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Going to work Monday SUCKED! Today wasn't much better but Monday SUCKED!!! I think a combination of two cons, two weekends in a row, hubby and I fighting, not sleeping right, not eating or drinking enough and stressing about finishing a costume piece left my immune system vulnerable. I woke up with a cold Saturday morning. Its only gotten worse since then. BUT Costume College was one of the best I've been to so far, despite migraines Friday night and the cold the rest of the weekend.
prior to costume college )
The start of my Costume College experiance )
It's alredy late though so I will leave you with my flicker link. I didn't take many photos and some really came out crappy but if you want them your free to them... I think... I haven't completely figured out flicker. Anyone who knows more than I, if I have to do something to allow you access to them let me know. Looking through other people's pages I have found the right click and save option doesn't work. Technology and me don't always play nice...
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 Which means I need to get everything but little minor things done. My focus will be on finishing my over gown done. I was able to get the fashion fabric shell done in small bursts this past week. So it looks like I will just be working on the lining/interlining, trim and hemming it. I also want to get my 1930's beach pajamas done. I am sorta bummed. The dress pattern and fabric for my jampange dress have STILL not arrived. :( Doesn't look like that will get done. Well I should get to the sewing or nothing will get done. Stay tuned for updates!
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 Trying to have a sew-a-thon this weekend in prep for CoCox2 stuff. Please oh please post your progress pics, your eye candy ANYTHING for inspiration!!!!! Hopefully I will drive you all nuts with my progress updates, because I will be making that much progress :).
Done so far. Hat pattern  for my steampunk costume ready to go and cutting it out now.

Whoo hoooo

Jun. 6th, 2011 04:43 pm
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I can be excited about cocox2 again. My time off was approved. It won't be paid time off because I won't have been with the company 120 days but still, it was approved!

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 I finished my first week of training. I sort of feel like a weakling. It kicked my butt. I was exhausted everyday. But I also have a satisfaction from actually being out there and doing stuff. It looks like my job will be in the actual prison population after all.  Someone who tells you that doesn't bother them probably shouldn't work there, but I think I will be able to handle it. Honestly my main worry is I may not be able to get the time of for CoCox2. :( I am hoping to be able to ask them next week.
Because of the exhaustion I have gotten no sewing done. :( BUT I plan to use my three days weekend and get LOTS done.... Thats the hope anyway.
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 Work on the quilt has halted. I am waiting on one picture. It is as complete as I can get it until I do get that picture. Dang Brother-in-law.
I also cut out the next quilt's pieces. This is one of the baby blankets that has been in the que. The last of those in fact. WOOT! Just have to get two more pieces of fabric and since I am beyond poor it might take a little while. I got two gift cards to Jo-Anns for my birthday but I would really rather use those on me then someone else. I am spoiled that way!
One good thing about the quilt being on hold is I have some spare time. I took on an Alteration project today. $20 for an hour and a half of work on a prom dress. Not to bad. It went into my CoCox2, from here on end CoCox2 is Comic Con and Costume College, fund.
This weekend is the start of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure faire. Lucky for me its buy one ticket get one free so I can afford to go. This of course means I need something new for my Ren garb. Keeping with the free or cheap I decided to make a Elizabethan coif with shaped brim and forehead cloth from The Tudor Tailor.
This project is great because I need something for my head. I normally get my hair braided but we pretty much have it budgeted to just enough for a thing of food each and drinks. So head ornamentation is needed. I was going to try and just make a simple coif but why not go all out!. I keep saying my Ren garb will slowly get more and more accurate.
Best thing of it all was I was able to cut it completely out of scrap linen!!!! I also have millinery wire in my stash. YEA! I should get back to work on that.


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