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If there is any confusion on why all my 18 century undies are pink and white this would be why.

He is my only companion for 8 or so hours at night so he was bound to be my muse. Well... That and he is such a pretty boy.

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So little man has told me reed boning is the best thing since sliced bread. I thought it was a hoot to see his eyes go big when I pulled it out to start using it. And as soon as I let him touch it he just started to purr. Since all he is doing is swatting at it, rubbing his cheeks on it and laying on it I decided there's no harm in letting him play with it as I work, and it makes my purr monster happy.

2 section down, 7 to go.

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I swear this boy knows his fabric. As I cut out the cotton lining he just watched. Pull out the silk taffeta for the outer layer and he had to help.

I love his furry butt.

little Man

Apr. 5th, 2013 12:27 am
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Amuses me greatly. We bought new bed linens and for the first time we have a real comforter. Little man loves it. He jumps up on it and runs around like a mad cat. Plops down stretches out and just purrs his little head off. If we're in the bed he explores all the folds and crevices like he's exploring caves. Finds a good spot plops down and again the purrs erupt. Had to share because it makes me so very happy.

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My vicious killer. Those multi colored pastel  birds better beware.

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So whats harder than making a petticoat out of tulle?
Making one with a little helper. Who really really wants to help.

Or how about when he gets tired of helping... 

...and just wants to cuddle.
But hey its done! and it gives my skirt volume that just makes me want to swish around. :)
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Saturday I got crazy sick and today was the first day I was really able to get much done. I made myself a new pair of PJ bottoms. I wanted to make the top to go with them but a nap won out. I guess my body is 100% yet.

They are nice and big and sooooo soft! Added plus is they have kitties even if the majority of them are pink.... I made them to take with me to Vegas tomorrow. My uncle will be flying in so going up for a night to visit.
My blackwork is really moving along. I have pics but for some reason my photobucket on here is saying service is temp. out of order. Anyone elses say that? I am positive I will have it done by the end of the week. I wanted to have it finished and made into a chemise by the 16th of October for the local Ren faire but seems I will be out of town that weekend. Cousin's baby shower. BOOO!!!! I may keep the goal just to have one.

Little man caught his very first lizard today. He was such a proud little hunter. Strutting his stuff and making sure I knew what he did. Thing is that cat is as domesticated as it comes. He didn't kill it. Don't think he really maimed it either. I think it was just playing dead for him. He promptly dropped it into his water bowl and thats where it stayed. Probably paralazed with fear but definatly not dead. Now all of Little Man's toys go in the water bowl or toilet... don't ask I am not sure why... So did he think it was just another toy? But then if he did why was he so proud and strutting..... He is an odd little kitty. I gave him pets just the same.


Aug. 17th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Hubby is up playing games so I figured I would stay up to and re ribbon my bobbin lace with a ribbon color that matches the Steampunk Lolita's colors. EPIC fail. The ribbon is just to big. I mention this to my husband and he tells me to cut it.
"Cut it?" me utterly confused because how is this going to make it fit.
"Yea, cut it."
Thinking he doesn't understand me, "Its to wide."
"So cut it."
"I can't"
"Yea, you can."
"No you can't cut a ribbon lengthwise. It would just fray"
"Sure you can"
*head desk*

..... jerk....

eta: Kit on the other hand loves it. 9 yards of ribbon off its spool that mommy is trying to respool. Paradise to him.
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I went down or I guess it would be up, to the LA fabric district today. Its only the second time I have been there to shop for fabric, and I still find the place slightly overwhelming. Last time it was an overly pushy salesperson and this time it was a man wanting change and giving me a rose and... I am still not sure exactly all that happened/was said but it made me very uncomfortable. I was successful in finding fabrics though. Two for my souper sekrit project and two BEAUTIFUL shot silk taffetas for a Renaissance corset. I have decided I want a pair of Dorothea like stays to wear under the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress and I want them super purrrrrrty! I would take a picture but I am sure it won't come out on my camera and it being a shot I think only in person will it truely be appreciated. I was able to get a steal on one of the secret projects fabrics. I still felt a wee bit guilty because lets face it I am poor, BUTat a $7 discount it really is a great deal. Hubby isn't mad so I am feeling less guilty now. :)
Of course as soon as I got home Kit sensed the fabric and had to crawl in the bag before I had even finished putting everything down. Strange fabric whore of a cat. Fortunatly the one that his white fur would really cling to and show up on was in its own bag tied up so he wasn't in direct contact to it.
In other news I really hate the new medicine the doc put me on. Since I started it I have just been light headed and slightly headachy. While out today I was feeling that way and it just got worse so that by the time we were driving home I would almost sware I had a migrane. I completely crashed out when I got home. I woke up about 3 and half hours later and the headache was still full fledged. Hubby forced me to take some excedrin, which I was weary of taking because I don't know how it would react with the meds. I think it helped because headache is now a dull roar. I hate this new med!
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We flew in on Thursday. I still think that is so weird. We left on Thursday and landed 18 something hours later yet the clock said only 2 hours had passed. Or maybe its just me that is weird.
Kit made the trip okay. I was all sorts of upset in Tokyo. He was playing Hudini so well I couldn't see him in his cage. He wouldn't respond when I called him and the had strapped the cage so I couldn't open it and search for him. After a good 5 mins he finally answered me with a very small meow. Little bugger.
We are visitng family now with plans to be at Comic Con the 26th and 27th.  Chris will check into Balboa on the 31st. Hopefully not to long after we will have our own place... hopefully. 
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Slimy Bastages!!!!!
We went out and bought my Little Man a new cage. Nice soft pad at the bottom. Opens from both the top and the side. Smoother sides so less chance of him hurting himself when he starts to thrash about because he doesn't like being kept in the cage for long periods of time... We get an email telling us Little Man's cage is to small for him to go in Cargo and to tall for him to go in the cabin with us. Well what in the blue blazes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 It is official. My son has been microchipped and will be able to come home to the states with me.
He was not a happy kitty in any way shape or form. He was hissing and everything at the vet. I still think its cute and my hubby thinks its beyond hilarious that our cat doesn't know how to hiss. He opens his mouth and goes through the motions of hissing but no actual sound comes out.  Silly baby. I just wanted to share my happiness. Even though I have a grumpy baby he will only has two more steps to be able to come home with me. Getting his health certificate 10 days prior to leaving and actually getting on the plane. *cheer*
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This is Kit in action. I actually caught him on camera this time, the little demon.
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Of things to do today sewing wise but have only gotten one of them done. Which honestly isn't to bad. And its only 4:30 I might get to a few of the other ones yet. My bumroll is finished. A wee bit lumpy and probably on the small side for bumroll sizes. For my first bumroll ever I am proud!s And Kit loves it. He has tried to walk off with it already. Silly kitty.
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I was able to get the pics up on my website of the skirt. Any and all comments suggestions are welcomed.
I also have a super cute picture of Kit at the end of the page.
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I have pics! To prove I really am sewing not just saying I am. It is only the undies for the Autumn dress not to imoressive but I am quite proud. My first chemise and hemp corded corset. I should start the 'real' corset now and just work on it when I am bored with what I am working on at the moment. When it opens in the back it will take away alot of the problem I have with it now. And I think my waist might have shrank. It is closing alot more then it was before. And of course no project is complete until the kitty inspects it.
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This is to anyone who may want to answer. Can cats have bad dreams? no.... not just a bad dream a night mare? Last night I was awoken to what sounded like moaning or groaning.... My first instinct was it was my husband having a bad dream and I went to comfort him but he was sound asleep not making a sound. Then with about maybe two more neurons firing I came to the conclusion that the pitch was to high to be my hubby and turned my head looking for what it could be. It was Kit at the end up the bed. When I reached down there to pet him he woke and started biting the crap out of my hand. I let him bite me, (when we play with him he bites having no front claws and it really doesn't hurt. He has never drawn blood very rarely breaking skin,) which went on for a good minute before I could pet him with my other hand. He gave up biting and laid back down but he wasn't purring like he usually does if I even look at him. The only thing I can guess is he had a night mare but what in the heck does he have to have a nightmare about? He has never been abused, or hurt... He has never stepped a foot outdoors unless he was on his leash on the porch with either myself or my husband watching him. No children or other animals to terrorize him....  And this AM I checked him to see if anything was hurt and he just purred his little butt off at the attention. I am at a lost here.
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I was going to put these up in one of my communities but Kit isn't really helping me sew but cuddling with what I was sewing. Don't show Koko, Avien.


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