Feb. 3rd, 2016 11:41 am
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Feb 2- Last day of Intercession! 99.9% in the class. WOO! Realized its been one month and a day without soda. And after my late shift at work, when I got home, hubby greeted me in the kitchen as I came in. He told me my hair looked nice which threw me off. He doesn't just give out compliments. I asked him why. He told me he didn't know, it just did, and that I looked pretty. I had just looked in the rear view mirror on my way out of the car and thought I looked tired and old. So it was especially out of nowhere for me. I admit it made me blush and get a little smile on my face.

If I finish my personal statement for the scholarship fund at my school I am hoping to get some personal sewing done this weekend. I am really close to finishing my linen GoT dress. If I finish that up, it'll be a new costume for Cons, and completely from my stash. Which would be nice. Its also a UFO finished. My plan is to finish that, start my Vernet dress, and to embroider a few baby bibs for a friend who is having a baby. I can't believe Spring semester starts again on Monday!!!!! My photography class is being threatened to be dropped. Not enough people enrolled. Which sucks. I like the creative outlet.
Right now I am enrolled in ASL3, Human Sexuality, and Trigonometry. Yea... I know... another Math class. Ugh. I am waitlisted for another Psych class, Intro to Counseling. If I get into that one also, I am ahead of the game for my AA-T in Psych. Then I need to figure out if the Trig counts for the degree or I need one more Math.
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I got my grades back. My GPA took a hit. :( 2 A's, 1 B, and 1 C. But part of me is kind of happy with that. The begining of the semester was full of doubt on whether or not I was even smart enough to do this. My Anatomy teacher is known to be one of the hardest in the school. Its a common joke that an B in his class is equilivant to a A in any other class. I laugh at that because everyone always says that, but the joke may have been on me. Everytime I was asked who I was taking Anatomy with and I would tell them, the repsonse I got was always, "Oh I'm sorry." Thing is, I really liked the teacher. Enough to try and take physiology with him. But I won't be taking Chemistry at the same time so I am not dreading it as much. Chemsitry on the other hand was evil. For some reason it was like a foriegn language. Things just didn't stick. And then I found out later, I wasn't suppose to be in the hard Chemistry. My counselor told me to take it without taking the 101 level. BUT ALL I NEEDED WAS THE 101 LEVEL. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I fought for that C. And I could cry with how happy I am with that C. Yes it killed my GPA but I passed dangit!
So I now have a month and a half to get a Regency dress done, and I have my whole winter break left to do it. So excited!
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Second day was much more positive. I like both teachers so far, especially my Sociology teacher. He is old school. Like OLD OLD school. White board and lecture type guy. I love it. He flat out told us all of it would come from his lectures and the book. No computers. In fact he doesn't want anything electronic in his class. One of the kids was mad because he had intended to use his laptop for notes. I guess I am showing my age because I LOVE THIS!!!!! I know I learn better with the book in front of me and taking notes. Doing it that way I usually only need to re-read my notes one or two more times and its in my head for good. Unless its Math... I have always struggled to get a good grade in Math. And with him teaching in a way I don't learn well in... I foresee Math being the class I struggle with the most.
Another way I know I am getting old. One of the kids in class had a cellphone out and was messing with it and all I could think was "DAMN KIDS, so rude". Before I get out of my car I turn my phone to silent and it doesn't come out of my bag until I am getting back into my car. You're there to learn..... geez.... So yea... I am old.
I need to read a chapter in one of my books, and look over the Chapter for tomorrow's Math class. Even with those and making/eating dinner I should be able to get to the ruffle today. Well that's the goal anyway.
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Tomorrow will be another round of first days. I have two classes on Mon./Wes, with one of them on Friday also. Then I have two more on Tuesday and Thursday. I can tell the 45 min drive one way will get old fast. So far its good. My one gripe is actually pretty big though. I bought the 200 (and some) dollar book for the class only to find out today all I need from it is the $85 online pass code. The one inside the wrapped package that once opened cannot be returned. With the code I can access the book online and all my homework and quizzes will use the program. The teacher flat out said not to even bother bringing the book to class. *head/desk* I am irritated. If I wanted an online class that is what I would be doing. The reason I wanted to take a face to face class was so I could bring my book, paper, pencil and learn from the teacher. AND the extra $100+ could have been used to buy new pretties for my Explorer or if I go the unselfish route boots for Hubby's Ren faire outfit. *grrrrrrrrr*
Okay enough complaining. I am blessed to be even able to attend school. Everything else so far seems good.
After I completed my homework and ate dinner I actually had about 1 1/2-2 hours till bed so I put more work into the petticoat. I thought that it would take me a day tops. I was sadly mistaken. :) I am flat-felling all the seams and making things look pretty.  I was a little confused by the waistband directions, or lack of I should say. So I had sized up the waistband thinking it need to be my waist size. Then realized there was a back and front seam and I think I am suppose to cut two of them. Then I wasn't sure if I should have adjusted the waist. And looking at the sketch, I was even more confused because it looks like the yoke part is only on one half of the petticoat. Which if that is the case I wouldn't even begin to know what I was doing, especially with the added drawstring. SOOOOOO, I took my enlarged waistband, split my petticoat directly in half. Laid the waist band down alongside the top, and cut it to size with a seam allowance. I then cut three more of them so I could double it up. In my mind it makes sense. I now have a back and front seam like the pattern said. I have two layers so I can sandwich the petticoat body in between and make myself a drawstring channel. If I am wrong, I am going with the ignorance is bliss route. That part is all connected together. I also cut it down some. It was already at the top of my feet which is too long for the intended skirt, without adding a ruffle. Hopefully tomorrow will be another lax day of homework so I can get at the very least the ruffle attached.
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 because this is wearing me out! Not sure if I had updated on here but almost a month ago I got a job with the Census. This week I am in training for a crew leader position. I have two weeks left of school so not much more but it is still draining. I have had little strength/brainwave activity to do much else when I am done with those two. I hadn't sewn ANYTHING for over a month. I forced myself to pick up the blackwork last week and have gotten close to three inches further. Not a crazy amount but progress none the less.
Out of nowhere, or so it seems, about 4 members of my extended family are having babies.  So baby blankets are in the future two of them, both for boys, have been started. Which translates to the pieces have been cut out. Besides the 250 remaining squares I have to cut in half to make triangles.

I picked out farbics and a pattern for a little girl and the others sex has not been determined yet. At this rate I will have no new costumes for Costume College but some new babies will be warm... well I might have a new chemise.....
I do need to get to work on my Comic Con costume. I am just stressing I won't be able to get any tickets. :(
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Or at least it gives me a sense of control and I don't get as panicy. Right now I am completely overwhelmed so lists it is. If you see this its because you are on my friend list. If you like... Just go ahead and read the next post on your friends list.

Sewing to-do-list )
Rest of my life list )
ETA: Checking things off and added a few under Job stuff.
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I am having  a slight melt down with my finals right now. I called last week to see if they were at the testing site. They weren't I finally got a number yesterday for the school to inquire about them... they were sent out on the 14th of April. Signed for by a person last name of Yu. Called site again. They don't have it. No one named Yu. Call school back to have them resent. Need to call site and have proctor call them with a WHOLE LIST of info. Call back to site and voice mail. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Finals start Friday for heaven's sake.
And I am starting to think my migranes are stress related for the most part... Because I am now gettin auras.....
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The semester for school is almost over, and I am sooooo ready for it to be. Sad thing is its mostly because of one class. Boooo to that class. But also boo to it sucking up my sewing time. I really have been wanting to sew. But I know I should do homework so I forbid myself to do any sewing until my homework is done. Then since I am starting to detest the homework I don't do that and nothing gets done. *DOH* I did sew some binding to the openings of the sleeves down at the cuff. I wanted to work on something pretty so I picked up the Autumn sleeves again. I have all four of the bindings machine sewn. One sleeve only needs half of one side done and then it is finished. The other still has not been touched. The underskirt's drill has been cut down, and after scaling up the pattern I found out I will need 1 1/2- 2 more yards of drill for the farthingale. Out of all the drills I have I ran out of white. Oh well At least by scraping the old skirt I don't have to buy quite as much.  The first thing I will have to make though is a corset. I can't do the waist of the farthingale without knowing my waist measurement. And if it alters my waist by more then an inch or so I will have to redo my measurements for the farthingales bottom circumference. SO yea... I decided to work on sleeves. I should work on the sleeves and bodice of the Generic Ren I was working on. Just in case I go to the faire this weekend. No.... I should do my homework. BLAH!


Apr. 17th, 2009 04:36 am
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I just spent the last 4 hours working on the same exact problem and I still am not sure what is wrong. My class project for Math is due on Saturday. There are four steps to the project and because I still cannot figure out this part I am still on step two. *screams* I am going to bed now because my mind is fried. Maybe it will all come clear to me in the morning.
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One lab and quiz done. One class and a midterm to go. I am just a wee bit behind on school work this week.
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Math has been my personal pain the rear the past couple days. I decided to move on to the next section in the chapter that way when the professor gets back to me I could give all my problems... this section... I had no problems with. I only got one problem wrong. What the heck!! My mind works in wierd ways. Wierd ways I tell you. So much grrrr in that. I also finished up half of my English homework. Biology is already done except two problems. Just half of the English work. Type it all up into the online class boxes and Gerontology (BOOOOOO). Not bad for a Wesnesday. And since I am not tired yet I am going to go handsew a little and watch an episode of Firefly. *cheer* Hubby got it for me for my b-day. He is so winning points for presents so far this year. Dr. Horrible and Firefly!
I can't stay up to late though because I have an interview for school tomorrow. Bartending school, I decided to just go for it. It has been something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, like years. Besides it is one of those things that no matter what happens with Chris and his work situtiation, I can do this anywhere AND it can work around my schedule with school. Hopefully there is more of a job market out there for a bartender than an ex-corspman.
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Spring break is over. :(. I was able to get the bodice and sleeves done so that all that is left is hand sewing. I ordered some lacing rings from this site. http://www.alteryears.com/ Instead of 110 eyelets like the pattern calls for I am substituting some of the rings. That and I took out a lot of them. I took out the lacing up the back since it has side lacing. I also took some off of the sleeves. I sitll have the skirt to do. I am being hopeful. There is still a couple weeks to go so I should be able to finish the skirt before then. I hope....
Either way it is back to the homework for me.
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Due to some unexpected but beyond yummy cupcakes I only have to iron and hem the dress. WOOT!!! Thanks Avien and Ryhnn. Homework front. Finish reading Gerontology (ugh kill me) and answer the essay questions. Scan Midterm. Getting there!
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I have been madly sewing bias trim on a dress I am going to wear to my cousin's wedding this weekend. It is inspired by a pattern cover I found from the 1950s. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Chris was willing to help me after I broke down crying on him. Basicially the whole having nothing to wear that will make me feel pretty because I am to fat. Along with us not having the money to even try to find something else that would work, combined with my frustration with not being able to figure out the pattern myself... So he helped me fix the problem with the back of my mock up and I finally admitted defeat with trying to get a perfectly smooth front. Its only on the front panel (out of 6 mind you,) that I am having problems with wrinkling and it wanting to ride up. I am sure it has something to do with bias but I am not experianced enough nor did I have enough time to figure it out. A few tugs now and again and the problem is solved enough. I just know if I do this pattern again I will want to have it fixed.
On a Happy note I was able to squeeze the pattern onto a piece of Thai silk I have in my stash, that I found while we were in Japan. YUMMMM!!!!! Its a lovely blue/black shot silk. I am trimming it in a dark blue silk that is crazy slippery. I have until Friday to finish it which I hope is doable. I have alot of homework to get done also. Right now I have two chapters to read and 2 short essays for Gerontology, 4 expirments and a short essay in Biology, along with my Math midterm left, and I need to get started on my Gerontology Research paper...
Yea... Slightly anxiety attacky.... Thankfully hubby has been good... He was able to talk me out of having one yesterday. I am feeling okay today though it is creeping back. So I should get back to something productive. Pictures hopefully will follow this weekend. Though I will have to snag them from someone else. Our Camera broke. :(


Jan. 19th, 2009 11:07 pm
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So I am once again a college student. Classes started yesterday. They are all online for me this semester which is kind of scary.... I am almost done with week ones work.  *cheer*
No new progress was made on the sleeves because I went out of town over the weekend. Well... I did buy matching thread that was not embroidery thread for sewing the piping... I guess that counts.


Feb. 27th, 2008 10:26 pm
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are always the busiest days of the week for me. I have the bootcamp workout first thing in the morning, Then I teach at the Japanese preschool then go to school myself. Even though that is all over by 1300 I am beat when its over. I was able to get my plane ticket back to the states today. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO. I also got 3/4ths of the split stitch done on my embroidered gear, updated my webpage and got my little Elementalist up to level 4. Now it is time for bed! 
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The petticoat is as far done a I can get it. I am waiting to see how much weight I lose with the boocamp so I am waiting to do the final gathering into the waistband until I know what size my waist is going to be. After that I will also hem it to the proper length. Didi is wearing it right now. I told myself it was so the fabric could hang like it needs to before heming then I thought about it and it will be hanging awhile in that case. Its okay Didi wanted to wear it. I think it looks really nice and its almost a shame its just undies and no one will see it. As soon as I find the motivation to pull Didi out of the sewing room and into the living room I will get a pic of it. My room is to small to get a decent full length shot. Onto the actual skirt today which should go faster because I have no need for french seams. I just have to work around studying for my math placement exam that I will be taking tomorrow.

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Still alive and enjoying my break from school.  I got my grades. An 'A' in the computer class and a 'B' in English. Not to bad.  I did worse then I thought I would in English, which was always one of my best subjects in school. The grammer part kicked me in the butt. 
Question to anyone willing to answer, and who went to college, on my friends list. What was your GPA? I have had a few professors tell me that I shouldn't expect an A out of the class(es). The whole thing about I am in college now and the work is college level blah blah blah. So for those who have already gone or are going, should I really not expect an 'A' from my classes? I seriously feel bad if I get a 'B' on papers but I don't want to  be setting myself up for failure.
 Okay away from college talk. I am on break and I want to enjoy it. I have been cleaning bits and pieces of my house everyday. I like it better that way, doesn't wipe me out as much. I am also cross stitching away on the Chrismas ornaments that I am making for presents. I have the toddler's chemise done except for the sleeves and bottom hem. I will start on the over dress tomorrow. All I have left to do on the hubby's costume is to distress the thing. Which I will be doing tomorrow also.  I promise to have pics up tomorrow!

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Finals are done. Finals are done. Finals are done. YEA! I think I did decent. Will see next week with grades come out. Plan for the two weeks off is clean my house spring cleaning like and then sew sew sew.  I already cut out the toddler's chemise. I am working off a dress her mom gave me not measurements so this should prove to be interesting.  A challenge! I like!
I am in a beyond hyper mood and it's all Avien's fault!  She sent me little fabric swatches and they were all so purty. Two would work nicely for my steampunk outfit. One of the two would work PERFECTLY for the walking dress I have in the plans. So I have visions of pretties running through my head.  Unfortunatly she doesn't have the massive amounts required for the dress. But it has renewed my interests in that costume and all the pretty dress costumes. Hopefully I can find one the same or similiar.
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 I need to take a few mins away from school work before I go insane. This whole weekend was wrapped around that... well sort of. Saturday morning I walked in a Breast Cancer awareness walk. 5.5 miles. Whoo hoo me! It rained the entire time... So I ended up with my thighs rubbed raw, and blisters. Very ouchie. 
Then I studied for my computer class and did laundry. Sunday and Monday were about finishing up my research paper and dishes and laundry, Only to find out Monday night at class it was about a page shy. Tuesday was more studing for the computer class final and paying bills. Today I took half of my computer class final worked out and finished up the Reasearch paper, and outline and bibliography. Blah blah and more blah. Then. Just in case I thought I was done. I was looking through my syllabus and remembered the journals... Yeah the journal entries I haven't done yet.... That I need 24 of and only have 5 of. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH.
But somewhere in there I was able to attach and iron out the bais trim around the collar of the Drunken master outfit. :)

Okay off to do my best attempt at finishing up a few journal entries before class.


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