Jul. 27th, 2010 06:27 pm
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I can reveal the costume I made for this year's Comic Con Masquerade.      
More pictures and a video of the routine. )
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My steam for this costume is running out. I have glitter, sequins, feathers, fabric paint, crystals, rhinestones... and I am still losing my love for it. I think part of the problem is I can't share with anyone how it is going, until after Comic Con. The other reason and I think the main one,  is I have no movies that fit this genre. I always watch one of my eye candy movies for the type of costume I am making but I don't have any for this one. *sigh*
Not to much left though. The headpiece which I am pausing on because everyone keeps telling me it looks like everything but what it is suppose to look like and that discourages me.
I have to finish one more panel of the black fabric paint and one and a half of the sliver, and two of the glitter for the skirt, then sew it up. My dad is helping me with one element of it on Sunday and then... I think thats it. Well besides adding more bling. There can never be enough of that.
Kind of excited for it to be done so I can work on stuff for Costume College. I would LOVE to complete my two steampunk costumes... doubt I will but that would be wonderful!
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My harness thingie is finished. I know most of my friend's list will have no clue what I am talking about but I am so happy about this I just had to share.
And after Comic Con everyone can see just what I am talking about.

Comic Con

Jul. 27th, 2009 04:55 pm
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I have about a hundred BILLION things to recap about Comic Con but brain is still to scrambled to get it all down in a coherant post. But I did promise a picture so here you guys go! I promise after Costume College next weekend I will give you huge long posts. One little bit though  WE WON BEST PRESENTATION!!!!!

Thanks to [ profile] rhynndavrie  and[ profile] aviendiora  for helping me pose and taking the pic.
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Besides 4 hooks and eyes, possible further embelishment, and final pictures, I am done! WOOT
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My friend came over, yesterday to help me with mocking up the shoulder part. She is so awsome to brave the sauna that is my  house and sweating me.
We tried lacing it up with ribbon for the first time. I like how that looks! I had to go out and get more fabric for the shoulder part. The plan was a taffeta but I wasn't liking any of the ones the store had. I pick up a yard of the party taffeta because it seemed the stiffer of the two. It was right next to the bridal section and me being me my fingers were trailing along the bolts and I felt a nice crisp fabric. It turned out to be a silk duponi. I picked up that fabric also and plan to make up the piece in that. I kept the taffeta also just in case the duponi turns out to be an epic fail. I handwashed it last night, since it said dry clean only. I have no intention to dry clean it EVER, but the whole bodice, being boned can only be handwashed so might as wash that part that way also. It dryed over night. Today I plan on ironing it out and cutting into it. It would be awsome if I could finish it today.... It is a possiblity!
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Petal overskirt was whipstitched to the bodice. I still have to put a few velcro closures but they have to wait until I can get it on again. For some reason when you lace a corset up its lies differently then when its flat... *sarcasam*
I made the crown and necklace out of the fun foam. They are just waiting for some gold foil. The crown could also use a comb placed in it., and I need to add some sort of clasp for the necklace....
I made up the sleeves. Still trying to figure out how I want to finish off the edges on those.... I am thinking binding... just can't figure out of which fabric. I also need to add the buttons and figure out the shape of the top. The latter of the two has to wait, again for when I have it on, and when I figure out the shoulder piece is going to work. Other then that... Just hem the shorter skirt.....  And its done!!! Well... I would like to add some more sparkle to it, but it would be done and wearable!
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All binding on the bodice is done. The petal overskirt has been made. I just need to finish hand sewing down the piping and then whipstitch it to the bodice. WOOT
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This bodice/corset is being evil with its handsewing.  But the top and bottom bindings are done! I only have the side bindings, the shoulder treatments, the sleeves, the petal like overskirt and the jewlery left to do.
The sleeves and overskirt are already mocked up so  that helps. There is an end in sight!!!

Total Grrr

Jul. 9th, 2009 12:36 am
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So I took the pieces off. Recut new pieces, the right way this time. Sewed those back on. Pinned the velvet back onto the corset. Trimmed excess fabric and started basting it. I didn't quite get it finished, because I have to retire early tonight so I can get up early enough to get my oil changed and make a trip out to Jo-anns for some cotton to flat line one of the skirts with. We discovered it's sort of see though. OOPS.
And an update on yesterday's sewing. More so when I am writing up the Dress diary journal I remember what happened.
Yesterday we were able to hem the Pettis.The are soooo much swishy fun! My friend also taught my how to cut out a circle skirt while we cut one for this costume. Silk taffeta. YUM!!!!


Jul. 8th, 2009 09:34 pm
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So I was about to baste the velvet layer onto the bodice... Was petting it... and it felt weird. Petted it again. smooth... back to orginal panel... not smooth. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!! I cut the back two panels the wrong direction. It's my own dang fault because I should of been paying closer attention but still.... *Grrrrrrrr*
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Retried on the bodice today. It fit wonderfully. Very small issues with two of the boning channels following the curve when they should be flat. Easily fixed. I also added another bone between center back and side back. Was able to get one of the mock up  skirts hemmed. Super excited about that. It means I will be able to start the "Real" skirt soon.That was the easy part of the evening.
The rest of it was full of fail and frustration. I sewed up the velvet layer so I could add it to the bodice. It took awhile but went together soooooo smoothly. I should of known there was going to be a problem. When I went to pin it to the bodice so I could baste it on, it just wouldn't fit. I could stretch the heck out of it and get something close but it was just not right. Especially since the mock up of this layer the problem was, if anything, it was to big. After pulling and stretching and wondering why things were off it dawned on me... I didn't put in the seam allowance when I cut it out.
*bang head against wall*
So I then had to recut out the velvet, with seam allowances this time. Thank goodness I got extra fabric. I can't just jump down the the LA fabric district any 'ol time. And frankly I don't think I would EVER go down there alone, and I doubt I could con anyone to go down with me on such short notice. So I guess my impulsion to get extra fabric every time I buy fabric paid off.
After I cut it all out again I couldn't bring myself to sew it up, so I worked on the modesty panel. It went together a bit better. Only had to rip out two spots along the top and resew them. Covered that seam with a ribbon so it won't fray and then basted the rest of the seams. Hunted down the matching ribbon I just bought, (how is it that things you just got always go missing???) and sewed it down as my binding... And since I can't sew a straight line to save my life I ended up having to tear out about half of it. At which point I gave up for the night and decided to update my LJ and go to bed.
So night all!

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becuase I am tired dangit! I don't care if I got up at 3 in the afternoon.
Didn't get quite as far as I was hoping to on my Comic Con costume this weekend. When I did what was suppose to be a final fitting of the bodice, the back panel decided to throw a curveball. I am always amazed how things do that. They NEVER show all the problems at one time so you can fix them with one go. Nope. One or a few at a time so you end up doing 10 mock ups and still have to alter things after your done.Okay... maybe its just me and my luck.
So I had to rip the back panels off and redo those.  I have a tenancy to over sew some things so there was alot of ripping to actualy free the waist tape and panel from the rest of the bodice. Thankfully Avien helped me with ripping them out. She popped in NCIS  and away we went. So as of right now I am back to where I was yesterday. A fully boned, with lacing loops back panel. I also cut out  the velvet layer and mocked up a sleeve. I think the sleeve is pretty good. There are a few wrinkles when my arm is straight, but they are gone when I do any movement and movement is key. Other then that Avien finished my second petti and it is beautiful! Sparkley yummy goodness. WOOT!

4th of July

Jul. 4th, 2009 04:16 pm
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is one of my favorite holidays. I am not spending this one with family or seeing/playing with fireworks, but it should still be fun. I have friends coming over and I will be sewing away so it should be good. I went shopping earlier. My baked Macroni and cheese is prepped and waiting to go in the oven in about 2 hrs. Hamburgers are thawing. House is
So now I am going to start with sewing things. First up is the last few adjustments that are needed for the corset. Add a mock up of the velvet layer to see how it will lay. Then I am going to make adjustments to the waist band of one of the skirts. And if I have any time left after all that before the guests arrive I am going to mock up some sleeves.
Hope everyone else is having a good 4th!
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I got everything done today that I needed/wanted to. *WOOT*
Adding the twill tape was interesting. I was told its a tailoring technique and it makes perfect sense, or at least it does now.....   Part of me was wondering why exactly this step was needed, since I have never had to do it before. And then some little lightbulb went on! DUH because its on the bias. So yea I am feeling all smart even if I am kind of stupid to have not gotten it right away.  It worked wonderfully once I coaxed the actual fabric with some ironing.
For the modesty panel I did a grid like pattern with my sewing of the boning channels. It was an experiment but I think it will work wonderfully. Bones went in smoothly so YEA!
I even got to marking the gromment holes for my Steampunk corset. I tried putting one in but gave up because Hubby is already asleep. Hammering that late would not be a good idea, so tomorrow.
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is a 18th century frock.
After seeing [personal profile] koshka_the_cat  and [personal profile] mandie_rw  's new creations I NEEEEEED one. But I know there is no way I could get one done in time. Even if I dropped all other sewing. *le sigh*
I have finished the revamping of the hip seams. That is the hardest thing I have ever done in my corsetry. I say that like I have done a whole lot...*smirk*  I resewed the boning channels that were affected and added two more, sewed on six more lacing loops, and bought the twill tape.
Plans for today are: Pick out old channel stitches, attach twill tape, bone what channels I can, Grid stitch modesty pannel and bone it.
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I finished up the PJs tonight. I would have finished yesterday if the power hadn't gone out. I personally think they are cutest ones I have done yet. Especially LOVE the ribbon detail on the pockets. Its two ribbons that I sewed together. They actually came out fairly straight and not crocked as a snakes butt (just for you Avien) as my normal things that should be straight come out. 
 The same fabric that I used for the pockets is also the 'cuff' at the bottom of each leg. I like them. I hope my sister-in-law does too.

I also got a bit of work done on the Corset/bodice for my SDCC costume. I was able to put it on today and get little fitting issues marked. Not to many. I am excited about that. Need to add a few more lacing loops, take in two seams at the hips on each side, add a few more bones, add some twill tape to the bust curve, Bone the modesty panel... and I think that is it... I may remember more later. Once I get those done, Try it on one more time, and then I can add the velvet fashion fabric layer. Then all the other fun stuff :) Tonight I was able to unpick seams and boning channels for one side of the corset. It was a little harder then I thought it would be  to resew those seams but it eventually fell to my will.... or at least that is what I am telling myself.
The petticoat for this costume looks AWSOME! The second Petti is going to be sparkling goodness. I can't wait to show pictures but I think it best to wait until after Comic Con.
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Or at least it gives me a sense of control and I don't get as panicy. Right now I am completely overwhelmed so lists it is. If you see this its because you are on my friend list. If you like... Just go ahead and read the next post on your friends list.

Sewing to-do-list )
Rest of my life list )
ETA: Checking things off and added a few under Job stuff.
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It has definatly been a full day of sewing. Feels like I don't have alot to show for it but  I know I got a lot done for me. All pieces are cut out for both corset A and corset B. Corset A is the corset/bodice for my Comic Con costume. Corset B is the corset for the revamped Steampunk arpon costume, which will be renamed as soon as it tells me its new name.
One layer of drill has been sewn together for Corset A. Took a little while because of the curves on it. That and my waist notches got off slightly. Kind of frusterating because I was being so careful about that. Before I sew up the next layer I will double... probably triple check my marks. And again just for my own record. Corset A actually had 20 pieces of drill. I forgot the modesty panel earlier. Then 10 pieces of fashon fabric that I will cut out later. Lots and lots of pieces!!!!!!
For corset B I pinned all the fashion fabric pieces to the drill pieces. I plan on sewing them all together so I can use them as one piece from then on. I started sewing them together.  Realised I needed to put the busk in before I could sew the pieces together on the Center Front. Did that. It went together so much easier using two layers then it did the first time I put it in. I sew to more panels together and then had to call it quits. I could feel myself getting into the "just hurry up and finish this" mood and didn't want to mess somthing up because I just wanted to be done. I wish I could blame the waist notches on that but no... that was just me messing up. *BLEH*

For the longest time my Little Man (Kit) had not been paying any attention to me sewing. His great interest was playing with the plastic boning and laying on newly bought silk, that was it. So I was starting to think I had lost my little sewing partner. Nope... I must of just been doing projects that he had no interest in. When I pulled out the Steampunk skirt and petticoat he crawled into the tulle at the bottom of the petticoat. As I was examining it he got the wild look in his eye and started pouncing me and fabric. Then today he gladly supervised me as I cut out the drill. My little sewing kitty is back. :)


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