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 they cannot sleep, despite taking their sleepy pill. They move on with their sewing. Finished up another set of pj bottoms. Only one more to go! I made this one for my hubby but I may steal them from him. They are cute monkey's in  browns and tans.  They are knee length shorts, and I went with no pockets on this one. Feels good to be getting closer to done with UFOs and misc other sewing so I can feel no guilt working on costumes. Let's see, whats left in my count... 1 full pj set, 1 baby blanket quilt, a throw sized quilt, and the actual quilting of hubby's quilt.
I am not sure if I mentioned it here before but I marked off straight edges to start work on the black work around low neck chemise. Not much but it is a start back on costume work.
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Sooo.....Thursday night I did something to my hand, by something I mean I have NO clue what exactly I did. I might have slept on it wrong.... I have no clue. Anyway, woke up Friday morning and it felt like the pinkie side of my hand was asleep and I had absolutely no motor control in my pinkie or ring finger and to some extent all my fingers. I could grasp things correctly, I couldn't type, I couldn't even buckle my pants!
As of now my pinkie still feels a little off and the ring finger and pinkie are still fighting me to do certain things that should come easy, like say... typing or embroidery. My guess is I messed up the tendon in my hand.  My pinkie and ring finger are doing an odd curling thing and when I use them I can see the tendon (or ligament) pulling in oddly at my palm. It does not do this on the other hand so its not a normal thing. It is getting better but at the same time the last few days have been stressful.  I use my hands in a lot of small very precise movements. It would be terrifing to lose that....

In other less depressing news. I made up my sewing list for the new year! Its hanging proudly on my sewing corkboard. I am really hoping for good things this year on finishing things! I also plan on challenging myself. Not only on finishing things but on trying to do those things I don't think I am ready for.  Will see how well it works out....
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Now that Comic Con is over, and I have had a few days to recover I want to start focusing on my Costume College sewing. I have two steampunk costumes that I never finished and I think it would be great fun to attempt to finish them. The Bonus track IS steampunk for pete's sake. I am in no way getting my hopes up though. I know I am the slowest sewer.  But I would kick myself if I didn't try. I mean I have a whole extra week compared to last year.

My sewing list, because I work better with barney style list. )
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After seeing everyone elses for 2009 I feel extra bad at how little I really got done this year. :( But here is my post non the less.


Finished sewing projects )

Started but not finished. )

ETA: 50's inspired dress for my cousin's wedding.

My plan for 2010. I know I won't get it all done but lets hope its a better year then the last one.

Finish my Steampunk Lolita costume
Finish the Elegant Steampunk costume
Complete Elizabethean Autumn dress
Quilt for my bed
Blackwork Chemise
New Ren corset
New 18c corset
Edwardian Long line Corset
Edwardian Undies
Striped polonaise

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I haven't had the time to really sit down and write out my post Comic Con and Costume College posts. So much going on right now. I was able to plan my costuming for the next year though. I guess I am jumping on the band wagon of Costume College being my end of year point for costuming, though its not for sewing with Halloween and Christmas around the bend. Anyways here is the plans for the next year.

Fix Generic Ren Faire dress' bodice by October
Finish Genderic Ren Faire dress' sleeves by October
Jedi Costume by Halloween
Sith Costume by Halloween
Snowman X-Stitch by December
Quilted Bear by Christmas
Masquerade Costume by Comic Con/July
Jedi Costume by Comic Con/July
18c Scallop Dress Costume College/Aug
Finish Steampunk Lolita by Costume College/Aug
Bolero/Bustle Steampunk by Costume College/Aug
Edwardian Undies by Costume College/ Aug
Finish all the already cut out PJs
Pillow x-stitch
Toddler's sleeping Beauty

There maybe a few more that find their way in there, And more than likely alot of them won't get done with how slow I actually sew. But that is the plans!
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HA! Livejournal will bend to my will. I guess the newest version of explorer that I am using is a beta and Livejournal doesn't play with the beta versions of browsers. SO I couldn't post for anything. I have fixed that problem! *muhahahaha*
Since my last post I haven't been working on costumes. This saddens me a little because I would really like to be, but I have still been busy and creative. My current project is a set of baby items. I have a hooded blanket, a quilt and a bib in the works. I maybe working on a second set of baby items for another friend of my husbands but that is not certain yet. I know I have plenty enough fleece if need be so that part doesn't bother me. The only problem is I want to be working on pretty dresses. While organizing my new sewing room I was going through all my pretties which started my desire and then a few days ago a friend was going through her stuff which she will be selling. All BEAUTIFUL stuff. I was able to snag up a few pieces (okay so its close to 100 yards of stuff but in comparasian to what she is getting rid of its only a bit of it.) So now I have visions of Ren nobles and 17th century beauties for both myself and even my hubby. I WANT!!!! It really is a shame I am not a faster sewer. I don't want to lose the drive to create these costumes!
So I have decided I should start making my sewing list for the rest of this year and 2009. A lot of it is conditional on whether or not I get into Costume College... Oh well if I don't I will have the outfits for later events.
Other exciting news is my hubby finally bought me a new machine. Her name is Emma. She is a Viking Emerald 118. So far she has been a dream to sew on. Much smoother and quieter then my Singer. Very happy with her!
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Only one more day and a wake up call and then I am on a plane to the states. WOOOO. I have most of my stuff already packed. I really hope I don't forget something. I guess I could always buy it in the states but that would suck. So.... just so I don't accidently forget something I am already packing up my sewing projects in whatever state they happen to be in. I think I am doing okay.... But a wee bit of the panic of trying to get the projects done in time is creeping in. Here is that list. Things were added.... But things have been crossed off too!

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 Today has been a total waste so far, for sewing but I think my body needed  a break. I went to bible study in the morning and came home and slept. I woke up about 45 mins ago and have done a little more packing. Went through my beads and picked out which ones I might use for the steampunk accesories, Henry and my new plan for my third day costume. I guess that will have to be a secret for everyone but Avien simply because I am not sure if it will get done. I was also able to find some scrap pieces of the Regency dress to test tension on so thats one more thing off my list. Always a good thing! So I guess if I get no more sewing done today I took two things off my list.... SO many more to go.

Up late

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:39 am
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And it still seems like I barely got anything done. Yesterday I sewed all the pieces to each layer together, ironed all the seams open (yes I actually did this step for a change!) pinned all the gussets and started basting them in.  I still need to finish basting, then I can sew in the gussets and sew the layers together and add needed boning channels. At least another full days work. *sigh* 5 days and counting until I get on the airplane.
Because I work better with lists I am resorting back to that.
The list )

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great. Though I must admit I miss home ALOT! Not to much longer I guess. Santa was good to me this year. I got alot of DVD series, a new Ipod nano, guild wars, art books, and a new costuming book. I have been playing Guild wars a bit everyday trying to get a hang of the new controls. Last time I played it was all text base. No two pointing controls just to move. I have gotten to level 7 so I can't be doing to bad by my lonesome.... I think.
I got my husband to teach me how to do the whole Itunes thing. So now I am downloading my CDs. I think I am the only person in the world who could care less about downloading the music. I like owning the CD. Yes I want it on my ipod to work out with or take in the car/plane. But I want the CD also.
I need to start focusing on my sewing. I have 4 months to finish two costume, put finishing touches on another, and start 5. ACK! So expect to see some sewing lists to start appearing soon!
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 I am crazier then a bed bug. I have agreed to make a toddler a halloween costume and participate in a Halloween costume contest :).  Thank goodness for the two weeks off before the next term. So here is a revised sewing list  and to do list that needs to be completed before Halloween.
Now if I am able to fit the steampunk costume in there I am going to wear that one instead of the Regency one. But I need a fall back in case.
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I know I am posting alot today. This is the last one I promise. Just wanted to get my sewing list up.

I am trying to put Chris' costue before the Autumn dress so he can wear it for Halloween. I was going to make a poodle skirt for myself.... but the call of the Steampunk apron/outfit is starting to become hard to resist.... It would make a good Halloween costume. And it would be another costume I could wear to Costume Con.  Avien sort of convinced me when she said if I made it we could both wear ours to Costume Con..... Will have to talk to hubby to make sure he doesn't mind the possible need for more fabrics..... or... I could start going through my stash now and see if I have any that would work out.... that way when I ask him I can say I have these I only need these.... More pondering....

New list

Aug. 28th, 2007 01:43 pm
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It's that time, I need a new list. Again behind a cut for those not interested.

Sometimes I really wish my hubby wasn't color blind. It is nice to have a second set of eyes to look over clolor schemes or tell you their opinion on if the ties should be black or white.... *le sigh*


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