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Sadly this year was not as good as last year for me.  There wasn't as many classes that I was interested in. That is of course not their fault. I volunteer ALOT! Over 13 hours :) I think it was time well spent. I got to interact with more people that way.   Of course at the same time it was a bad thing. I only got to wave at a few LJ friends on my way to my next volunteer spot. And my room mate whom I was hoping to get to hang out with and get to know irl vs just on LJ I saw for maybe a half hour.  Otherwise we were sleeping or out. BOO. I got to say a few more words to a few LJ friends on the fabric tour on Monday but choose to split off in search of wool. No one else seemed to be wanting wool or linen and I didn't want ot be a pest. I was lucky enough to find some so it wasn't a total fail.
I got absolutely no pictures. :(
But I do have a few to share. Friday I wore my Steampunk Lolita costume. I got the most compliments on my watch holder so I figured I would put a pic up of it.
I think I like the fiddly bits of costuming best. The embroidery and jewlery making parts...
And now pictures of my scores from the LA fabric district.
Top middle is a blue/green and pink silk shot (close up pic on the right) I plan on making this into a stomacher. The threads on top of it are for embroidery. The red silk to the Left is for a Victorian riding habit. I have a black Thai silk to use with it also. The little packets on top of it are gold threads for metal embroidery I want to use on it. The cream in the middle is the wool I found. That will probably be one of the first projects I get to. I WILL finish the Italian version of the Autumn Dress this year!!!! And lastly is the cherry fabric. I plan on some summer pjs with those. I have lots of winter ones I make with the Black Friday sale Flannel. But I want some cute light weight ones.
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I went down or I guess it would be up, to the LA fabric district today. Its only the second time I have been there to shop for fabric, and I still find the place slightly overwhelming. Last time it was an overly pushy salesperson and this time it was a man wanting change and giving me a rose and... I am still not sure exactly all that happened/was said but it made me very uncomfortable. I was successful in finding fabrics though. Two for my souper sekrit project and two BEAUTIFUL shot silk taffetas for a Renaissance corset. I have decided I want a pair of Dorothea like stays to wear under the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress and I want them super purrrrrrty! I would take a picture but I am sure it won't come out on my camera and it being a shot I think only in person will it truely be appreciated. I was able to get a steal on one of the secret projects fabrics. I still felt a wee bit guilty because lets face it I am poor, BUTat a $7 discount it really is a great deal. Hubby isn't mad so I am feeling less guilty now. :)
Of course as soon as I got home Kit sensed the fabric and had to crawl in the bag before I had even finished putting everything down. Strange fabric whore of a cat. Fortunatly the one that his white fur would really cling to and show up on was in its own bag tied up so he wasn't in direct contact to it.
In other news I really hate the new medicine the doc put me on. Since I started it I have just been light headed and slightly headachy. While out today I was feeling that way and it just got worse so that by the time we were driving home I would almost sware I had a migrane. I completely crashed out when I got home. I woke up about 3 and half hours later and the headache was still full fledged. Hubby forced me to take some excedrin, which I was weary of taking because I don't know how it would react with the meds. I think it helped because headache is now a dull roar. I hate this new med!
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 5700 Yen later and I have Leifang costume fabric. Its not the bright red I wanted... In fact its pretty much a burgandy/maroon color now. This disappoints me but I couldn't do the 2816 Yen a yard. I would still run into the problem of it being to narrow so it would end up having seams where I don't want them anyway. Because I got the new fabric the lining I had wouldn't work, being a bright red and all, so I had to buy that fabric too. I also got the pants material... so a little under $57.00 for 7 yards of fabric total isn't to awful bad... and when you compare it to the fact that It would of been close to $90 for 3 yards of fabric... I think I did okay.
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Finals are done. Finals are done. Finals are done. YEA! I think I did decent. Will see next week with grades come out. Plan for the two weeks off is clean my house spring cleaning like and then sew sew sew.  I already cut out the toddler's chemise. I am working off a dress her mom gave me not measurements so this should prove to be interesting.  A challenge! I like!
I am in a beyond hyper mood and it's all Avien's fault!  She sent me little fabric swatches and they were all so purty. Two would work nicely for my steampunk outfit. One of the two would work PERFECTLY for the walking dress I have in the plans. So I have visions of pretties running through my head.  Unfortunatly she doesn't have the massive amounts required for the dress. But it has renewed my interests in that costume and all the pretty dress costumes. Hopefully I can find one the same or similiar.
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 I have been out due to a combination of a migranes and school work. Yesterday was a half way decent day. I got the fabric I ordered. A friend and I had been talking about shot silks for corsets so I had decided to do an ebay search. I didn't find anything in the color I was talking to her about but I found another frosty blue and white shot duponi that would be perfect for a future costume. So I snagged it up. 4 yards for $20.00 after shipping. I thought it was a good deal. In person it is slubbier then I remember duponi being but still beautiful and it will work perfectly for that costume. Now to find a nice white silk to go with it. AND it actually be silk and not poly or acrylic or some other equally bad fabric... Then again... this one does not have to be historically accurate and I never intend to wear it outdoors where I might overheat....  Does anyone  (of my costume making friends) end up 'cheating' on the synthetic values of their fabric when it is a fantasy based costume?
In other news.....
I started on Chris' top yesterday also. I got as far as drafting the pattern drawing and cutting it out and sewing the shoulder seams together. Then I pondered for about half an hour how to place the ties in with french seams. I may be nukeing the problem but it took me forever to figure out where they would be and how they would face. Hopefully I will finish the white part of the top today and I can start on the blue over tunic top part. They both should go together quite easily and besides the distressing parts I should finish it up this weekend.  I probably just jinxed myself though. I have a paper to write and an outline due for one class on Monday, And in the other class I have an Excel project to turn in. We shall see....
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[personal profile] koshka_the_cat just announced the end of the auction. YAY! I feel like a little bandit. Fabric is not cheap in any way here.  I get so jealous of people who say they found such and such great deal where they get wool or linen or velvet or whatever for a few bucks. But I think I got a good deal. I can't wait to get it in the mail. I am still waiting for some Raw silk I won off of ebay. It's been 11 days and I am growing impatient.... but I have to remember I am overseas and it sometimes takes longer to get stuff. *le sigh*
I am also joining in on the quiz I keep seeing. I think it is great so yes I will be a sheep too.


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