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I finished the horse hair braid trim on the circle skirt. Another first for me! I think my only gripe is I don't think I like the top stitching that I used. Probably should of used a interlining and tacked it to that. I have a lining but I want it to be free flowing on its own. I guess its knowledge for next time.
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My first time doing applique, using both fusible web and stablizer. I knew of stablizer from using a friend's machine. But it was taking it off after the embroidery was done, not from the start. Have to say this is different but fun.
Should get back to some lucent cording.

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and showing off the awsome pics my new camera takes!
The first one was me just starting on the first day. The second is day two. Are my mistakes in the second one as completely obvious as they are to me? I asked both my brothers and my hubby and they couldn't see them but they aren't exactly.... educated in looking at blackwork.... I keep thinking its on my wrists and probably won't be seen... or at least not closely inspected. Unless its really that bad. In which case PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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That was a first for me....
I have nicked myself, but never gone through my finger before. Not sure I like my machine sewing flesh.


Jun. 12th, 2008 10:03 am
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Just a quick progress picture of the Leifang top. I have also started a dress diary on my webpage though there is not much info on it. A picture of the fabric, the picture I am including here and a picture of the buttons. My first try at fabric covered buttons!

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Past couple days has been alot of first for me. They may not seem very big but they were to me. I dyed my first piece of fabric. :) I think it came out quite nice. It may not me as dark and solid as if I had bought it at the store but for this project that is perfect! I mean come on I am going to be burning this fabric to give it character and an aged apperance. I think a little faded dye is just going to add to that.
I also put in my first zipper yesterday.  All sorts of ewwwwws and ahhhhhhhs. I am pretty dang happy with how that came out. It was one of the first times I couldn't find a hundred things wrong with whatever it was that I was working on. 
In other sewing news I am about 75% done with the Autumn dress'es chemise. I am using a french seam on it so it is taking a bit longer then I had expected it too. Another thing I am really liking right now. The guessets add alot to the overall look. I am still in debate on whether or not to add blackwork to the cuffs. I am leaning towards no and going back and adding it later if I have time. I need to start on the gown already  dangit!
Okay back to trying to conquer my insomnia.


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