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Hi all!
I am back in Japan. Okay I have been back for a couple days but it took me those couple days to get everything unpacked and put away. Catch up on the whirlwind that is my life right now and update my website/dress diaries.
Costume Con was cool. Not exactly what I was expecting but I think I was more geared towards a bigger Con. I also think some of my problem is I am a social reject really shy. If I could get over that I am sure things would be a tad more fun. An example is

[personal profile] koshka_the_cat came up to the group I was standing with and had said something about recognizing my name from LJ. All I could do is nod and mumble something like "yea"........ So if anyone came up to me and I seemed stuck up and didn't want to talk to you... that is really not it, I sware!
I very much enjoyed EVERYONE else's costumes which I know I wouldn't have seen at the bigger Cons. Mostly because there is no reason for a historical costume there. And that was by far some of my favorite parts!!!!! I have decided I really need to enter a masqurade. Not sure for what but that is where the fun seemed to be.
I was very pleased with how the Japanese Regency came out. Much Much Much thanks to [profile] aviendiora . She helped me so much with getting it done. I was a bit upset that hers was not able to get finished also, especially after all the help she had given me. She insists that it was okay because she had lots of other costumes to wear. I think I still owe her.  My steampunk still needs ALOT of work but it was fun to get to wear it out for awhile. I need to completely redo the corset. The instructions I used were not the best. At least not for the fabric I used. I want to redo the chemise also. Not enough poof at the chest. I have also decided there must be a bolero with this outfit. The picture was taken at the end of the day when the wool of the apron had begun to irritate me and I had taken off the cute Lolita hat so the people behind me in the masqurade would still be able to see.

I also wore my Regency gown but it seems no pictures were taken of that one.

In other news, my husband has been fighting with his chain of command while I was gone. He final got fed up and jumped them to talk to his detailer himself. Its a good thing he did. We will be going to San Diego after all!!!!!!!!!! It won't be for him to go to school which is what we wanted but we will be in San Diego and not out on our butts with no jobs. This makes me very very happy because it gives us time to get ourselves set up with housing, jobs, school before we are thrown out of the military system completely.
And of course greedy me is already thinking Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which we will be going to. We just need to figure out hotel/accomadations stuff.




Up late

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:39 am
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And it still seems like I barely got anything done. Yesterday I sewed all the pieces to each layer together, ironed all the seams open (yes I actually did this step for a change!) pinned all the gussets and started basting them in.  I still need to finish basting, then I can sew in the gussets and sew the layers together and add needed boning channels. At least another full days work. *sigh* 5 days and counting until I get on the airplane.
Because I work better with lists I am resorting back to that.
The list )


Baby steps

Apr. 12th, 2008 10:18 am
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I am making progress on the costumes though it really seems like nothing with the deadline looming overhead. I am going to be still working on them when I get to Avien's house. Probably even ont he drive up to Costume Con.
I ripped out the panel that tore on the Steampunk corset. That was such a pain in the butt!
I cut out all the pieces for the Regency corset, sewed the interlining pieces, and pinned the cover fabric pieces.  And that was it for yesterday. Well I did have to buy the lining fabric which slowed me down a little... But that is barely an excuse.
This weekend is all about sewing.  I have banned myself from all internet except for email and LJ. Hopefully that helps some. I still have to get to the gym. *boooo* So that is where I am off to so I can get back and sew already.
Still no news on my husbands extention.
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Happy birthday to me, happy happy birthday to me. 
Can you believe my husband forgot to tell me happy birthday. Yea..... as far as birthdays go this one was not that great. I did get ice cream cake and one of my friends here  got me a necklace that says friendship in Japanese. She pretty much saved my birthday. Then my parents called me at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That secretly brought a smile to my face even though I was tired. As my parents said it may not have been my birthday in Japan anymore but it was still in the states. They are leaving on a cruise today to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  GO THEM!!!! 
I finished my steampunk corset a couple days ago. For the life of me I cannot find my camera though. As soon as I do my webpage will be updated. My plan is to spend today working on the chemise/shirt to go with it. I am completely drafting this on my own so if it sucks I buy more fabric and bring it with me to work on at Avien's.  I have a little over two more weeks *CHEER* The Autumn dress has been put aside. My goal with that one now is by this Ren faire season. I am going to bring my Regency instead. I figure its not to bad of an idea even though the costume is considered old now. It has never been worn in the states so its still new. :) I will start on my Japanese Regency corset this week. Probably after I finish up this chemise/shirt.
I think that is my update for now. Its been forever I know:)


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