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Just shy of $100 later I think I have everything I need for my 1910s undies. Well some of that is extra lawn for a 18c skirt to go with a riding habit.... so.... say $60... a little ouchie but I got my back pay and pay raise so I can splurge!
Now to stalk the mailman till he brings me my stuff. I should have 3 boxes coming my way.

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Dang you guys! You all are such enablers!!! But Thank you for pointing it out also. I missed the last big wool sale. I think I did okay even with my, "not suppose to buy new fabric" ban. 
I got 5 yards of this. For my Victorian/Edwardian bathing suit. Which was on my list of to do this year so I don't feel guilty about that at all.
I do feel guilty about 3 yards each of this and this... but if they are half a pretty as I think they will be it will be worth it. I just wish I knew fabrics better so I could know if what I have them tentatively planned for will even work. I also hoped I ordered enough. That would suck! Find out its gorgeous and will work but I don't have enough. 
But man isn't that Turquoise simply to die for!
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I am bad. I blame it on my LJ friends though. I bought wool because it was on sale. I have been wanting to make a flemish gown for some time now. Last year [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora  made one and that only intensified my desire to make one. So I bought the fabric for it. It is sorta silly for me to do that because it will be years probably before I get to it, but hey I will have the fabric for it. Honestly I was hoping to find some cream/white wool for the Autumn dress kirtle. No such luck. I also got some dark chocolate wool for my Lolita Steampunk outfit. I have changed the design slightly and I think the fabric will be perfect for it. Of course I won't know until I can see/feel it.
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I am soooo frusterated! My local Jo-Anns and the online version does not have my fabric! Well to give it justice the online one has two of 7. *GRRRR* so I was curious if anyone on my friends list would like to keep an eye out for it while/if they are shopping at Jo-Anns. They are from the Imperial garden selection. I will pay for fabric and shipping and if needed I can post pics of all the fabrics. Any help is appreciated so I can get a new quilt on my bed!!!!
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Spent way more then I should have but it made me very happy none the less. Went to Kohls first. We got a bunch of stuff we really didn't need but I was also able to knock out alot of gifts for others while we just stood around in-line. The check out line was the worst part. Time I was done with Kohl's I went right next door to Jo-Anns. I got all the fabrics I need for Christmas presents PLUS a few cute flannels for pjs. I didn't go crazy with that knowing I still have cut out pieces that need to be done up still from last year. But a pink cami with skulls just couldn't be resisted. And its pink!?!?!?! With coupons and the sales I saved $255. That is just made of awsome! If the site ever goes back up I am hoping to make a few more purchaces. The asian Legacy quilting fabrics were not in stock at this jo-anns. I am hoping it is still online.


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