Jun. 22nd, 2011 08:24 pm
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that I don't have to give up my crafter's/sewer title just yet. I have made progress however slow it has been.
First up: a leperchaun for my sister in law. She was joking with my husband and told him thats what she wanted for her birthday. Bet she didn't think she would actually get one.

And the rest of her present. We made the stuffed animal at Build A Bear.   The little pillow has the leprechaun on the back and the pictures is her actual dog.

And onto costume sewing. My kirtle. The bottom band still needs to be tacked down on the bottom. I had plans of many stripes of different color and widths... now not so sure.... It will have at least one more, but that's the only thing for sure.
And lastly the drawers. I know pretty boring but they did take me a little time. I was futzing with the gussets for a bit. Eventually these will have embroidery along the front opening and on the leg bands.... eventually.
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Another quilt done. The flowers are so much fun. I also like the windmills. Some of them really pop, like the top left one.
I think this one you either hate it or love it.... hopefully she is in the later group.

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My first time doing applique, using both fusible web and stablizer. I knew of stablizer from using a friend's machine. But it was taking it off after the embroidery was done, not from the start. Have to say this is different but fun.
Should get back to some lucent cording.

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I did a quick and easy quilt for my puppy.  Was happy to use up scrap fleece.


I am still hurting a bit over the loss of our first puppy to parvo. To be on the safe side the new puppy is staying at my parents house until he gets his shots. He is sooo little right now, but he will be a big dog. He is a Rotwiller (probably spelt wrong) and Pit Bull mix.
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So I have been pretty busy. Hubby and I are trying to buy a house. This is in no way an easy task. We had a beautiful house lined up. But it was a modular/manufactured home. No one wanted to give us a loan for that, except for our VA  or FHA loan. But we couldn't get those because the seller wouldn't pay for anything. *sigh* so the new house hunt is on. Very frusterating. Good news to that is Chris was able to extend till September.
I have been sewing. All sorts of misc things. I am still working on my SDCC project. That is all sorts of elaborate fun. I am so thankful to the friend helping me. I know it is going to be about 110% better then if I had done it the way I had planned. Besides just my vanity though I am also learning a WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bunch.
I have also been playing with quilting things. I made another baby blanket. This time for a cousin of mine. It's a premade quilt from Jo-Anns so not to much creativity from me, but I think it's cute none the less.  I have also been practicing on a few squares that I intend to use for a quilt for Chris and me. Not sure what I will be using the practice squares for but I figured it would be best to practice first.
I also got the fabric for a pair of Cherry PJs for my sister-in-law. She loves the colors black and red and was making alo of comments about the pair I made for her dad.... so I jumped on the idea when I found fabric with red cherries on a black background.


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