line/shoulder straps. I am sure its a tweak somewhere and bravo I will love it again... Just haven't figure out where. I also want to add a bit more boning center front.
ALSO in the full picture you can sorta see the square neck chemise I made. YEA! I will get better picture of it on my Didi once I wash it. It has blackwork on the sleeves. I am eventually going to blackwork around the neck line. Just not sure if that will be sooner or later. Its wearable now after all.
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Another quilt done. The flowers are so much fun. I also like the windmills. Some of them really pop, like the top left one.
I think this one you either hate it or love it.... hopefully she is in the later group.

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The quilt is done! Not the best picture but here is one to show it off. It looks alot like the last one but there are differences. It went alot faster thats for sure! I wish the Chemise would go faster *grumbly grumbly*
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The whole I may not be as productive was a lie I guess. I basically finished making the squares tonight. I have one more that is waiting on my getting some of the printer fabric paper stuff. I am going to try something new and it requires that stuff.  BUT yea!!! The most tedious and boring part is done.

Quilt count

Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:14 am
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34 out of 64. Same pattern as before with some of the same pieces, just slightly different theme. Over halfway done now! I did about 22 today. Pretty good since my goal was to just get 4 done a day. I don't think I will have quite that much motivation daily but hopefully I will be able to finish up the squares soon. Another friend just told us their good news that they are pregant so I have another quilt to add to my list. The next ones will be different patterns though.

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Dad said bed is completely and totally fixable. One of the bolts had come lose and the other couldn't hold the wieght so it slipped also. So the piece of metal that holds that part into the frame split through the wood because of no bolts holding it. (that may not be the tech, words for it but yea....) So he told me to go get carriage bolts/screws so they can't come lose and all. The split wood would be held closed with the bolts and nuts and we should be fine.
And today is a double Yea. I finished the baby blanket quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just 3 more to go. ROFL.
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Finished the machine quilting. Cut out all the bias strips for binding, and then decided I didn't want to use that fabric with this project.... *sigh* So tomorrow I get to figure out what I want to use...
I am going to go do a little more blackwork now, while I watch the last episode of Lie to Me. *grumble grumble*
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The spider is at last done! I sware he was tangling and biting the thread. This one was a bugger to complete. Now to a bit of machine quilting. Check if there is a need of anymore stars to make things even and I might get to binding this thing tonight. That is if there are no more stars needed.

....and photobucket is temperarily out of service so I will post a pic of him later... or you guys can look at it on my 365 project.
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Very frusterated with the baby blanket right now. The hand quilting had been completely relaxing but today I kept getting knots and having the thread break. I am not sure if it was because I hand just finished mending my brothers blanket so perhaps I was getting tired of hand sewing and was sewing differently but it royaly ticked me off so I am gonna go sulk now.
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Not alot to update on. I have had no ambition to work on anything on the machine. But I have been plugging away on all my hand stuff. The blackwork reached the halfway point yesterday... or was it the day before... Either way it is still moving along. I have been hand quilting the baby blanket also. All little things that are hard to show off but hey progress none the less. Now back to my margarita and that baby blanket.
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I hadn't updated for awhile because I figured no one would care about it. I am wondering how much of that was just a major case of the blehs. Said case of major blehs was affecting how much was getting done also. I just didn't want to do anything. Was sick of quilt squares, wishing the blackwork would just end already and no desire to do any other projects.
Even with all that I kept my promise to myself and continued to do work on the blackwork, even if it was just a few stitches here and there thoughout the day. Those few stitches add up to at least a flower thingie a day. :)
August 22nd   August 29th

I have also gotten the quilt top completely pieced together now! I cut out the backing and batting last night. It is securely safety pinned together... now I just have to figure out how exactly I am going to quilt it.  It's bloody bright enough.

And lastly. While I couldn't stand sewing ANYTHING, I started beading a few of the Christmas ornaments I had intended to send out to a few friends this year. They went alot faster then I expected.
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So I looked at my sewing to do list and the first things I should get done would be Halloween things. So my plan was to set the sleeves in my brother's costume.  Unfortunately I didn't have any black thread on any of my bobbins. So instead I pulled out the squares for the baby blanket I started awhile back. The baby has already been born. *doh* so I figured I should get back to work on that too. I have two others besides this one that needs to be worked on also. Same boat too. All have had the babies now. That's me though. Underestimating the difficulty and Overestimating how much time I would have to work on them.
I worked on the squares until I ran out of bobbin thread. I was able to get 11 done. WOOT! I rewound my bobbin so I will work on the sleeves tomorrow. I think I am going to go snuggle a kitty and work on blackwork until I get to tired to see straight. NIGHT LJ!
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 because this is wearing me out! Not sure if I had updated on here but almost a month ago I got a job with the Census. This week I am in training for a crew leader position. I have two weeks left of school so not much more but it is still draining. I have had little strength/brainwave activity to do much else when I am done with those two. I hadn't sewn ANYTHING for over a month. I forced myself to pick up the blackwork last week and have gotten close to three inches further. Not a crazy amount but progress none the less.
Out of nowhere, or so it seems, about 4 members of my extended family are having babies.  So baby blankets are in the future two of them, both for boys, have been started. Which translates to the pieces have been cut out. Besides the 250 remaining squares I have to cut in half to make triangles.

I picked out farbics and a pattern for a little girl and the others sex has not been determined yet. At this rate I will have no new costumes for Costume College but some new babies will be warm... well I might have a new chemise.....
I do need to get to work on my Comic Con costume. I am just stressing I won't be able to get any tickets. :(
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I know this is a little for a weekend update but I have been a little busy. So here goes.
I would say my weekend pretty much started on Friday. During the day I went over to Avien's house to try and finish working up a peasant's skirt that I was hoping to wear the next day. Even though she was trying to go from nights to days and was pretty tired she was still willing to help. Which is great because I was very lost. I think the most I got from that day was "half and half and half...." Yea... knife pleats are kind of confusing when you have a side opening, and want the front to be flat, to work around. After basting in the waistband and learning a new trick fro bias tape at the opening I took it all home to finish up. Needless to say after finishing up dinner, (Yummy speghetti,) I worked on the waistband and adding a ribbon trim till midnight. I was sort of sad. We only got 9-10 trick or treaters. :( I was really hoping to get more.
The next day I got up early so I could get ready and then go and help Avien get into her costume. Even with getting up early I was a few minutes late because I underestimated the time it would take to sew on the hook and eye to the waist band. I guess all and all it worked out though. Avien has getting into her costume down to an art so we were out of her house and back to mine before we thought we would. With all our delays we were on the road to the Ren faire right on time! We only stayed a few hours because of plans later in the evening but I still had fun. I missed the Ren faires soooooo much! I got some Ren faire food, got to shop, play with Crystal Stixs and watch a show. All and all it was good. I was a little disappointed... they didn't have a hair braider. *grrrr* I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures and when we got home I collapsed and drank close to a half a gallon of water. Pictures were quickly forgotten.
Later that night I went to a Halloween party I had been invited to by [livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo and her hubby. I was super happy to be invited. Thanks guys! It was fun. We played catchphrase which was alot of fun. I was a little lost on some of the conversation but that is what you get when you don't watch TV. Politics came up alot also. I think everyone there was for the opposite side... So I figured it would safe to stay quiet.
I wore my Steampunk Lolita costume. It is still not complete yet but its getting closer. Only one person made an attempt at who I was. Their guys was and Octoberfest barmaid.... not quite..... Again I forgot my camera but I made Chris take pictures of it afterwards. The second picture is the ruffle of the petticoat. I LOVE IT!!!! so I have to share.
Pics )


Sunday was a whole bunch of nothing. Well not totally nothing I have been working on a baby blanket. I pinned on the pale yellow satin binding. Hated it. Thought it looked trashy so I proceeded to make my own binding out of the extra blanket fabric. Sewed it all down. Now its just down to hand sewing.More Pics )



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