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I finally updated my wepage The Leifang costume page is finally done and has pictures of the final costume up!!
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Here is my attempt at summing up everything from the past few weeks.

Lets see... we have been staying between my parents house and Chris'.  Unfortunatly for me more at his house. This irritates me immensely.  I am seeing more and more the cultural difference and differences in the way we were raised. This was of course never a problem while we lived in Japan. Now that we are closer though.... Problems galore. I am hoping when we finally get settled in San Diego these will go away... I have a feeling they won't though. Which really really irriates me. Enough with that though because that is a rant in and of itself.
We found an apartment. It is in the same complex as good friends, which is a bonus.  We decided on it mostly because of location, because they take pets, and the niceness of the complex. Like I said friends living there is a big bonus though.
Last weekend was comic con. I think next year I am ditching my hubby.... maybe not. Like I mentioned earlier his family issues has been causing alot of problems and he may not be such a grouchy burden next time. Besides him and attempting to keep him happy I had fun. My costume was more then simple. A Dr. Horrible groupie. :)  If you haven't seen this web based show try and find it. VERY VERY funny. I was able to meet up with Avien and Ryhnn and bum around with them. Avien wore her Dr. Who costume. I love LOVE love her coat. There were about 4 panels I really really enjoyed. I LOVED the masquerade. Some of the people seated around us were kind of brutal to what was on screen... and I must admit there were a few that I was embarrassed for them. But there were also alot that were really good. My favorites were 

[profile] jainamsolo 's group, the little girl in the star wars plane, and the nintendo character/muscial group.
Sunday I dressed up in my Lei fang costume. Whenever I find my camera cable I will put up pics. I liked how the costume came out. Wig was kind of sucky... okay no... my skills in putting on a wig and securing it are sucky. The shoes I wore were pure evilness. I had raw ankles just from the walk from the parking garage to the building. Which is not a far walk... maybe a block. Evilness I tell you! I was also happy to be able to see [profile] redheads_anon , a little sad it was brief but happy non the less.
The weekend before the con Avien and Rhynn let me crash at their place. They are the absolute best! Not only was I able to get away from in laws but I was able to complete my costume. Avien was a great help with the completion of said costume. Within the first hour I was pissed off with my pants and ready to throw them away.  A few helpful tweaks later and I was back to completing them. So I plugged away on trim and ties while Avien plugged away on her coat.  I think I enjoyed myself the most that weekend out of the whole time I have been in the states. (THANKS AVIEN AND RHYNN!!!!)
[Bad username or unknown identity: And now I am back at my parents house. I need to watch the animals while they are in Vegas. It my dad's b-day. Happy happy birthday to him!   ]
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Hi All,
I live.... and I have been making progress. Though very slowly indeed. But I have a good excuse! The movers come next week and I have been running around getting ready for that.
I finished the Leifang top!
I added all the trim and piping. I put the buttons on at first but after they were on I decided I really didn't care for the look. I felt the closures need a little more and they needed to be white like the trim. I feel the Chinese knot closures look a lot better. There was nothing wrong with the buttons they just didn't have the oomph I was looking for. The closures look extremely crooked in the picture but its not as bad on me. I should start on the mock up for the pants next week but with the movers coming I am not sure how much I will be able to get done.

And because I have lost all sense I have decided trying to get one project done before movers come is not enough. I have also been working away on two cross stitches. One is a baby bib for my Aunt. I don't have a picture of that one because it is at my friends house. The other is a cross stitch for said friend.  I took the picture without a flash becuase the flash drowned out some of the lighter colors.
To let all my LJ friends know next Wesnesday (Tuesday for those in the states) I will lose my computer and Friday the internet. From then until the end of August-Early Septermber I will not have steady access to the internet. So I will be checking here... because lets face it I am addicted, but may not have time to reply and enjoy myself. :( So please be patient and give time for replies!



Jun. 12th, 2008 10:03 am
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Just a quick progress picture of the Leifang top. I have also started a dress diary on my webpage though there is not much info on it. A picture of the fabric, the picture I am including here and a picture of the buttons. My first try at fabric covered buttons!

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 5700 Yen later and I have Leifang costume fabric. Its not the bright red I wanted... In fact its pretty much a burgandy/maroon color now. This disappoints me but I couldn't do the 2816 Yen a yard. I would still run into the problem of it being to narrow so it would end up having seams where I don't want them anyway. Because I got the new fabric the lining I had wouldn't work, being a bright red and all, so I had to buy that fabric too. I also got the pants material... so a little under $57.00 for 7 yards of fabric total isn't to awful bad... and when you compare it to the fact that It would of been close to $90 for 3 yards of fabric... I think I did okay.
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 Can someone tell me please why it is I continue to drag myself to the gym? Everyone keeps telling me if I go long enough I will want to go. I will crave it. I say BLEH to them. All Big Fat LIARS.
I finally finished up my Leifang muslin, only to find out when I placed it on the fashion fabric that the fabic I had in my stash was too narrow. Its 36" or something along those lines. My muslin extends at the bottom but about an inch, BOOOO!!! I was really hoping for all stash this costume. While the fabric store here has wonderful woven brocades they are all silk and reflect the price. My friend had gotten me this piece for Christmas, so I was excited to use it. I know for her it was only $10.00 a yard, because she gotten it on discount. Most in that store run $20-$35.00  a yard. I need 2.5yrds..... I can't afford that. I still need a wig..... yea this project was suppose to be cheap with the biggest buy being the wig.... I am hoping to go and find a nice discount piece but  that may not happen.... *le sigh*


Jun. 1st, 2008 01:56 am
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First muslin down.... 2 a.m...... I think messing with darts can wait for tomorrow. They should be fairly easy to move and adjust. The only thing that is giving me trouble/making me think is the gapping at the back of the neck. If it was a kimono it would be perfect but alas it is not.... I am hoping after some sleep it just comes to me on how to fix it because right now it just makes my head hurt.


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