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I promised pictures of the embroidery I am working on. The designs are from Urban Threads. I love their quirkiness. I decided to play with different stitches so I could practice them. I am sure its something you can't tell in pictures though.

In other news the heat has broke. High 90s and no humidity. AND its cool enough my kitty wants to cuddle again. Makes for a very happy mommy.

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My machine didn't get back to me yesterday like promised. I am very grumpy about that actually. In fact it didn't come in until almost 3:30 today. *GRRRRRR* I will get to pick it up tomorrow but I am still grumpy. The one sort of good thing about it is I got to finish up the embroidery on the pillowcase. 2 years later but at last done, washed, and on my bed.

I finished this up after lunch and was bored so I decided to get to work on my next hand project. Surprisingly it only took me a few hours with a break to make dinner. Its going to be a bib when is all said and done. It has been an ongoing joke with our friend that she is a ninja, because when we first met her in Japan she always worked crazy long hours, getting off anywhere from 10pm to 3 am.  So we started joking she was a ninja/assassin and she would laugh about it. It was easy to find other 'reasons' that she was one so it just sort of stuck. Well she is pregant.... so this fit soooo well.

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Hubby did it again with the computer. I wish I had a clue what is wrong with it. Everytime... okay not everytime but when he downloads new things onto the computer it will freeze up and then we can't restart it. It keeps going through the start up screen but it doesn't actually start. My dad said its a problem with one of our drivers.... but that might as well been a foreign language. Its so frusterating to me. Luckily I had backed up my photos that day, but I am still very frusterated from having lost all the ones I did before that. And my re-arrange of the photos too. Not to mention my sites and links. *GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

In sewing news, I brought my machine in to be serviced. Just its yearly one. So I have been focusing on hand stuff and cutting out things. My main focus has been an embroidery pillow case. I did its partner almost two years ago now and this one has been on my to do list since then. I brought it with me to AZ for the car ride and have just continued to work on it. I have started the whole process for two more quilts. Gathering fabrics and will probably start cutting them out tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully soon I can start on actual costuming stuff.
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Today was just a bleh sort of day. Didn't get pretty much anything I wanted done. BOO
I did a motif or so of blackwork today.
Ordered the 18th century embroidery book I wanted to get for my future metal embroidery projects.....
and made wild berry pancakes, dinner and mint choco chip cookies...
Boring and sucky day.


Feb. 21st, 2010 04:23 pm
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I am entirely to depressed with my math homwork right now so I am going to post something that brings me some cheer. I finished the neck embroidery last night

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REALLY don't want to be doing my homework right now. Would love to be.... Sewing.
Last weekend I picked back up the Elegant Steampunk corset. http://www.llyra-fantasyfae.com/steampunk.htm
That's, that project's new name. It was my steampunk apron outfit. While I really do enjoy how the apron came out, I didn't think ahead to the fact that I would be wearing a corset with it and it sits horribly on me when I wear the corset. So I decided to scrap the apron part of it. I think it will make me happier in the end. I have also been embroidering away. I have probably one and a half hoopings left and I will be done with the neck part. Makes me very very happy!!!!
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Plans are changing... again. I mean really whats new, but anyway....
I decided that I LOVE the neck pattern about a bazillion times more then I like the cuff pattern so I am going to make two chemises. One low necked one, to use the cuff pattern I already did. I will continue my plans to make the high necked one but redo the cuffs to match the pattern that is on the neck. I will have to adjust the scale of the pattern, and it will take me more time to actually finish it. But I think I will enjoy it more in the end. I had a sudden panic attack when I thought I was doing my ususal behavior of making things up as I go. But I found proof in the 4th Janet Arnold patterns of fashion that they did use different patterns sometimes. The sleeves and neck didn't always match. Panic attack for nothing though. I decided a few days later I wanted them to match because I liked the other pattern sooooo much. Oh well. I could use two different type of chemises.  Just means more work for me and will post pone an actual finished product. Again... whats new :)

A few pics

Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:49 pm
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First the picture I promised of the sleeve cuff embroidery:

pic to show my mess ups. )

And the starting of the neck band. I just noticed I took the picture on its side. So left to right is actually up to down.

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Woot! I made my deadline. Not that I needed it done by today for any particular reason but I set one none the less. Two sleeve cuffs done! Pictures probably tomorrow. I am sleepy and not entirely sure where the camera is. So I will find it tomorrow and then pictures can commence.  I am excited to start the neck band... Though it is a bit harder of a pattern. Should be fun!
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I slacked a couple days over the weekend and didn't get any sewing in, so I am a little behind on my embroidery. I have 3 more flowers and 3 more leaf motifs and I will be done with the second cuff. Tomorrow will be one week again. I might be able to catch up...
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It's been one week since I started and I have finished one cuff and started on the next one. Progress WOOT!
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I just finished the embroidery on one of the pillow cases I have been working on, (pictures to come later), and I have NO desire to work on the second one. Its not CADD or sewing ADD its Sewing BLEH!  I know most of it is house blehs rubbing off on to everything but bleh non the less. I am washing the fabric for one of the Jedi costumes right now. I didn't feel like carrying two loads over to the laundry room so the other fabrics will be washed tomorrow.
I tried the muslins on my brothers this weekend.  My youngest brother's muslin worked wonderfully. The elder of the two though.... not so much. He is built, maybe not body builder.... but broad shoulders and big arms of a guy who works outdoors all day with a slight beer belly. So the back fits him wonderfully... and the front is to wide. THe shoulder creases fall exactly right in the back, just a little past his natural shoulder crease while the front  starts going down his arm. Not attractive at all.... I am not entirely sure how to correct that but plan to go through all my misc sewing books. Any advice from fellow sewers is COMPLETELY welcome.
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I got the embroidery samples from [profile] aviendioratoday. It may be hard to choose which one I am going to use. I am leaving the decision for the light of day because the lighting in my house plays tricks when you are looking at colors at night. They are soooo purty that my hubby told me they look like they were done by a professional. I couldn't help but laugh at that.  Tomorrow I will bring out all my pretties that are to go with that project and the other fabrics and oh and ah and finally make a decision. I am soooo excited.


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