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Okay... Where did my Spring break go? I don't feel like I've gotten enough sewing or studying done.
I did finish my partlet. That's boring to show, with all the details being black on black. I'll show it off when I get a full dress photo.
I also mocked up and have a good sleeve pattern for new sleeves to go with the kirtle.
I got them cut out plus miles and miles of strips to make piping out of.
I need to put those together before bed tomorrow. And bed has to be early since I have to get up at 4:30 for my first day at faire. YAY!!
And somewhere in all of that I need to finish two reports and study more... DOH!
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Over the weekend Hubby and I went out to Las Vegas. We had some PTO days that we had to take before state comes in and takes us over. Which... as of today, the lease was signed, so should be happening quite quickly. This is both bad and good, and causes me immense amounts of stress and tears. Mostly because there is a bunch of unknown that I have no control over, and I hate that. No matter what comes, I should be back in school this coming semester. Enough of that for now, I don't want to work myself up before bed.
Vegas! Hubby and I enjoy Vegas, a lot. We do a lot of relaxing, take long naps, eat way to much, and play penny slots. We did plenty of that and I got to spend most of Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat. Our vacation weekend happened to correspond with the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival, which worked out perfectly! This faire is unique compared to others I have been too. It is actually quite large but has a small or starter faire feel.
I was able to finish the UFO sleeves to a wearable stage so I had new sleeves to debut. Afterwards I finished all the beading on them. All I have left are the wrist closures which are just tacked closed right now.  I am going to make buttons for them using the method I learned at Costume College this year. I'm counting them as finished for now, though.

My favorite picture from the day.
sunglasses cropped
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 Work on the quilt has halted. I am waiting on one picture. It is as complete as I can get it until I do get that picture. Dang Brother-in-law.
I also cut out the next quilt's pieces. This is one of the baby blankets that has been in the que. The last of those in fact. WOOT! Just have to get two more pieces of fabric and since I am beyond poor it might take a little while. I got two gift cards to Jo-Anns for my birthday but I would really rather use those on me then someone else. I am spoiled that way!
One good thing about the quilt being on hold is I have some spare time. I took on an Alteration project today. $20 for an hour and a half of work on a prom dress. Not to bad. It went into my CoCox2, from here on end CoCox2 is Comic Con and Costume College, fund.
This weekend is the start of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure faire. Lucky for me its buy one ticket get one free so I can afford to go. This of course means I need something new for my Ren garb. Keeping with the free or cheap I decided to make a Elizabethan coif with shaped brim and forehead cloth from The Tudor Tailor.
This project is great because I need something for my head. I normally get my hair braided but we pretty much have it budgeted to just enough for a thing of food each and drinks. So head ornamentation is needed. I was going to try and just make a simple coif but why not go all out!. I keep saying my Ren garb will slowly get more and more accurate.
Best thing of it all was I was able to cut it completely out of scrap linen!!!! I also have millinery wire in my stash. YEA! I should get back to work on that.
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Here is the latest quilt. The design has the outside border and rick rack as red. But the mommy wanted yellow due to baby's shyness so they still don't know the sex. My next quilt will be the same just with more blues, greens, and browns, instead of the orginal red or this ones yellow. I guess its a popular pattern I had two people choose it. Luckily I think the kit came with enough fabric for me to make both of them if I am thrifty with my cutting. Thats is always a win!

And pictures of my new sleeves. I think I am going to end up making them shorter os I can add the lower sleeve. Right now its to long to do it and it still look like I want it to. You can't really see it but the lacing rings behaved, no gapping or lifting weirdly. YEA! Everytime I wear this outifit it gets a little closer to done and a little more accurate. Though I have decided I hate the neck line/shoulder straps. I am sure its a tweak somewhere and bravo I will love it again... Just haven't figure out where. I also want to add a bit more boning center front.
ALSO in the full picture you can sorta see the square neck chemise I made. YEA! I will get better picture of it on my Didi once I wash it. It has blackwork on the sleeves. I am eventually going to blackwork around the neck line. Just not sure if that will be sooner or later. Its wearable now after all.
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Still alive. And still making progress on various projects.  Making lucet cording but that is slow going because the thread cuts into my fingers after awhile. First time it did it I thought I had gotten a paper cut that I had forgotten about and the thread had found its way into it. Very ouchie. So I let it heal up before I started again and that night I gained two nice sized bleeding "papercuts". Finally put two an two together... Dang lucet corder.... So I have to do it in smaller spurts.
I started on two new projects in the mean time. I was growing weary of quilts, and needed a small break. But my family had still all drank the same water last year.... I picked up a Burpie and Bib kit at Jo-Anns, hoping it would be different enough to keep me going and not hating it. I of course couldn't just follow the instructions word for word though. *smirk* So I have been putting my own touches on it here and there. I added left over batting to a few pieces. Hand quilted around one of the animals on one of the burpies. And Appliqued "A' "B" and "C" on one of the bibs. I plan to add binding to another of the burpies... not sure about the other bib yet.
My Other adventure has been to take off all the old lacing rings to my generic Ren gear and put on new ones. When I wore it last time, (for the first time), there was a strange lifting and gapage going on. I think it was because of poor placement of to small rings. Hopefully I am right in my theory. After I get those back on and if the problem is fixed I can finally add the lacing rings for the sleeves. I want to get it done by the AZ Ren faire. Should be doable but I do seem to miss dead lines.
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The semester for school is almost over, and I am sooooo ready for it to be. Sad thing is its mostly because of one class. Boooo to that class. But also boo to it sucking up my sewing time. I really have been wanting to sew. But I know I should do homework so I forbid myself to do any sewing until my homework is done. Then since I am starting to detest the homework I don't do that and nothing gets done. *DOH* I did sew some binding to the openings of the sleeves down at the cuff. I wanted to work on something pretty so I picked up the Autumn sleeves again. I have all four of the bindings machine sewn. One sleeve only needs half of one side done and then it is finished. The other still has not been touched. The underskirt's drill has been cut down, and after scaling up the pattern I found out I will need 1 1/2- 2 more yards of drill for the farthingale. Out of all the drills I have I ran out of white. Oh well At least by scraping the old skirt I don't have to buy quite as much.  The first thing I will have to make though is a corset. I can't do the waist of the farthingale without knowing my waist measurement. And if it alters my waist by more then an inch or so I will have to redo my measurements for the farthingales bottom circumference. SO yea... I decided to work on sleeves. I should work on the sleeves and bodice of the Generic Ren I was working on. Just in case I go to the faire this weekend. No.... I should do my homework. BLAH!
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I guess for me the weekend started Friday. I got together with Avien to put finishing touches on the Ren dress I have been working on. Of course finishing touches got changed into make it wearable. It is very much that at this point. YEA. Unfortunatly the fit is completely off in the bodice now. Which I didn't find out until I was able to put it on the morning of. Slightly grumpy because it turned out so obviously ill fiting and it wasn't so when I was wearing it as a mock up. *le sigh* Other then that detail and the fact that I just didn't have enough time to put the rings on the sleeves so I ended up not wearing them, the costume is coming along just nicely. The bodice will be fixed before I wear it again and the sleeves only need rings and a possible extra strand of trim. In a positive note about the costume, the skirts fit nicely, and have yummy trim.  Crooked as a snakes butt, which is the dress' new name thanks to Avien's utter delight at me saying that, but yummy just the same.
So anyway. Saturday I got to wear it when I went to the Ren faire. I went with [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora ,[livejournal.com profile] rhynndavrie , [livejournal.com profile] sirrogue  and[livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo and had alot of fun. First thing I did was get my hair braided. Its one of the things I LOVE about the faire and haven't been able to do it for.... at least 5 years. It took me about 45 mins to recover from sitting with my head down. I think part of that was the heat too. It wasn't crazy hot but enough to make you feel sick when you are sitting around with your head basicially upside down. I got upside down french braids if you are curious on why I was hanging around upside down. They end in little buns ontop my head. Cute and fun. Hubby loves them.
After that it was faire food. I had a yummy sausage. Then we window shopped and watched shows. I was able to catch Poxy Boggards again. I love them. We finished up with the joust and the long trek back to the entrance. Thankfully the other carpoolers were nice enough to let me sit in the front so I could finish up my math project. I was having such trouble with that one problem. A little guidance from Rhynn and the car ride to complete it = project done. THANKS GUYS!!!!
The new site doesn't have the perks of the old site. And I can see how it could get crazy hot and uncomfortable, but I liked it. Would definatly go back. In fact I am planning on it. Not sure what weekend just yet because I want to bring the hubby with me. His schedule gives him 3 day weekends every other weekend so it can make planning more difficult. BUT I WILL GO BACK! Maybe by then we will have a new camera so I can get pictures.
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I just finished up handsewing half of the Ren bodice lining. And one set of sleeves is done. SO I can go with half of it done. Well no... still waiting on the rings to show up for the sleeves, then they are officially done. I am noticing lots of little spots, all of them under and inch in length where the stitiching got a bit to far away from the  piping. So I want to tear them all out and redo them. Which I did start doing but stopped myself. I figured I should have all of the lining down and attached before I went tearing parts out. I can wear the outfit with stitiching a bit off. It more then passes the 10 ft rule. I am sure the only reason I notice it is becuase its two feet from my face. I will just go back to fix it later.
In totally off the wall ramblings. I am catching up on my tv shows. Having not had cable for over 6 years and 4 of them being out of the country so even friends houses had limited shows. SO I am watching NCIS. And just finished up season two. Kate just got shot in the head. AHHHHHH!!!! :(
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Spring break is over. :(. I was able to get the bodice and sleeves done so that all that is left is hand sewing. I ordered some lacing rings from this site. http://www.alteryears.com/ Instead of 110 eyelets like the pattern calls for I am substituting some of the rings. That and I took out a lot of them. I took out the lacing up the back since it has side lacing. I also took some off of the sleeves. I sitll have the skirt to do. I am being hopeful. There is still a couple weeks to go so I should be able to finish the skirt before then. I hope....
Either way it is back to the homework for me.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:30 am
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The bodice has its lining attached and has been flipped. Just need to sew straps together and hand sew openings closed. Woot. Might just get to the sleeves tonight. That is if I can stop trying to sew my own finger. I am now the proud owner of a hole in my finger. Yes the sewing machine can sew through flesh. And yes this will break your needle.
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Piping is now all on. Finally! Working on trim. Instruction said to add the trim after I attached the lining and flipped it... Besides the fact that I can't do that because I took the liberty of adding bones and my machine's needles will NOT appreciate it.... I find that suggestion all wrong. If I did it that way the stitches would show on the lining side... am I just being silly or does anyone else find that instruction not worthy of following.
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I tried to finish cutting out everything today. Only to be fouled by the underskirt fabric and my obviously sucky math skills. I am 11" short for my last panel. BOOOOOOOOOOO. So I have to make another trip to Jo-Anns tomorrow. That part doesn't upset me to much because I like Jo-Anns. Fabric and scrap booking stuff, what more could a gal ask for. The part that upsets me is that means I have to wash and dry another batch of laundry. *Grrrrrrrr* I think I have done over ten loads of laundry this week, (washed all bed things in the house and a couple weeks of laundry since I was out of town and brothers where here,) I don't want to do anymore!!! One good thing about it is I will definatly have enough left over fabric, I have more than a yard, for trim on the bodice. Yea.....
Good news is I have all the interlining stuff done. Thing I find funny about it is none of what I did tonight was in the pattern directions. Yes I used one of the big three patterns. Well I started with that. Mocked it up, added inches to length, took out the back opening, added steel boning at the openings, and center back. Added Spring steel bonding at center front. And then put in a little plastic boning at the seams. 
That was my night. Adding all the support to my drill interlining layer that was suppose to just be interfacing. *rofl* my goal was quick and easy.... But really I couldn't just follow those directions. Hopefully the extra effort shows and it doesn't look to..... ummm.... generic Ren faire crap.
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So yea! Fabric bought and washed. Bodice mocked up, Bodice cut out of all its layers. Sleeves almost all cut out. I just have to cut out the fashion fabric for the lower sleeves. I also have to cut out the skirt. Not to bad though. :)
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So far sewing on spring break = 0. But chores done on spring break is a better tally. AND I am now in the process of doing wash so I can sew. Well mend something. And if you count the little bit of embroidery I did last night I guess I have sewed alittle. Its only tuesday, I am not to upset about the lack of sewing yet. And if all goes well I will get to go to Jo-Anns tomorrow to pick up some fabric for my generic Ren wench costume. I already have a skirt and a back up chemise if need be so I only really need one more skirt and a bodice. A corset would probably be nice also but I plan on just boning the bodice. I think I can get that done before the second weekend in April. *ROFL* yes me the slowest sewer of all time. I have a pattern worked out for a gored skirt and my plan is to mock up the bodice tonight.
I was also able to accomplish updating my website today. A very small update but an update none the less. All of it was already said on here, the Autumn dress'es sleeves, bodice, and forepart stuff. But still *happy dance* for an update. I think its time to pick up that laundry so I am off.


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