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And a few photos that she didn't use, or I didn't send her because I am just being goofy.



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I'm not going to post pictures just yet because there will be alot of them real soon. But getting a bunch of small projects and accessories done for the IRCC. I have pretty hair things. One of the things I LOVE about Italian Ren. They showed their hair off more than Elisabetheans do and it was with PURTY hair thingies. I also made a set of earrings and a girdle. I am working on the sleeves for the kirtle right now. I went over TONS AND TONS of pictures. I can't find any evidence of bling (yep official word for it,) on Italian sleeves. It sort of makes me sad. They are all so plain. This dress needs TONS more bling. It makes me yawn right now. *sigh* Though I did find a picture to help support it on the over gown. Will probably happen after the challenge is over.
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I know I have said this before BUT my dad is completely made of win! ( So much so that he is getting his own tag!!!) He uses tools and power tools to help me with costumes so I can feel like a pretty pretty princess.
height= 350
50 points to whoever can tell me what he's helping me make. And don't cheat and look at the tags! More pics to come!
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 I worked on the sleeves and wings all day yesterday. I didn't think the sleeves had that much trim but 12 yards or so is gone... I guess I will have to get more to trim the actual gown. Hoping the marketplace at Costume College will yield something nice.
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 The main one I am sure is just my insecurities. I didn't get anything done so all I as wearing was my steampunk and kirtle. Everyone else was in their 'pretty pretty princess' dresses. So I kept catching people pointing and laughing, not that i have EVER had that happen there before, but in my dream it was just like one of the worst high school movies you can think of. Nobody would talk to me, and none of the classes were interesting to me so I spent a lot of time alone in the room. Ugh! that is so disheartening. Maybe working on my loose gown will make me feel better... hopefully.
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 My pattern for the loose gown is ready to go. Mock up went well. Hopefully it transfers over to the velvet as easily. Famous last words I am sure. Sew-a-thon starts anew in the morning.
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 Instead of starting early with sewing, I slept in, then took a shower and set my hair in curlers. I am determined to take the next step with my costuming and start working on hair and make-up. For some reason or another the only way to get good at such things is practice. :) So I decided I would start practicing. I won't be able to do to much during the week because I have to keep my hair up and business casual at work, but maybe I can work on a few of the up-dos.
Anyway I should get to sewing. I finished up all the eyelets on one side back opening. All hand done. WOOT!
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Since my computer crash I am having trouble finding my links. For my IRCC dress I wanted to get a new pair of stockings. I have not had a real pair yet, using white tights with my Renaissance stuff, and I would like to move up. So my question is:  Where do you all buy yours? Thanks in advnace!
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 Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mandie_rw  [livejournal.com profile] eleonoraproject  and [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora for their responses. Because of them I didn't lose everything and throw it away. I did cry though. So very frustrating. Thinking I am working on something that is of this challenges quality and to pull such a stupid move. I put a bit of fray check on it and forced myself to continue work on the armhole and then moved on to the eyelets, all the while glaring at this hole. Just in case anyone didn't know. Glaring at it won't fix it... it just continues to mock you.
Finally I forced myself to try and fix it. I had already weighed all the options of adding more trim to hide it. The placement just royaly sucked for any hiding. So I decided to attempt to  whip stitch it closed. Itty bitty stitches that weren't so close they just caused the next string row to come undone. I did a good job... It just looks like a slub in the fabric. To bad there are no other slubs in this fabric. *growl* Hubby says he can't even see it... I am calling the bs card on him....
I am trying to convince myself its okay because it in the side back, which is one of the best places for it to have happened on the bodice... and I will be wearing an over gown that even if I wear it open will still cover it....  But I still feel like a failure of sorts. :( I wish I had time to redo it. But I know how much I still have to do and I want this to be my gala gown for Costume College, so at this point in time I just don't. okay... enough woe is me. I did finish something else before I started working on my costume.


Jun. 26th, 2011 06:46 pm
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I decided the armhole not matching up was not good enough for this challenge so I went to fix it, and did this.
I cut through the wool, outside fashion, layer. I don't know what to do to fix, or hide it. I don't have time to start over either. Please help lj hive mind. I am so upset oat give up sewing forever... ok maybe not but it will affect any motivation to finish costume college sewing.

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Jun. 22nd, 2011 08:24 pm
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that I don't have to give up my crafter's/sewer title just yet. I have made progress however slow it has been.
First up: a leperchaun for my sister in law. She was joking with my husband and told him thats what she wanted for her birthday. Bet she didn't think she would actually get one.

And the rest of her present. We made the stuffed animal at Build A Bear.   The little pillow has the leprechaun on the back and the pictures is her actual dog.

And onto costume sewing. My kirtle. The bottom band still needs to be tacked down on the bottom. I had plans of many stripes of different color and widths... now not so sure.... It will have at least one more, but that's the only thing for sure.
And lastly the drawers. I know pretty boring but they did take me a little time. I was futzing with the gussets for a bit. Eventually these will have embroidery along the front opening and on the leg bands.... eventually.
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 Though not a huge accomplishment, I did get my hem marked and cut. I didn't get much further because I suddenly hate the idea I had for trimming the bottom and will be changing it.
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 I have finally caught up on lj posts. I guess my blogger should be next. Kirtle is still not hemmed. I ended up going to a Convention with my parents yesterday and then a HUGE out door mall. Today is Father's day and I will be heading over to their house again... so not sure how far I will get today either. Dangit!!!!!!!!!!!! I did get a little more blankwork done though. I will probably bring that over and work on it, if nothing else.
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I am sooooo behind on all thing internet. I am over 200 posts behind on LJ. No clue on my blog... good thing I get updates on my phone for my email or who knows how behind on that I would be. I am determined to catch up this weekend. So if you get a comment from days ago... That's why. I am also determined to get my kirtle hemmed and trim applied this weekend. I WILL DO IT DANG IT!!!!!
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 Getting use to working again has been a little exhausting. Maybe the first paycheck will help things. :) I am official now. I completed the training and got my badge. I am horribly horribly naive about the world. I learned ALOT in the training.
In only slightly more interesting news, I have gotten a bit of sewing done.  I thought I had the drawers for the IRCC done up to the hand sewing and embroidery, but when I tried them on for kicks and giggles the legs where doing an odd twisting thing. I am not sure exactly what I can do to change it but I am going to try making the gussets bigger. I think that will fix the problem. 
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 The kirtle is put together at last!!!! I think I had to be doing something wrong in my method. It took me 11 hours of solid work. A needle broke. My thumb and forefinger are sore and feel like they may have blisters under them and my pinkie is raw from the thread.... AND I did use a thimble! I mean I know how to do a whip stich... but maybe it was to condensed... And these are the details that dress diaries usually leave out because they seem to mundane so I will never know if I did it 'right'.  BUT it is attached! It is hanging now in case skirts want to stretch. Then onto eyelets, *my poooooor fingers* hem and skirt trim. 
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 I finished sewing the trim on last night. My wrist is shot now but its done! Next up is adding the skirts to the kirtle. Today I might just take a break from it though. We'll see how the blahs and wrist feel later. Now onto the pics!

Nit picking at it I have two problems. I think the front dip might be a little to long... I will have to see if it grows on me or looks differently with the skirts on. And it looks a bit plain to me. But I am use to Elizabethans with all their bling. In the second front picture you can see how far I have gotten with the blackwork. Even though most of that will be covered up with the partlet I like it!
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 Kirtle is working out, I think... I have what I have seen called a rampart problem with the top front. It is fixed if I make sure 'the girls' are lifted. Not sure if that is suppose to be a fix for this problem or not... but it does. Again I think this is a 'problem' I should address in later costumes. For this one I will carry on. I did another adjust and fix on the straps. I will work on connecting those while I am at my hubby's dad's house. Then trim and hopefully soon the skirt. After all the pretties I've been seeing in pics of Costume Con this seems soooooooooo dull now. I want pretty silks and taffeta and 18 c and.... yea....
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 I think if I don't get more than three hours of sleep in one go sometime soon I may just lose my mind.
In other news.... Kirtle )
JOb interview... )
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 I think part of it is I am not sleeping right.... But the Kirtle is ticking me off. It fit so perfectly in the mock up. Now... not as well. I had the same problem with my Ren garb bodice. Weird gapage at the point where the straps meet the bodice top. I think I am going to put it aside for now and come back to it a bit later when I can think straight. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*


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