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Just curious. Those on my friends list, are any of you planning on going to Costume Con this year? I am really considering it BUT chickening out a bit because I am afraid I will be completely alone. If I am completely alone at Costume College it doesn't bother me as much because its so close to home I can always just go home if its to much. That won't be....
Also anyone looking for roomates, travel buddies, etc...
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Hi all!
I am back in Japan. Okay I have been back for a couple days but it took me those couple days to get everything unpacked and put away. Catch up on the whirlwind that is my life right now and update my website/dress diaries.
Costume Con was cool. Not exactly what I was expecting but I think I was more geared towards a bigger Con. I also think some of my problem is I am a social reject really shy. If I could get over that I am sure things would be a tad more fun. An example is

[personal profile] koshka_the_cat came up to the group I was standing with and had said something about recognizing my name from LJ. All I could do is nod and mumble something like "yea"........ So if anyone came up to me and I seemed stuck up and didn't want to talk to you... that is really not it, I sware!
I very much enjoyed EVERYONE else's costumes which I know I wouldn't have seen at the bigger Cons. Mostly because there is no reason for a historical costume there. And that was by far some of my favorite parts!!!!! I have decided I really need to enter a masqurade. Not sure for what but that is where the fun seemed to be.
I was very pleased with how the Japanese Regency came out. Much Much Much thanks to [profile] aviendiora . She helped me so much with getting it done. I was a bit upset that hers was not able to get finished also, especially after all the help she had given me. She insists that it was okay because she had lots of other costumes to wear. I think I still owe her.  My steampunk still needs ALOT of work but it was fun to get to wear it out for awhile. I need to completely redo the corset. The instructions I used were not the best. At least not for the fabric I used. I want to redo the chemise also. Not enough poof at the chest. I have also decided there must be a bolero with this outfit. The picture was taken at the end of the day when the wool of the apron had begun to irritate me and I had taken off the cute Lolita hat so the people behind me in the masqurade would still be able to see.

I also wore my Regency gown but it seems no pictures were taken of that one.

In other news, my husband has been fighting with his chain of command while I was gone. He final got fed up and jumped them to talk to his detailer himself. Its a good thing he did. We will be going to San Diego after all!!!!!!!!!! It won't be for him to go to school which is what we wanted but we will be in San Diego and not out on our butts with no jobs. This makes me very very happy because it gives us time to get ourselves set up with housing, jobs, school before we are thrown out of the military system completely.
And of course greedy me is already thinking Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which we will be going to. We just need to figure out hotel/accomadations stuff.



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So far the Con has been okay. I have seen a lot of costumers I recongize from their websites or LJ. Of course chicken me has not had the guts to approach any of them.
Yesterday's Regency costume was a complete bust. Most the time its my pretty pretty princess dress but yesterday the corset was off and it began to hurt by the afternoon. Add to that ouchie shoes and hair that went completely and utterly flat within hours and I was not feeling princessy at all. :( Today is my unfinished Steampunk so we will see if it is any better.
Avien on the other hand has the most beautiful costumes and is getting stopped almost every time we are out and about. This is when I wish I had lost a lot, and I do mean a lot, more weight so I could have a slim chance in hell to steal her costumes and wear them :).
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Well I landed in the states a few days. That was one long flight and I hate that I can't get through a single trip without running through an airport to catch my flight. The lovely security check guy gave me hell about my  drivers license being expired. Ummmm excuse me  I can't renew it overseas. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*
[profile] aviendiora and [profile] rhynndavrie took me to Arbys right away. Ohhhhh so yummy! They have also taken me to Wallymart and JoAnns. I love it! Its weird what you miss when you are away from it for three years.
Still making progress  on costumes. The list has more striked through then not now! I have a good feeling about them getting done in time. Everything except for the Japanese Regency costume, which still needs the pants, that I haven't started, only has a bunch of small things. A few seams, hems, pockets... those sorts of things. And Avien has a whole bunch of toys that speed those things up. I am in love with her eyelet maker. Okay her machine is totally cool and better than mine with all its accessories but I am still weary of playing with it out of fear of breaking it. Because if I can break it or hurt myself with it, I will, and that is not a good thing to do with friends stuff. Tonight I used it for some seams. Its runs very smoothly. Makes me want a new one  more and more.
Tonight I am determined to finish up hand sewing the collar on place. So I am going to get back to that and not procrastinate any longer.
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Only one more day and a wake up call and then I am on a plane to the states. WOOOO. I have most of my stuff already packed. I really hope I don't forget something. I guess I could always buy it in the states but that would suck. So.... just so I don't accidently forget something I am already packing up my sewing projects in whatever state they happen to be in. I think I am doing okay.... But a wee bit of the panic of trying to get the projects done in time is creeping in. Here is that list. Things were added.... But things have been crossed off too!

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 Today has been a total waste so far, for sewing but I think my body needed  a break. I went to bible study in the morning and came home and slept. I woke up about 45 mins ago and have done a little more packing. Went through my beads and picked out which ones I might use for the steampunk accesories, Henry and my new plan for my third day costume. I guess that will have to be a secret for everyone but Avien simply because I am not sure if it will get done. I was also able to find some scrap pieces of the Regency dress to test tension on so thats one more thing off my list. Always a good thing! So I guess if I get no more sewing done today I took two things off my list.... SO many more to go.

Up late

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:39 am
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And it still seems like I barely got anything done. Yesterday I sewed all the pieces to each layer together, ironed all the seams open (yes I actually did this step for a change!) pinned all the gussets and started basting them in.  I still need to finish basting, then I can sew in the gussets and sew the layers together and add needed boning channels. At least another full days work. *sigh* 5 days and counting until I get on the airplane.
Because I work better with lists I am resorting back to that.
The list )


Baby steps

Apr. 12th, 2008 10:18 am
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I am making progress on the costumes though it really seems like nothing with the deadline looming overhead. I am going to be still working on them when I get to Avien's house. Probably even ont he drive up to Costume Con.
I ripped out the panel that tore on the Steampunk corset. That was such a pain in the butt!
I cut out all the pieces for the Regency corset, sewed the interlining pieces, and pinned the cover fabric pieces.  And that was it for yesterday. Well I did have to buy the lining fabric which slowed me down a little... But that is barely an excuse.
This weekend is all about sewing.  I have banned myself from all internet except for email and LJ. Hopefully that helps some. I still have to get to the gym. *boooo* So that is where I am off to so I can get back and sew already.
Still no news on my husbands extention.
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 It looks like my husband may get to extend here for 3 more months. Untill I actually see it I am not holding my breath. I am tired of how things get changed and messed up. *GRRRRR* But on a promise to my husband I am proceeding as if I am going to Costume Con. He is very very adament that I go.  He knows how much I have wanted to. And with the extention I have no excuse not to go, since my biggest excuse was I wouldn't be able to help him with the move. 
So I forced myself to work on costuming projects. I pulled out the pattern and fabric for the Regency corset. Finished a few seams and sewed on the strap button for  the apron. Packed up two boxes filled with accessories, beads, and my Regency costume, and my corset muslin to be sent to Avien. Not a whole lot but definatly progress for someone whose nerves are still fried.
I have decided I am going to have to rip out the panel that ripped, along with the binding:(. For now I am just going to replace it. In the long run it will have to be completely redone. I knew it needed another layer for strength but it since it was the first time I had done a Victorian corset I went along blindly thinking the waist ribbon would be enough. HA! Now I know to go with my gut. I just have to pray and hope it doesn't rip again at Costume Con.
Does anyone know if  you can bring needles and mini sciccors on the planes now? I figure that would be a good time to do Henry's costume since it has to be hand sewn anyway.


Feb. 27th, 2008 10:26 pm
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are always the busiest days of the week for me. I have the bootcamp workout first thing in the morning, Then I teach at the Japanese preschool then go to school myself. Even though that is all over by 1300 I am beat when its over. I was able to get my plane ticket back to the states today. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO. I also got 3/4ths of the split stitch done on my embroidered gear, updated my webpage and got my little Elementalist up to level 4. Now it is time for bed! 
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 I have been busy playing away on GW.  I have a total of 6 characters now. :) Most of them still little ones. I don't think I have really mentioned them.

It hasn't all been about guild wars though I have been slowly tearing away stablizer when I have a free moment or two. Avien was able to finsh my embroidery and it is gorgeous. I am in love. I have been trying to figure out beading for it but am having a hard time because I don't want to cover any of the embroidery. It looks so yummy I don't want it covered with stuff. I am witholding pics until it is attached to the acutal costume. Its my little guilty pleasure right now. NOT SHARING!
I didn't get to far with the steampunk apron as planned because when I went to sweep the floor so I could set the fabric out to cut it I ended up cleaning the house instead. Which is a good thing... but not what I had started with. So now I am going to go and cut it. Going to attempt to ban myself from GW and most of the interent, except LJ and emai of course until its on its way to being done. April will be here before I know it and I will have all of 1 costume done and two half costumes. And the one done won't be mine it'll be Henry's!!!!
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 I am still hemming the bottom by hand and debating on adding some trim but here is the finished gown for Henry.
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great. Though I must admit I miss home ALOT! Not to much longer I guess. Santa was good to me this year. I got alot of DVD series, a new Ipod nano, guild wars, art books, and a new costuming book. I have been playing Guild wars a bit everyday trying to get a hang of the new controls. Last time I played it was all text base. No two pointing controls just to move. I have gotten to level 7 so I can't be doing to bad by my lonesome.... I think.
I got my husband to teach me how to do the whole Itunes thing. So now I am downloading my CDs. I think I am the only person in the world who could care less about downloading the music. I like owning the CD. Yes I want it on my ipod to work out with or take in the car/plane. But I want the CD also.
I need to start focusing on my sewing. I have 4 months to finish two costume, put finishing touches on another, and start 5. ACK! So expect to see some sewing lists to start appearing soon!
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I have offically worn a corset all day :) Am I suppose to be this sore the next day???  Just a couple quick pictures, then I have to start cleaning my house. I have stray threads and fabric scraps everywhere!!!! thanks inpart to the kitty.  Expect updates to my dress diaries now that I have some final photos.

catch up

Oct. 27th, 2007 09:15 am
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 I am still alive. I have just been enjoying my time off of school! It has not been nearly as productive as I was hoping. Me hubby bought a game that I have been addicted to. Oblivian (I think I just spelt that wrong), its a nice little RPG. Because its on the Xbox 360 and not the computer I can play away without worry about my computer being to slow, or up to date enough.
I have been sewing away.  I was asked to make a Halloween costume for a little girl. While not historically accurate it was intended to have a Rennaissance feel. Because of how small it has to be alot of it was done by hand which slowed me down alot! Unfortunatly I made a mistake with the straps by sewing them together first and then when I went to turn it of course I couldn't..... So I had to rip that out, turn it, and resew it down by hand.  Then I had to rip out parts I did with the sewing machine because it wasn't laying right. Add that to the ripping out I had to do with the chemise to add a gusset. As I was ripping out yet another seam my husband made the smart a$$ comment that I was ripping out alot of stuff lately. I have never had the urge to stab someone with a seam ripper as strong as I did at that moment. 
I was also able burn my husband's costume. No this was not punishment for what he said. It was actually in the plans. I need to make a black belt and that costume is wearable for Halloween. Then Gauntlets and it is done for costume con. That will be great. I can finally say I have at least one costume ready.
I still need to make myself another petticoat for my Regency costume that I will be wearing for Halloween. Fabric was bought last weekend I just need to drop it in the wash this morning.  Then to make a purple kimono for my hubby's friend... Okay so I have alot to do still. Hopefully I can stay away from the game....
pics )
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I am not sure what is wrong with Photobucket and putting pictures on here. It is soooo frusterating! But this works... Here is a pic of the Drunken Master pants I have been working on for... 2 months now. Didi was not the best model so I had to wait for the hubby to get home to model them. I am glad I waited. I think they look pretty smashing on him. Just don't ask him to sit down. *sheepish grin* What do you all think? I can't wait to get started on the top. That could be because I get to burn it though....  Small write up on it on the website.
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I finsihed the paper that is due tomorrow earlier today so I have been sewing away. My list of things to do is slowly but surely getting more things crossed out then not crossed out. I finished up one set of the rusty orange colored pieces of sleeves now I just need to start the other sleeves pieces. Then I can have a massive iron-a-thon and make them look more like strips and not orange and white, ( I used white for my lining) snakes. Suprisingly Kit has not been in any why interested.
CADD is rearing its evil head.  [profile] aviendiora's steampunk apron and the other ones I had seen from Costume College pics make me want one. I am not so sure if I want the apron or just a skirt that has the same shape, drape, etc... With all sorts of hardware attached... No it would probably have to be the apron.... They just look sooooooo cool.  I want one! But I really can't. Not right now anyway. I only have 7ish months left until Costume Con and have none of the costumes on my to do list finished. Can't add anymore until I have more done then not done. Though Avien did finish hers in what... 1-2 weeks.... BAH!!!!!!!!! I need to get back to making orange and white snakes.
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School has started for me and I already have papers and the such due so, in an attempt to stay on track I have made a to do list. My main sewing days will be Friday-Sunday after the homework is done of course. Behind the cut so I don't crowd up people's pages who are not as interested.
*List has been edited*

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I know I promised pictures as soon as I finished. But truth is I haven't touched it since then. The next day I got EXTREMELY sick so nothing sewing wise got done. The next day I had to register for classes. I will be taking IFSN 201 or 'stupid required computer class' that I am almost positive I will know 90% of. I guess an easy A. I am also taking English 101... yea..... Monday was also the first day of the Math Review I am taking. I don't want to take my Math placement exam and be placed in 'Stupid math that doesn't even count for credit' just because I forgot some silly rule with fractions or something.  Tuesday was all about working out and then cleaning my house. By the time I was done with that I was wiped out. I think the being sick was still sort of lingering with me. So I diddled with Chris' pants. Had him try them on and now they are a bit tight at the leg cuffs.... *GRRRRR* Started to rip the seams out to try again but got irritated to fast so I set it aside and went to bed. Tonight is the last night of the Math Review so with three hours of that I doubt I will want to be productive after class.  Tomorrow though. All sorts of hope and promises for tomorrow. House is clean and nothing is planned. From Thursday to Sunday should be a grand sew a thon, because Monday I start school again. So if you have no pictures by Sunday I am dead or dying, kidnapped or abducted by aliens.


Aug. 7th, 2007 02:39 pm
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So for about a week now.... Since I figured out the problem with my skirt and that a bumroll was a good thing and helped with the overall shape I have been pondering my sleeves. I think I will use a pattern similiar to the one I used with my Regency overdress.  Yes the horrible pattern I swore I would never touch again.... It won't be exactly the same of course. I  will be wrist length not just past my elbow and wider.... But similiar none the less. Why I am still pondering this pattern is I want it done in strips. They will be whipstitched together from wrist to about elbow but  above that they will only be tacked together ever so often, allowing the Chemise to puff through. Now my debate is do I make up the strips before hand then cut the pattern out of them? Cut out the pattern and then make strips??? I really don't know..... So while I continue to ponder this I am working on Chris' Drunken master pants for Costume Con.


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