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My meds came in the mail today. I feel so much better than I did Saturday but I am ready to start feeling "normal" again.  Its my late week at work. BOOO! I am hoping to still get something done, along with clean my house. But for now I think I am going to eat a cupcake, drink my hot chocolate, and then head to bed. Its already past midnight after all.
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I have been sewing away since I got my machine back. All baby stuff though. Two bibs and right now  I am working on a changing mat. I am sure my costuming friends are sick of all the baby stuff so no pics of these.
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Sooo.....Thursday night I did something to my hand, by something I mean I have NO clue what exactly I did. I might have slept on it wrong.... I have no clue. Anyway, woke up Friday morning and it felt like the pinkie side of my hand was asleep and I had absolutely no motor control in my pinkie or ring finger and to some extent all my fingers. I could grasp things correctly, I couldn't type, I couldn't even buckle my pants!
As of now my pinkie still feels a little off and the ring finger and pinkie are still fighting me to do certain things that should come easy, like say... typing or embroidery. My guess is I messed up the tendon in my hand.  My pinkie and ring finger are doing an odd curling thing and when I use them I can see the tendon (or ligament) pulling in oddly at my palm. It does not do this on the other hand so its not a normal thing. It is getting better but at the same time the last few days have been stressful.  I use my hands in a lot of small very precise movements. It would be terrifing to lose that....

In other less depressing news. I made up my sewing list for the new year! Its hanging proudly on my sewing corkboard. I am really hoping for good things this year on finishing things! I also plan on challenging myself. Not only on finishing things but on trying to do those things I don't think I am ready for.  Will see how well it works out....
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Or at least it gives me a sense of control and I don't get as panicy. Right now I am completely overwhelmed so lists it is. If you see this its because you are on my friend list. If you like... Just go ahead and read the next post on your friends list.

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ETA: Checking things off and added a few under Job stuff.
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I have been madly sewing bias trim on a dress I am going to wear to my cousin's wedding this weekend. It is inspired by a pattern cover I found from the 1950s. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Chris was willing to help me after I broke down crying on him. Basicially the whole having nothing to wear that will make me feel pretty because I am to fat. Along with us not having the money to even try to find something else that would work, combined with my frustration with not being able to figure out the pattern myself... So he helped me fix the problem with the back of my mock up and I finally admitted defeat with trying to get a perfectly smooth front. Its only on the front panel (out of 6 mind you,) that I am having problems with wrinkling and it wanting to ride up. I am sure it has something to do with bias but I am not experianced enough nor did I have enough time to figure it out. A few tugs now and again and the problem is solved enough. I just know if I do this pattern again I will want to have it fixed.
On a Happy note I was able to squeeze the pattern onto a piece of Thai silk I have in my stash, that I found while we were in Japan. YUMMMM!!!!! Its a lovely blue/black shot silk. I am trimming it in a dark blue silk that is crazy slippery. I have until Friday to finish it which I hope is doable. I have alot of homework to get done also. Right now I have two chapters to read and 2 short essays for Gerontology, 4 expirments and a short essay in Biology, along with my Math midterm left, and I need to get started on my Gerontology Research paper...
Yea... Slightly anxiety attacky.... Thankfully hubby has been good... He was able to talk me out of having one yesterday. I am feeling okay today though it is creeping back. So I should get back to something productive. Pictures hopefully will follow this weekend. Though I will have to snag them from someone else. Our Camera broke. :(


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