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I didn't get a ton of sewing done today. I choose to clean instead. My sewing table is  actually in a clean state! Tomorrow I will be doing my sewing room.
I did cut out new sleeves for my brother's Jedi costume. Before they were not wide enough to fit the sleeve head. When I altered my mock up I forgot to adjust the sleeves also.
Something I haven't mentioned on here is I have been helping a friend of mine to sew. Sort of teaching her but I would just say assisting her. So far we have made a skirt, and now we are working on a dog bed. She came over for a couple hours today and we have one cushion side done now. All of these have been without patterns so its testing my drafting skills, along with the ability to know when to sew which parts and which way for seams and what not that the pattern directions usually tell you. When I do my own things this isn't as hard because I don't have to explain it to anyone else AND I don't mind having to tear something out and redoing it. A little harder when you are assisting someone. ANYWAYS picture of the skirt. Its a school girl pleated skirt. I thought the fabric she choose was cute and unique.
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I just finished the embroidery on one of the pillow cases I have been working on, (pictures to come later), and I have NO desire to work on the second one. Its not CADD or sewing ADD its Sewing BLEH!  I know most of it is house blehs rubbing off on to everything but bleh non the less. I am washing the fabric for one of the Jedi costumes right now. I didn't feel like carrying two loads over to the laundry room so the other fabrics will be washed tomorrow.
I tried the muslins on my brothers this weekend.  My youngest brother's muslin worked wonderfully. The elder of the two though.... not so much. He is built, maybe not body builder.... but broad shoulders and big arms of a guy who works outdoors all day with a slight beer belly. So the back fits him wonderfully... and the front is to wide. THe shoulder creases fall exactly right in the back, just a little past his natural shoulder crease while the front  starts going down his arm. Not attractive at all.... I am not entirely sure how to correct that but plan to go through all my misc sewing books. Any advice from fellow sewers is COMPLETELY welcome.
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The tunic muslins have been cut out, but I just didn't have the ambition to sew them together tonight. I need to get up early tomorrow to drive out into the desert so I figured a shower and bed would be the better choice. If need be I can baste them together for the fitting this weekend.
In other news we signed some papers with the house and got all other needed paperwork together for our package to go to the powers that be. If nothing comes up we should only have to sign the final papers at closing and we are done.... but I am sure something will come up. It always does.
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I don't think my brother's were aware how obsessive I can be on getting things as accurate as I am capable when they asked me to make these Jedi costumes. Of course I want to use yummy natural fibers in the costume and I want to make light sabers and the belts and... and... yea... I get crazy even when they are not my own. I went fabric shopping today. I was able to find fabric for both. I still need to find something to work for the regular Jedi's pants, the Sith's tabard. and both of their robes. I was very lucky to find two pieces one in black and one in a brown and cream that were in the fall suiting section of Jo-Anns. I know they have some poly in them but they don't feel all nasty synthetic to me. I LOVE both of them. The Jedi one for it's color and the black one for the texture it will give the costume. I was also able to find a Yummy homespun looking cotton for the Jedi under tunic. For the Sith's under tunic and pants I just picked up some Quilter's cotton. I wish I had the money to use linen but alas I do not. Another fabric I found that I would of LOVED to use was a NICE wool. And for me to say a nice wool it had to be nice and soft because I still have nightmares about wool blankets from Bootcamp. It was $25 a yard. :( With each robe needing to be nice and full I see needing a MINIMUM of 5 yards probably closer to 8.... yea... can't afford that. Even if it was on sale for 30% off. Maybe if I was just making one but not two.... But they would of been super yummy and pretty accurate from what I have read. I might have fabric in stash that could work for their cloaks. I got 17 yards of a Linen/wool blend awhile back. Right now it is a Mint green color though... SO I have to see how it will take a dye to see if it will really work.  I think I might start the muslins for the tunic tomorrow so I can take them down this weekend to have them try them on.
Sketch below of what Iam trying to do. Pretty generic Jedi costumes. One in black for Sithness.

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have any of you done StarWars costumes? Well I know [livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo  has, yummy rainbow dress, but I am looking to do Jedi costumes. My brothers asked me if could make them costumes for Halloween. I agreed but I want to do them right. You know get crazy about little details. Any suggestion for sites, patterns, ideas, or just random knowledge?


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