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I have offically worn a corset all day :) Am I suppose to be this sore the next day???  Just a couple quick pictures, then I have to start cleaning my house. I have stray threads and fabric scraps everywhere!!!! thanks inpart to the kitty.  Expect updates to my dress diaries now that I have some final photos.

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Oct. 27th, 2007 09:15 am
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 I am still alive. I have just been enjoying my time off of school! It has not been nearly as productive as I was hoping. Me hubby bought a game that I have been addicted to. Oblivian (I think I just spelt that wrong), its a nice little RPG. Because its on the Xbox 360 and not the computer I can play away without worry about my computer being to slow, or up to date enough.
I have been sewing away.  I was asked to make a Halloween costume for a little girl. While not historically accurate it was intended to have a Rennaissance feel. Because of how small it has to be alot of it was done by hand which slowed me down alot! Unfortunatly I made a mistake with the straps by sewing them together first and then when I went to turn it of course I couldn't..... So I had to rip that out, turn it, and resew it down by hand.  Then I had to rip out parts I did with the sewing machine because it wasn't laying right. Add that to the ripping out I had to do with the chemise to add a gusset. As I was ripping out yet another seam my husband made the smart a$$ comment that I was ripping out alot of stuff lately. I have never had the urge to stab someone with a seam ripper as strong as I did at that moment. 
I was also able burn my husband's costume. No this was not punishment for what he said. It was actually in the plans. I need to make a black belt and that costume is wearable for Halloween. Then Gauntlets and it is done for costume con. That will be great. I can finally say I have at least one costume ready.
I still need to make myself another petticoat for my Regency costume that I will be wearing for Halloween. Fabric was bought last weekend I just need to drop it in the wash this morning.  Then to make a purple kimono for my hubby's friend... Okay so I have alot to do still. Hopefully I can stay away from the game....
pics )
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Still alive and enjoying my break from school.  I got my grades. An 'A' in the computer class and a 'B' in English. Not to bad.  I did worse then I thought I would in English, which was always one of my best subjects in school. The grammer part kicked me in the butt. 
Question to anyone willing to answer, and who went to college, on my friends list. What was your GPA? I have had a few professors tell me that I shouldn't expect an A out of the class(es). The whole thing about I am in college now and the work is college level blah blah blah. So for those who have already gone or are going, should I really not expect an 'A' from my classes? I seriously feel bad if I get a 'B' on papers but I don't want to  be setting myself up for failure.
 Okay away from college talk. I am on break and I want to enjoy it. I have been cleaning bits and pieces of my house everyday. I like it better that way, doesn't wipe me out as much. I am also cross stitching away on the Chrismas ornaments that I am making for presents. I have the toddler's chemise done except for the sleeves and bottom hem. I will start on the over dress tomorrow. All I have left to do on the hubby's costume is to distress the thing. Which I will be doing tomorrow also.  I promise to have pics up tomorrow!

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 I need to take a few mins away from school work before I go insane. This whole weekend was wrapped around that... well sort of. Saturday morning I walked in a Breast Cancer awareness walk. 5.5 miles. Whoo hoo me! It rained the entire time... So I ended up with my thighs rubbed raw, and blisters. Very ouchie. 
Then I studied for my computer class and did laundry. Sunday and Monday were about finishing up my research paper and dishes and laundry, Only to find out Monday night at class it was about a page shy. Tuesday was more studing for the computer class final and paying bills. Today I took half of my computer class final worked out and finished up the Reasearch paper, and outline and bibliography. Blah blah and more blah. Then. Just in case I thought I was done. I was looking through my syllabus and remembered the journals... Yeah the journal entries I haven't done yet.... That I need 24 of and only have 5 of. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH.
But somewhere in there I was able to attach and iron out the bais trim around the collar of the Drunken master outfit. :)

Okay off to do my best attempt at finishing up a few journal entries before class.

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 Hi all,
I decided I would say hi and update on here before I poured myself in all the papers I have to edit, write, and rewrite.
On sewing news... I have an overtunic finished. I am just adding Bias trim to the opening and arm holes, made from the same fabric as it was made out of. Hubby asked me why I am making it so fancy if I am just going to burn and tear it up..... Ummmm because? If you read the rant you would know it may take me awhile before I get the trim added. This past weekend what free time I had, did I spend it on sewing.... no... I cross stitched. Yea, ADD to its finest. I have a few small flower designs that I am making into little bags for X-mas. Not sure what I am going to put in them yet but the bags are going to be really really cute! I finished one design and when I make it into a bag I will put a pic up on here.
Back to re-writing :( 
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 He did assign alot last night. BLEH I have to write a classification paper with outline. I also have to have a sentence out line, and bibliography for my research paper. I am making it a rule that I have to have those finished before I can attempt to play guildwars OR sew. 
Last night after class I couldn't sleep so I popped in an episode of CSI, (I have been watching those from the start :) I am almost done with the third season now,) and started sewing a little. I finished all the seams and decided they needed to be french seams. After I finished up that I had finished two episodes of CSI and it was time to go to bed. School work may be sucking away my time I'll just take that time back from un-needed things like sleep:)
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I know the over tunic would take me less then 2 hours to finish up... if I could just sit down long enough to do that.  I have gotten as far as cutting it out and  basting one shoulder seam together. 
School has been a little overwhelming this week. I am so glad I only have two more classes, tonight, and tomorrow. I am not sure how I did on the first half of my midterm today but I don't have a happy feeling about it. I also don't have a happy feeling about the paper I am handing in today.... This is not a good sign anyway you look at it.
My goal before Monday is finish whatever homework my English teacher is going to throw at me tonight and finish my computer class assignment. (Bleh and more Bleh). When I finish those I am going to see if my ancient beast of a computer can run the GW game [profile] aviendioraand Ryhnn sent me. It probbaly won't be until late Friday or Saturday that I will get to play because my assignments will take me at least that long :( Oh yeah! and finish the overtunic.
I hope everyone is sewing away happily on something pretty or fun!
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I wasn't able to finish both shirts like I wanted too. I finished up the white under shirt this evening around 12:30.  The overshirt shouldn't take me as long. There are less seams and no ties to fuss with. Just a little binding for the edges and four seams.  After I am done with my English homework tomorrow I will try to finish it up. My goal is to have the pictures of the undershirt on Didi, I took up on my site tomorrow. If  finish up the tops tomorrow I will have pictures taken with my hubby as the model on here.
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 I have been out due to a combination of a migranes and school work. Yesterday was a half way decent day. I got the fabric I ordered. A friend and I had been talking about shot silks for corsets so I had decided to do an ebay search. I didn't find anything in the color I was talking to her about but I found another frosty blue and white shot duponi that would be perfect for a future costume. So I snagged it up. 4 yards for $20.00 after shipping. I thought it was a good deal. In person it is slubbier then I remember duponi being but still beautiful and it will work perfectly for that costume. Now to find a nice white silk to go with it. AND it actually be silk and not poly or acrylic or some other equally bad fabric... Then again... this one does not have to be historically accurate and I never intend to wear it outdoors where I might overheat....  Does anyone  (of my costume making friends) end up 'cheating' on the synthetic values of their fabric when it is a fantasy based costume?
In other news.....
I started on Chris' top yesterday also. I got as far as drafting the pattern drawing and cutting it out and sewing the shoulder seams together. Then I pondered for about half an hour how to place the ties in with french seams. I may be nukeing the problem but it took me forever to figure out where they would be and how they would face. Hopefully I will finish the white part of the top today and I can start on the blue over tunic top part. They both should go together quite easily and besides the distressing parts I should finish it up this weekend.  I probably just jinxed myself though. I have a paper to write and an outline due for one class on Monday, And in the other class I have an Excel project to turn in. We shall see....
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I am not sure what is wrong with Photobucket and putting pictures on here. It is soooo frusterating! But this works... Here is a pic of the Drunken Master pants I have been working on for... 2 months now. Didi was not the best model so I had to wait for the hubby to get home to model them. I am glad I waited. I think they look pretty smashing on him. Just don't ask him to sit down. *sheepish grin* What do you all think? I can't wait to get started on the top. That could be because I get to burn it though....  Small write up on it on the website.
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 Despite the most annoying headache I have ever had in my entire life I was able to finish up Chris' pants except for a few hand sewing things. YEA!!! Finally those buggers are done.  They took me much to long. Part of the problem was fit though. I sware Chris calves are changing size. I measure them. Work on the project go to try it on and... it doesn't fit. WHAT THE HECK! But yea that happened more then I care it to. Now they fit but he may not be the most comfortable sitting in it.  Hopefully I will have pics up later of it. Chris has 24 hour duty so it won't be on him, and Didi is not the best pants model. But they will be pics none the less. Off to reply to emails I ignored yesterday because of the headache. Still have it but it is not nearly as bad as it was.


Aug. 7th, 2007 02:39 pm
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So for about a week now.... Since I figured out the problem with my skirt and that a bumroll was a good thing and helped with the overall shape I have been pondering my sleeves. I think I will use a pattern similiar to the one I used with my Regency overdress.  Yes the horrible pattern I swore I would never touch again.... It won't be exactly the same of course. I  will be wrist length not just past my elbow and wider.... But similiar none the less. Why I am still pondering this pattern is I want it done in strips. They will be whipstitched together from wrist to about elbow but  above that they will only be tacked together ever so often, allowing the Chemise to puff through. Now my debate is do I make up the strips before hand then cut the pattern out of them? Cut out the pattern and then make strips??? I really don't know..... So while I continue to ponder this I am working on Chris' Drunken master pants for Costume Con.
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I think I am going to put the skirt aside for a bit and work on Chris' drunken master costume. I finished the skirt up as far as I can go with out the forepart. But it is probably best I don't have the forepart ready because I am just not thrilled with the shape I have on the skirt right now. I am not sure if it is just because I am so use to [profile] aviendiora 's wonderful full skirts that require a hoop underneath or if it is truely because the shape is all wrong.  I love how the back looks even without the bumroll. But the front seems rather flat. I think sit is to flat against my legs. I want it flat for the forepart but I still want it to look full. To top it off the waist is a bit big. I would rather it be a bit small so I can lose the weight with no problem. That is how I constructed the bodice I would like the skirt to follow the same trend. But I am afraid to put any more pleats into the front for fear it might make the front even more tight/flats. Very frusterated. I notice I get frusterated very easily with things I am doing for the first time that I really don't know what I am doing, I.e. no pattern. *sigh* So I am putting it aside until my frustration wanes a bit. I have pictures. They will be up on my website later today if anyone wants to take a look.

I have...

Jul. 20th, 2007 10:32 am
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the starting of pants for the Hubby's Drunken master costume and pieces to my bodice. I updated on my website. Sorry I am to lazy to re-write it here, but I figured not that many people are really following these costumes. The ones who are would appricate what I have done. Links below.



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