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 Work on the quilt has halted. I am waiting on one picture. It is as complete as I can get it until I do get that picture. Dang Brother-in-law.
I also cut out the next quilt's pieces. This is one of the baby blankets that has been in the que. The last of those in fact. WOOT! Just have to get two more pieces of fabric and since I am beyond poor it might take a little while. I got two gift cards to Jo-Anns for my birthday but I would really rather use those on me then someone else. I am spoiled that way!
One good thing about the quilt being on hold is I have some spare time. I took on an Alteration project today. $20 for an hour and a half of work on a prom dress. Not to bad. It went into my CoCox2, from here on end CoCox2 is Comic Con and Costume College, fund.
This weekend is the start of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure faire. Lucky for me its buy one ticket get one free so I can afford to go. This of course means I need something new for my Ren garb. Keeping with the free or cheap I decided to make a Elizabethan coif with shaped brim and forehead cloth from The Tudor Tailor.
This project is great because I need something for my head. I normally get my hair braided but we pretty much have it budgeted to just enough for a thing of food each and drinks. So head ornamentation is needed. I was going to try and just make a simple coif but why not go all out!. I keep saying my Ren garb will slowly get more and more accurate.
Best thing of it all was I was able to cut it completely out of scrap linen!!!! I also have millinery wire in my stash. YEA! I should get back to work on that.
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But it's still costuming.
I should get my machine back on Monday so all this week I have been putzing around doing hand stuff: I cut out all the pj bottoms. The fabric I bought two years ago on Black Friday is at last used up. I have still been embroidering the pillowcase. It has maybe a week more of work... maybe. And lastly I started work on Chris' Comic Con costume.
I ask him every year what he would like to be and most of the time he gives me crazy answers. I mean lets face it... I am just not that good at certain aspects of costume making, like metal armor, tooling leather, helmets and what not.  This year after the South Park episodes of Coon and friends taking on a demon he decided he wanted me to make him the Coon costume. Not my favorite show, okay I think it pretty stupid for the most part, not my type of humor, but I can make this costume... in fact it can be a group one... so I jumped on the idea. Long story short I started it yesterday and finished the mask today.
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My steam for this costume is running out. I have glitter, sequins, feathers, fabric paint, crystals, rhinestones... and I am still losing my love for it. I think part of the problem is I can't share with anyone how it is going, until after Comic Con. The other reason and I think the main one,  is I have no movies that fit this genre. I always watch one of my eye candy movies for the type of costume I am making but I don't have any for this one. *sigh*
Not to much left though. The headpiece which I am pausing on because everyone keeps telling me it looks like everything but what it is suppose to look like and that discourages me.
I have to finish one more panel of the black fabric paint and one and a half of the sliver, and two of the glitter for the skirt, then sew it up. My dad is helping me with one element of it on Sunday and then... I think thats it. Well besides adding more bling. There can never be enough of that.
Kind of excited for it to be done so I can work on stuff for Costume College. I would LOVE to complete my two steampunk costumes... doubt I will but that would be wonderful!
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My harness thingie is finished. I know most of my friend's list will have no clue what I am talking about but I am so happy about this I just had to share.
And after Comic Con everyone can see just what I am talking about.
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... if anyone on my friends list might be pondering a room mate for Costume College. I am asking because I am at that stage also. I have the money right now for the room, because I am employeed but my employment is temperary, and suppose to stop the month before Costume College. Which means by the time Costume College rolls around it might be nice to split the cost of a room with someone. If anything it's more money to possibly spend in the fabric district.... so yea... if anyone else is pondering a room mate let me know.

In other news, I am still on track of my 4 squares a day goal for the quilt. I am working on number two for today. They are quite boring to make and I am irritated with the pattern because the instructions were completely off. *grumble grumble* I have also embroidered another inch or so on the sleeve cuff.

My corset for Comic Con on the other hand has not been in any way successful. I am trying to get the front to have a very distinct sweetheart shaped neckline. I would also like it to cup and support the 'girls'.... Well first mock up barely met the first criteria and epicially failed on the second. *sigh* I am going to try a little bit of draping and see if that helps...

I'm going

Apr. 16th, 2010 10:58 pm
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to COMIC CON!!!!! WOOOT!!!
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 because this is wearing me out! Not sure if I had updated on here but almost a month ago I got a job with the Census. This week I am in training for a crew leader position. I have two weeks left of school so not much more but it is still draining. I have had little strength/brainwave activity to do much else when I am done with those two. I hadn't sewn ANYTHING for over a month. I forced myself to pick up the blackwork last week and have gotten close to three inches further. Not a crazy amount but progress none the less.
Out of nowhere, or so it seems, about 4 members of my extended family are having babies.  So baby blankets are in the future two of them, both for boys, have been started. Which translates to the pieces have been cut out. Besides the 250 remaining squares I have to cut in half to make triangles.

I picked out farbics and a pattern for a little girl and the others sex has not been determined yet. At this rate I will have no new costumes for Costume College but some new babies will be warm... well I might have a new chemise.....
I do need to get to work on my Comic Con costume. I am just stressing I won't be able to get any tickets. :(
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I am soooo mad. With the cost of buying and fixing up the house, plus X-mas, Chris and I put off buying our Comic Con tickets. When the 4 day passes ran out that was okay, because we are no longer in San Diego so it would be sort of a waste for us. The max we would want would be Friday, Satruday and Sunday, more and likely just Saturday and Sunday.  We finally broke clear with our finances and with the 17th paycheck we were gonna buy the tickets... Just to find out last night Saturday is sold out. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sells out sooner and sooner every year. I am hoping I can find tickets somewhere or get them off ebay. May spend more money than we need because ebays will be the 4 day passes again but I don't want to drop out of the masquerade. Stupid stupid low funds due to buying a house. Thats why we didn't buy the 4 day pass at last years con because we were saving for our down payment and closing costs. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRR*
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I have a BALD SPOT!!!!!! When I was pinned into my wig at Comic Con two of the bobby pins that overlapped really really hurt. I figured it was the cost of things, and since I have only worn one other wig I didn't know if it was a normal pain sort of thing. The pain got pretty dang bad so that when at last I could, I ripped off said wig.  I really don't care for wigs and this just adds to my dislike..... Well it left a welt and scab for a few weeks. The first week being VERY VERY tender.  After shower and hair dried today I notice I am now bald in that spot. Right up front and dead center. REally hope it grows back or I need to find a new hairstyle. The whole middle part just doesn't work with a bald spot there.
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I haven't had the time to really sit down and write out my post Comic Con and Costume College posts. So much going on right now. I was able to plan my costuming for the next year though. I guess I am jumping on the band wagon of Costume College being my end of year point for costuming, though its not for sewing with Halloween and Christmas around the bend. Anyways here is the plans for the next year.

Fix Generic Ren Faire dress' bodice by October
Finish Genderic Ren Faire dress' sleeves by October
Jedi Costume by Halloween
Sith Costume by Halloween
Snowman X-Stitch by December
Quilted Bear by Christmas
Masquerade Costume by Comic Con/July
Jedi Costume by Comic Con/July
18c Scallop Dress Costume College/Aug
Finish Steampunk Lolita by Costume College/Aug
Bolero/Bustle Steampunk by Costume College/Aug
Edwardian Undies by Costume College/ Aug
Finish all the already cut out PJs
Pillow x-stitch
Toddler's sleeping Beauty

There maybe a few more that find their way in there, And more than likely alot of them won't get done with how slow I actually sew. But that is the plans!

Comic Con

Jul. 27th, 2009 04:55 pm
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I have about a hundred BILLION things to recap about Comic Con but brain is still to scrambled to get it all down in a coherant post. But I did promise a picture so here you guys go! I promise after Costume College next weekend I will give you huge long posts. One little bit though  WE WON BEST PRESENTATION!!!!!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rhynndavrie  and[livejournal.com profile] aviendiora  for helping me pose and taking the pic.
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Besides 4 hooks and eyes, possible further embelishment, and final pictures, I am done! WOOT
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My friend came over, yesterday to help me with mocking up the shoulder part. She is so awsome to brave the sauna that is my  house and sweating me.
We tried lacing it up with ribbon for the first time. I like how that looks! I had to go out and get more fabric for the shoulder part. The plan was a taffeta but I wasn't liking any of the ones the store had. I pick up a yard of the party taffeta because it seemed the stiffer of the two. It was right next to the bridal section and me being me my fingers were trailing along the bolts and I felt a nice crisp fabric. It turned out to be a silk duponi. I picked up that fabric also and plan to make up the piece in that. I kept the taffeta also just in case the duponi turns out to be an epic fail. I handwashed it last night, since it said dry clean only. I have no intention to dry clean it EVER, but the whole bodice, being boned can only be handwashed so might as wash that part that way also. It dryed over night. Today I plan on ironing it out and cutting into it. It would be awsome if I could finish it today.... It is a possiblity!
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Petal overskirt was whipstitched to the bodice. I still have to put a few velcro closures but they have to wait until I can get it on again. For some reason when you lace a corset up its lies differently then when its flat... *sarcasam*
I made the crown and necklace out of the fun foam. They are just waiting for some gold foil. The crown could also use a comb placed in it., and I need to add some sort of clasp for the necklace....
I made up the sleeves. Still trying to figure out how I want to finish off the edges on those.... I am thinking binding... just can't figure out of which fabric. I also need to add the buttons and figure out the shape of the top. The latter of the two has to wait, again for when I have it on, and when I figure out the shoulder piece is going to work. Other then that... Just hem the shorter skirt.....  And its done!!! Well... I would like to add some more sparkle to it, but it would be done and wearable!
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All binding on the bodice is done. The petal overskirt has been made. I just need to finish hand sewing down the piping and then whipstitch it to the bodice. WOOT
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This bodice/corset is being evil with its handsewing.  But the top and bottom bindings are done! I only have the side bindings, the shoulder treatments, the sleeves, the petal like overskirt and the jewlery left to do.
The sleeves and overskirt are already mocked up so  that helps. There is an end in sight!!!

Total Grrr

Jul. 9th, 2009 12:36 am
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So I took the pieces off. Recut new pieces, the right way this time. Sewed those back on. Pinned the velvet back onto the corset. Trimmed excess fabric and started basting it. I didn't quite get it finished, because I have to retire early tonight so I can get up early enough to get my oil changed and make a trip out to Jo-anns for some cotton to flat line one of the skirts with. We discovered it's sort of see though. OOPS.
And an update on yesterday's sewing. More so when I am writing up the Dress diary journal I remember what happened.
Yesterday we were able to hem the Pettis.The are soooo much swishy fun! My friend also taught my how to cut out a circle skirt while we cut one for this costume. Silk taffeta. YUM!!!!


Jul. 8th, 2009 09:34 pm
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So I was about to baste the velvet layer onto the bodice... Was petting it... and it felt weird. Petted it again. smooth... back to orginal panel... not smooth. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!! I cut the back two panels the wrong direction. It's my own dang fault because I should of been paying closer attention but still.... *Grrrrrrrr*
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Retried on the bodice today. It fit wonderfully. Very small issues with two of the boning channels following the curve when they should be flat. Easily fixed. I also added another bone between center back and side back. Was able to get one of the mock up  skirts hemmed. Super excited about that. It means I will be able to start the "Real" skirt soon.That was the easy part of the evening.
The rest of it was full of fail and frustration. I sewed up the velvet layer so I could add it to the bodice. It took awhile but went together soooooo smoothly. I should of known there was going to be a problem. When I went to pin it to the bodice so I could baste it on, it just wouldn't fit. I could stretch the heck out of it and get something close but it was just not right. Especially since the mock up of this layer the problem was, if anything, it was to big. After pulling and stretching and wondering why things were off it dawned on me... I didn't put in the seam allowance when I cut it out.
*bang head against wall*
So I then had to recut out the velvet, with seam allowances this time. Thank goodness I got extra fabric. I can't just jump down the the LA fabric district any 'ol time. And frankly I don't think I would EVER go down there alone, and I doubt I could con anyone to go down with me on such short notice. So I guess my impulsion to get extra fabric every time I buy fabric paid off.
After I cut it all out again I couldn't bring myself to sew it up, so I worked on the modesty panel. It went together a bit better. Only had to rip out two spots along the top and resew them. Covered that seam with a ribbon so it won't fray and then basted the rest of the seams. Hunted down the matching ribbon I just bought, (how is it that things you just got always go missing???) and sewed it down as my binding... And since I can't sew a straight line to save my life I ended up having to tear out about half of it. At which point I gave up for the night and decided to update my LJ and go to bed.
So night all!


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