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I have a shell of a corset now. Need the busk before I can go any further though. I put it aside and pulled out my cousin's quilt. I really need to get that done and figured it might be the perfect mindless work for nights I just can't think because of exhaustion.

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It came down to my brothers helping with the paying of me making a quilt for my mom. The extra money that didn't get used in materials would go towards my CoCox2 fund.  So I pulled an all nighter and this is what I came up with.
I don't care for the colors. But they are very much my mother and how she wants to decorate the spare bedroom. I also tried a few new things that I probably won't do again... or do differently, fleece as a backing, and no binding just putting right sides together and flipping it. It definitely needs more quilting done on it but I ran out of time.  I will probably snag it from her in the future to do more quilting or tacking on it. Now for reals this time. NO MORE QUILTS until after CoCox2 unless it's mindless work on the ONE baby quilt I have said is still in que.
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I had all intentions of starting the IRCC (Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge) today. I wanted to have my Steampunk coat sewed up before I started and the quilt was suppose to be done. Stupid quilt.... Well maybe stupid Washing machine. I put it in for its, 'I am finished sewing you and you need a bath before I give you away' wash. It came out with one of the picture squares looking like it had been chewed on.  *SCREAMS* So I had to reprint the picture. Remake its square. Tediously seam rip the chewed up square out, and handsew the new square back in. So now I hate this square, and I am about a day and a half behind. Which isn't to bad but still makes me irritated.
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 Last night was one of those 'your just not going to sleep' nights. The change up of meds was suppose to help. Oh well. I took advantage of it and all the quilting is done on that quilt. I do it by hand so it takes me a little longer. But hey its done. *woot*. I also have the binding made and pinned into place. I think I will leave the actual sewing it on until tomorrow. I am just now getting sleepy at 6, but Keeping both sides of the binding in line so the stitches don't slip off has always been a challenge for me. I don't think I should add to it. 
With the finishing of the binding tomorrow I am done with quilts for a little while. I have the one baby quilt still to do but I told my husband I want some me sewing time. I am hoping to mock up  the jacket I want to use with my steampunk tomorrow. We will see. I may end up sleeping the day away.
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Finished up this quilt top last night. I  figure I can show it off since the actual quilting part will be lost and not seen. I  am proud of this one because it is all my own design.
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 Work on the quilt has halted. I am waiting on one picture. It is as complete as I can get it until I do get that picture. Dang Brother-in-law.
I also cut out the next quilt's pieces. This is one of the baby blankets that has been in the que. The last of those in fact. WOOT! Just have to get two more pieces of fabric and since I am beyond poor it might take a little while. I got two gift cards to Jo-Anns for my birthday but I would really rather use those on me then someone else. I am spoiled that way!
One good thing about the quilt being on hold is I have some spare time. I took on an Alteration project today. $20 for an hour and a half of work on a prom dress. Not to bad. It went into my CoCox2, from here on end CoCox2 is Comic Con and Costume College, fund.
This weekend is the start of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure faire. Lucky for me its buy one ticket get one free so I can afford to go. This of course means I need something new for my Ren garb. Keeping with the free or cheap I decided to make a Elizabethan coif with shaped brim and forehead cloth from The Tudor Tailor.
This project is great because I need something for my head. I normally get my hair braided but we pretty much have it budgeted to just enough for a thing of food each and drinks. So head ornamentation is needed. I was going to try and just make a simple coif but why not go all out!. I keep saying my Ren garb will slowly get more and more accurate.
Best thing of it all was I was able to cut it completely out of scrap linen!!!! I also have millinery wire in my stash. YEA! I should get back to work on that.
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 Just wanted to share a few of the squares from my current quilt. Despite not caring who its for I am still putting my best effort into it. I drew up my own pattern. I used the color wheel to find the opposite color. I used what I had read about cream-browns being a nuetral. So hopefully it ends up a success.
My favorite square:
I don't know why but I love this windmill square. I first used it in one of the baby blankets and I still love it with 'grown up' colors.
Another square I am really liking, and I just learned is:
So yea... no costuming content but wanted to share one of the pretties I am working on.
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 An 'I love you' gift for my hubby. I got the idea from a project [livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo  shared. Anything to decrease my hubby's horde of t-shirts that he just can't part with.

Now back to pjs so I have more empty space under my table.
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I am such a sucker for punishment. I had only one more quilt in Que.  Well only one for other people I have a few I want to make for myself but those have no deadline what so ever. My hubby and his siblings have been hoo-humming over what to get their dad for his birthday.  Little brother really wanted to get him something "from the heart". So I suggested a quilt. Not just because of the whole made by hand thing but I suggested putting pictures of each of the three kids as little ones and pictures of them recently, then in the middle a picture of all three.  Why I did this... I dunno....  *le sigh* at least I have until the beginning of May. The fabric is already cut too.

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Hubby did it again with the computer. I wish I had a clue what is wrong with it. Everytime... okay not everytime but when he downloads new things onto the computer it will freeze up and then we can't restart it. It keeps going through the start up screen but it doesn't actually start. My dad said its a problem with one of our drivers.... but that might as well been a foreign language. Its so frusterating to me. Luckily I had backed up my photos that day, but I am still very frusterated from having lost all the ones I did before that. And my re-arrange of the photos too. Not to mention my sites and links. *GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

In sewing news, I brought my machine in to be serviced. Just its yearly one. So I have been focusing on hand stuff and cutting out things. My main focus has been an embroidery pillow case. I did its partner almost two years ago now and this one has been on my to do list since then. I brought it with me to AZ for the car ride and have just continued to work on it. I have started the whole process for two more quilts. Gathering fabrics and will probably start cutting them out tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully soon I can start on actual costuming stuff.
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Here is the latest quilt. The design has the outside border and rick rack as red. But the mommy wanted yellow due to baby's shyness so they still don't know the sex. My next quilt will be the same just with more blues, greens, and browns, instead of the orginal red or this ones yellow. I guess its a popular pattern I had two people choose it. Luckily I think the kit came with enough fabric for me to make both of them if I am thrifty with my cutting. Thats is always a win!

And pictures of my new sleeves. I think I am going to end up making them shorter os I can add the lower sleeve. Right now its to long to do it and it still look like I want it to. You can't really see it but the lacing rings behaved, no gapping or lifting weirdly. YEA! Everytime I wear this outifit it gets a little closer to done and a little more accurate. Though I have decided I hate the neck line/shoulder straps. I am sure its a tweak somewhere and bravo I will love it again... Just haven't figure out where. I also want to add a bit more boning center front.
ALSO in the full picture you can sorta see the square neck chemise I made. YEA! I will get better picture of it on my Didi once I wash it. It has blackwork on the sleeves. I am eventually going to blackwork around the neck line. Just not sure if that will be sooner or later. Its wearable now after all.
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My first time doing applique, using both fusible web and stablizer. I knew of stablizer from using a friend's machine. But it was taking it off after the embroidery was done, not from the start. Have to say this is different but fun.
Should get back to some lucent cording.

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The ruffled of doom is complete. All that's left to do is back stitch around the bands, the four way plait around the edges of the ruffled, and the closure method for the neck. I plan on waiting on the plait until I have some practice at it.
For the closure I really like the bead or spacer look. I know I could get this look with some of the fancier necklace clasps. But that's just that the look... no clue if anything remotely similiar was actually used. I was extremely excited to see the tie used on one shirt was I have no doubt lucet cording. I may stick to that and tie it loose. I saw a few that way and even a few with gappage at the neck between ties. Still pondering... but that's my thought process for now.
I did choose to take a small break from the chemise and cut out the pieces to my next quilt. I am sort of excited about this one it should be fun.

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Quilt count

Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:14 am
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34 out of 64. Same pattern as before with some of the same pieces, just slightly different theme. Over halfway done now! I did about 22 today. Pretty good since my goal was to just get 4 done a day. I don't think I will have quite that much motivation daily but hopefully I will be able to finish up the squares soon. Another friend just told us their good news that they are pregant so I have another quilt to add to my list. The next ones will be different patterns though.

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... if anyone on my friends list might be pondering a room mate for Costume College. I am asking because I am at that stage also. I have the money right now for the room, because I am employeed but my employment is temperary, and suppose to stop the month before Costume College. Which means by the time Costume College rolls around it might be nice to split the cost of a room with someone. If anything it's more money to possibly spend in the fabric district.... so yea... if anyone else is pondering a room mate let me know.

In other news, I am still on track of my 4 squares a day goal for the quilt. I am working on number two for today. They are quite boring to make and I am irritated with the pattern because the instructions were completely off. *grumble grumble* I have also embroidered another inch or so on the sleeve cuff.

My corset for Comic Con on the other hand has not been in any way successful. I am trying to get the front to have a very distinct sweetheart shaped neckline. I would also like it to cup and support the 'girls'.... Well first mock up barely met the first criteria and epicially failed on the second. *sigh* I am going to try a little bit of draping and see if that helps...


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