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I haven't gotten a lot done lately. Unfortunately the blehs have started creeping in again. I finished one set of Pj bottoms for Chris' brothers' birthday. I started a set for my dad for all his help around the house.... I think I sewed three seams on the pocket and then they sat. They've been there for 2 days now.
I got a few other things like laundry, planting a few plants and baking done today (this is how I know the blehs are back, little things are exhausting like I ran a marathon vs. simply starting laundry,) so maybe tomorrow I will bash out a few sets.
Sorting exciting is my brain has been turning and turning on what to start next. Kirtle or Jacket...
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I have the BLEHs majorly!!!! I know part of it is I am sick. That is draining me beyond belief. I have no desire to do anything but sleep. And I mean sleep. I have been sleeping close to 12 hours and I really want to sleep more. I think the another reason is last week was crazy with school and trying to get a dress done for the wedding. Then the run around with the wedding and having to drive my bros fiance home because mom got sick added a bunch of stress. I just know since then my cold came back, I have been tired, and headachy, possibly migrane but if it is one its not a bad one.
This would be fine if I didn't have schoolwork to do, springbreak is next week, and my brothers weren't here. I love that they are but I am struggling to do anything with them. I am fighting to not snap because I am irritated and tired. Hopefully they don't go home thinking I am just a b*tch and not want to come back.

PJ update

Dec. 3rd, 2008 02:07 am
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2 done. The third isneeds a waistband, bottom hemmmed and pockets... not to bad. Feeling better today. Sort of bleh but better.


Dec. 1st, 2008 10:58 pm
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I have had a really bad case of the blehs lately. I wish it would just go away but today was worse then yesterday. Lets hope today was the worst of it.
Completed PJs : 0, 8 pairs to go
I cut them all out yesterday and even though I should of easily completed at least one set of PJ bottoms.... I didn't. Sure All I have to do is finish up the outer seam, the waist band and the bottom hem, they are not done. BLEH to that too. Perhaps tomorrow.
I did complete all the pockets. Each one is a contrasting color with the main fabric as a band across the top. So I guess I got a bit more done then I am letting on. I did 10 pockets today. 3 pairs of pjs won't have pockets, so they should go faster in theory.


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