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Getting my creative mojo back. I think the semester was such a creative suck and I put so much off till my break that I'm a little overwhelmed by how much I want to get done.

So I started simple with my annual Cristmas ornaments for my goddaughters. Writing neatly in glitter puffy paint is hard!!!!
I also started taping together a pattern. Hopefully tomorrow will involve some mock ups for me.
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Ornaments for my God daughters have begun. This one just needs the ribbon touches and it's complete. It may not be completely clear but all the brads and a few of the flowers' second petal are green. The ribbons are also a matching green. I love the monochromatic look of it. I plan to make a red and blue one also. I'll post again when all three are completely done.

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I almost feel guilty because I have not been sewing on anything lately. Midterms have begun so I am studing for those, and I am still cross stitching up a storm. I guess I shouldn't feel to guilty about sewing because I am still being very productive, but I do a bit. I think its because I have a deadline looming ever closer and only one costume at a wearable state.
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Since Halloween has been over I haven't gotten alot of sewing done. A break was needed. I have been a cross stitching fool though. I have two ornaments down and more coming in the mail. With the costs of books and other bills that popped up hubby and I are going to have to be penny pinchers this X-mas to still save money for Costume Con. I figure ornaments that are hand done come from the heart.... I hope others see it that way and not just as the cheap way to go.... I know my family will see that I am just not sure about his family. I guess that is the whole in-law drama.
I did do a few minor hand sewing activities. I attached a few of the side pieces of the Autumn dress's sleeves together. Avien got me SUPER excited about that project when she sent me a few sample pics of the embroidery she is doing for me. It is sooooooo Yummy looking. I really really want to pet it. Here is the link to it on my webpage. I would put it here but the pictures part is not playing nice nice with me.
I think this would be the link to the pic... but I really am not sure.... still working on that coding stuff... So if doesn't work I know the other link does.


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