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Just a small picture post to show what I have been up to sewing wise.
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I hadn't updated for awhile because I figured no one would care about it. I am wondering how much of that was just a major case of the blehs. Said case of major blehs was affecting how much was getting done also. I just didn't want to do anything. Was sick of quilt squares, wishing the blackwork would just end already and no desire to do any other projects.
Even with all that I kept my promise to myself and continued to do work on the blackwork, even if it was just a few stitches here and there thoughout the day. Those few stitches add up to at least a flower thingie a day. :)
August 22nd   August 29th

I have also gotten the quilt top completely pieced together now! I cut out the backing and batting last night. It is securely safety pinned together... now I just have to figure out how exactly I am going to quilt it.  It's bloody bright enough.

And lastly. While I couldn't stand sewing ANYTHING, I started beading a few of the Christmas ornaments I had intended to send out to a few friends this year. They went alot faster then I expected.
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If finished up four of the items last weekend but haven't had time to post about them. Besides sewing I have been busy with Christmas baking and fixing up our yard. I made peanut brittle and angel food candy for the first time this year. VERY VERY YUMMMY!!!!!
Any way for the finished sewing I sewed:
Three little dog sweater things, which my kitty wouldn't model for me so I have no pics of them yet
A snuggie for my bro's fiance. Which hubby wouldn't model for me so I don't have pics of that either.
AND a kitty stuffed animal which I do have pics of, which I will put up later.
ALLLLLLLLL done and a whole week ahead of time!
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Spent way more then I should have but it made me very happy none the less. Went to Kohls first. We got a bunch of stuff we really didn't need but I was also able to knock out alot of gifts for others while we just stood around in-line. The check out line was the worst part. Time I was done with Kohl's I went right next door to Jo-Anns. I got all the fabrics I need for Christmas presents PLUS a few cute flannels for pjs. I didn't go crazy with that knowing I still have cut out pieces that need to be done up still from last year. But a pink cami with skulls just couldn't be resisted. And its pink!?!?!?! With coupons and the sales I saved $255. That is just made of awsome! If the site ever goes back up I am hoping to make a few more purchaces. The asian Legacy quilting fabrics were not in stock at this jo-anns. I am hoping it is still online.

I live

Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:50 pm
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I promise I do. Life has just been sooooooooo crazy. With new house stuff, job hunting, family drama, family emergancies, and a mini vacation I have no clue where November went but I want it back.
House is starting to look nice and feel like its mine. Still a ton of things I want to do still but its looking nice. Some of the things have to wait for spring and others for more money.
I interviewed for a job, he said he really wanted to hire me BUT I don't have my EMT and he has to make sure with the higher ups that he can still hire me under the condition that I get it within a certain amount of time. Still haven't heard back from him *le sigh*
Family drama is... well family drama. Sum up my mom can still be crazy, and I confronted hubby's father about his lies and the fact that he told him to divorce me. Now there is tension there....
Hubby's little bro go hurt and had to go into surgery. won't go into details because they are of a private nature but he wasn't taking it to well and he is still in pain having problems.
Went to Vegas for 3 days at the begining of the month. We were suppose to go for our anniversary last Feb but we didn't get to. It was nice to get away but I felt guilty spending money.
And to top it all off the only thing I have sewn has been a nylon tow strap for my dad. He needed me to add a hook to one end. So got out my heavy duty needles and thread for a whole 10 mins of sewing. *sigh* I have been cross stitching also. But seeing all the pretties on my friend's list makes me wish for something more. Maybe after the holidays. I am gonna have to start my holiday sewing soon. Black Friday is the start of it... well sort of. I will be getting the rest of the fabric then. I started the crazy patch work teddy bear already and I got a pattern for a stuffed kitty.
eta: I got my Costume College acceptance. WOOT! AND I WILL HAVE NEW THINGS TO WEAR TO IT THIS YEAR!!!!!!
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So yea... I gave up on those last PJs. Today I bought new fabric and those will probably go in the trash. I really don't have patience with some things. I have completed one other pair yesterday. So the count is PJs:4. The first picture is all the fabric cut out for the many PJs I have to make.
Second and third are completed PJs. In the foreground of the first picture you can sorta see the Turtle faces that I am also working on for a blanket. I will take a picture of that when its done.


PJ update

Dec. 3rd, 2008 02:07 am
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2 done. The third isneeds a waistband, bottom hemmmed and pockets... not to bad. Feeling better today. Sort of bleh but better.


Dec. 1st, 2008 10:58 pm
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I have had a really bad case of the blehs lately. I wish it would just go away but today was worse then yesterday. Lets hope today was the worst of it.
Completed PJs : 0, 8 pairs to go
I cut them all out yesterday and even though I should of easily completed at least one set of PJ bottoms.... I didn't. Sure All I have to do is finish up the outer seam, the waist band and the bottom hem, they are not done. BLEH to that too. Perhaps tomorrow.
I did complete all the pockets. Each one is a contrasting color with the main fabric as a band across the top. So I guess I got a bit more done then I am letting on. I did 10 pockets today. 3 pairs of pjs won't have pockets, so they should go faster in theory.
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Tonight was very fulfilling. I finally finished up a cross stitch I started for my mom last year for Christmas. I know I haven't worked on it for a solid year but there is a good 5-6 months, (probably6 out of 7 days a week) of work in it. I gave the cross stitch a little bath and it is drying now. I began my search for my Christmas Quilting fabric but couldn't find it, I guess that just means I get to run out to Jo-Ann sometime soon.
I also finished up the baby quilt tonight. I have been working in that one since September. DONE! I just have to finish up the bib that goes with it and I can get that in the mail and on its way to Japan. I am on a little 'finished up not just one but two projects' high. *squeeee*


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