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Over the weekend [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat and I went to the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure faire. I ended up just wearing my kirtle again. I had started a jacket/waistcoat (I've seen it called both so I don't know its official title) and I might have been able to finish it up, but around 12:30 I took several minutes trying to visualize which side of the sleeve needed to meet up with the body. I decided to throw in the towel then. Its probably for the best. 1. I can hand sew parts I would of just machine sewn that night to finish it quickly, which will look better in the long run. 2. More time to chat with Katherine and more sleep. And 3. It was HOT! Hot enough that the decision to not wear the sleeves that go with my kirtle was made and I don't regret it. So a silk jacket probably would of been uncomfortable.
I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was an old gown but I did wear some new accessories. I had bought a black straw hat last year at faire but never had a chance to wear, so it made its debut. I also wore my new Stratfords. I didn't wear those long though. I had read they run a bit small and I am sad to say it's true. I have the blisters and cuts to prove it. But these are by far my favorite of her shoes. :( I know with them being leather they will probably stretch but I have a suspicion with how tight they are, that could be a LONG and painful process. So a question: Has anyone been holding out for a pair and maybe want to take them off my hands at a discounted price? They do have some minor wear to the bottoms from the half hour or so of walking I did do in them. They are a size 8 but I wouldn't recommend them to someone who normally wears a size 8 in American Duchess shoes. They are also imperfects, but as with all of the imperfects I own I cannot tell why they are. I got them for $155 and would like to get $150 plus shipping costs, for them so I can apply that to a new larger sized pair. Like I said I love these shoes but if after 30 mins I can't walk I can't wear them.
Now that the sales pitch is over onto pictures!
One of my favorite pictures from the Las Vegas Ren Faire was a picture of Katherine and I in costume with our Sun glasses on. Because we are cool like that. I think it's a fun tradition to have!

Did I mention it was hot? Because it really was....
And since [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson opened up the Regency wedgie shots to include Historical wedgie shots, we had to take a couple.
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Over the weekend Hubby and I went out to Las Vegas. We had some PTO days that we had to take before state comes in and takes us over. Which... as of today, the lease was signed, so should be happening quite quickly. This is both bad and good, and causes me immense amounts of stress and tears. Mostly because there is a bunch of unknown that I have no control over, and I hate that. No matter what comes, I should be back in school this coming semester. Enough of that for now, I don't want to work myself up before bed.
Vegas! Hubby and I enjoy Vegas, a lot. We do a lot of relaxing, take long naps, eat way to much, and play penny slots. We did plenty of that and I got to spend most of Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat. Our vacation weekend happened to correspond with the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival, which worked out perfectly! This faire is unique compared to others I have been too. It is actually quite large but has a small or starter faire feel.
I was able to finish the UFO sleeves to a wearable stage so I had new sleeves to debut. Afterwards I finished all the beading on them. All I have left are the wrist closures which are just tacked closed right now.  I am going to make buttons for them using the method I learned at Costume College this year. I'm counting them as finished for now, though.

My favorite picture from the day.
sunglasses cropped
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Hubby can no longer update our computer. Last two times he has he has crashed it. I just hate losing everything since the last back up. And all my book marks and favorites. Still waiting to get back on it. The phone is good to keep withdrawals at bay but my LJing, email, and 365 project are suffering.
In happier news. Hubby said if jobs and money allow. I will get to go to more Ren faires this year. AZ, las Vegas, and southern Californias. Woot!

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My hubby is fired as photographer. He kept taking pics of me but all of them were just random crappy ones of things like my nose or arm. But I promised a pics so here is the best out of all that were taken of the costume I am working on.
steampunk lolita         steampunk lolita
The Cal City Ren faire was okay. It is very small. They had two clothing booths, one food booth, one stage and maybe 6-7 other booths. It did have a hair braider though... That was always a way to get points on the Llyra's Ranking of Ren faires meter.  So I say the faire is eh. Which is good, it wasn't Bleh... but it is just, eh.....



Oct. 16th, 2008 08:41 pm
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I finished up my steampunk lolita chemise. I am pretty happy with it. Only two things I can complain about. The first I could possibly fix if I find something better so I am hoping I find something better. In attempts to bring more steampunk into this costume I fashioned buttons out of gears and a bead... Its just sort of eh.... So on the look out for something yummier.... The other complaint is with the actual pattern. I can't really reach in front or across in front of myself. The back is to snug and I pop my buttons off... Yes I have already accomplished it once... Not sure how to fix that one because when I am standing in a neutral stance the back is sort of lose... Perhaps when I have the corset on this will go away or not be noticable... or it will make it worse... one or the two. *grin*
Pics to come after the faire. My hubby is good for one lacing into a corset every..... 6 months or so, if I have him lace me into it today he won't this weekend.
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I know this is a complete long shot but who knows. This Saturday, the 18th I will be going to my hometown Ren faire. http://www.calcityrenfair.org/index.html I doubt anyone has even heard of it but was wondering if anyone would be attending this faire. Would love to meet up with anyone on my friends list who might be going.
The other events which more of my friends list might be attending that I am going to are the Escondido Ren faire, and the World Invitational Joust. I am not sure yet if I am going the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November for the Escondido Ren faire. It will probably depend on when/if other people are going.
Sadly I don't have a costume to wear to the faire. I really need to make myself a peasant costume to just wear, which is on my sewing to do list. Its just with me being the slowest sewer ever I don't think I could get it done in time for Escondido much less the Cal city faire. So I am going to be bad and wear parts of my Steampunk costume. The chemise (if I can finish it) and the corset. If you come with me feel free to be snarkish!


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