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Little wanted to say hi.

Bonus: sneak peek of the Victorian Explorer becoming Steamafied. Better pics after SLCC because I know it'll look better on me.
Another sneak peek

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Will try to finish this up before work. 
I didn't have enough to wear one thing during the day and one thing at night so I just wore the Steampunk the whole day. I am very happy with that costume. Its at last completely done, except maybe a few accessories.
I took a few classes that morning. Then I went and parked myself in the sewing retreat in attempts to finally get my sleeves in. Those things were just plain evil!!!! I tore the one out 3 times and broke my needle and had to ask the other gals if they had one. BUT while there I caught two learning circles I really enjoyed. Bess' cut lace and [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb and [livejournal.com profile] girliegirl32786  class.
It was about half way into Bess' class that the headache and dizziness started. Which I feel so dumb about. I should of known better. As you can see in the above pics I was crazily overheated yet I still didn't eat or drink anything all day. When I got back to the room I joined my roommates who were going to dinner and then the ice cream social.  I enjoyed standing off to the side and just watching all the costumes go by. I retired early, because  I was determined to finish putting in the hanging sleeves. Headache only got worse and by the time I finally went to sleep it had graduated into a migrane complete with auras. Needless to say it was night two of little to no sleep.
Saturday morning I woke up, still had headache but its edge was gone. But I had the added benefit of having a stuffy nose and sore throat. I was able to finish up the last three inches or so of the hanging sleeve, YEA! and got dressed in my 50's dress. I also did my hair in a retro style. As long as it doesn't involve curls I kind of have an idea of what I am doing. No pictures of that but its really not that exciting.
I had my partlets and gollars limited class that morning. Not what I thought it was going to be... but I will have an extra costume piece for my Ren faire garb if I ever hit up a faire that is cold. Afterwards it was back to the sewing room. Where I finished up the each pjs. Thankfully those were super easy.
Then back to the room to SLOWLY get dressed for the gala.

Yes my head has been cut off on purpose. See rosy cheeks in first pics. Times that by about 10. It was way to warm in that room. Or this gown is really heavy... or I was sick... or all of the above. But one thing I did forget to pack was make up. I have seen other pics of this outfit that are tons better that I will see if I can get from their owners and add them later. I had the 3 foot rule in effect with this gown though. Still a lot I have and want to get done still. But I had a great sense of accomplishment. This is the third thing on my list from when I started sewing that I wanted to make one day. Its about 5 years in the planning process and at last it is getting done. I can finally see what I was envisioning and that is just mind boggling.
I did enjoy a nice dinner but the headache was starting to peak again so I only mingled a short while after dinner. I wanted to be sociable so bad too. I got to see [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson 's fancy dress. I WANT ONE! [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat  and [livejournal.com profile] girliegirl32786 's evening spotty gowns, [livejournal.com profile] gilded_garb  EPIC pink ball gown, and a hundred other just awesome creations. I wish my camera battery didn't decide then was a good time to die. Shortly after though it was off to bed for me.

Sunday I woke up and just wanted to go home. But I forced myself to stay for a few classes. I am glad I did! I took Trystan's Elisabethean hair class. I can't wait to try out what she taught. She made it soooo simple too. After that class though I called hubby and asked him to pick me up so we could go home.
I wore my Beach Pajamas. They were sooo comfy. 
And that was my costume collge. I am excited for next year!  I will show my loot later its time to get ready for work.
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I finished cleaning up my sewing room. It included getting two more bins because the fabric just was not fitting anymore. This means my book is not up to date. Which with my ocdness is driving me crazy. Perhaps now I will go to keeping the database on the computer. Besides the cleaning I have gotten two... maybe more motifs done with my blackwork.
I started a new dog blanket with left over fleece and flannel scraps. Didn't finish it because I wasn't feeling it. I am not a dog person......
Besides that I have only taken apart old curtains to make a set that fit my mini window in my sewing room. But that didn't require sewing just a seam ripper.
I have a new favorite site. Urban threads. Fun embroidery projects. Kind if bummedthey coome with no pattern but still fun and at $1.00 a pop I can free hand. They have some great steampunk stuff under their retro catagory.
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My steam for this costume is running out. I have glitter, sequins, feathers, fabric paint, crystals, rhinestones... and I am still losing my love for it. I think part of the problem is I can't share with anyone how it is going, until after Comic Con. The other reason and I think the main one,  is I have no movies that fit this genre. I always watch one of my eye candy movies for the type of costume I am making but I don't have any for this one. *sigh*
Not to much left though. The headpiece which I am pausing on because everyone keeps telling me it looks like everything but what it is suppose to look like and that discourages me.
I have to finish one more panel of the black fabric paint and one and a half of the sliver, and two of the glitter for the skirt, then sew it up. My dad is helping me with one element of it on Sunday and then... I think thats it. Well besides adding more bling. There can never be enough of that.
Kind of excited for it to be done so I can work on stuff for Costume College. I would LOVE to complete my two steampunk costumes... doubt I will but that would be wonderful!
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This training is seriously exhausting! I want it to be the weekend already. I know I know it will be friday in a matter of 3 hours but I am beyond done already. I have a BURNING desire to sew, even if it is just more boring quilt squares. Knowing how I feel right now though.... sleep is all I can garuntee for sure. Its sad too. I am MAYBE 2 inches from finishing one sleeves embroidery and I have not made my 4 a day quota in quite some time.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not include the Comic Con costume I HAVE to make, finishing both of my steampunk costumes, or starting my Autumn dress' undies. The are all musts in my eyes, that HAVE to be done before Costume College. And if I was to lose my mind completely I would say I want to finish the 50's dress that I had started, (It needs some adjustments to the bust darts and its one of those things that is being put to the side until I have lots of time to futz with it properly, since I have never tackled that type of fitting issue before.), my secret project's undies, and the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress. *sigh*
I think I should go to bed and quit letting my delirious mind ramble.
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REALLY don't want to be doing my homework right now. Would love to be.... Sewing.
Last weekend I picked back up the Elegant Steampunk corset. http://www.llyra-fantasyfae.com/steampunk.htm
That's, that project's new name. It was my steampunk apron outfit. While I really do enjoy how the apron came out, I didn't think ahead to the fact that I would be wearing a corset with it and it sits horribly on me when I wear the corset. So I decided to scrap the apron part of it. I think it will make me happier in the end. I have also been embroidering away. I have probably one and a half hoopings left and I will be done with the neck part. Makes me very very happy!!!!


Oct. 16th, 2008 08:41 pm
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I finished up my steampunk lolita chemise. I am pretty happy with it. Only two things I can complain about. The first I could possibly fix if I find something better so I am hoping I find something better. In attempts to bring more steampunk into this costume I fashioned buttons out of gears and a bead... Its just sort of eh.... So on the look out for something yummier.... The other complaint is with the actual pattern. I can't really reach in front or across in front of myself. The back is to snug and I pop my buttons off... Yes I have already accomplished it once... Not sure how to fix that one because when I am standing in a neutral stance the back is sort of lose... Perhaps when I have the corset on this will go away or not be noticable... or it will make it worse... one or the two. *grin*
Pics to come after the faire. My hubby is good for one lacing into a corset every..... 6 months or so, if I have him lace me into it today he won't this weekend.

I am back

Aug. 24th, 2008 11:10 am
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Its been awhile so I am sure I will forget something of great interest that happened but I will attempt to sum things up. 
We still do not have our stuff. It really does take a while for your stuff to follow you on the boat. Both hubby and I agree we just want our bed. They can have the rest for a few weeks more if they give us our bed already.  Well my sewing stuff would be nice also.
The week before last  [profile] aviendioraand I had a bit of a sew-a-thon. She was nice enough to let me raid a good bit of her supplies and gave me use of her skills and machines.  The goal was a steampunk like outfit to wear to a local cotuming event. We didn't get quite as far as we were hoping. But for one week of a few hours each day I think we did a great job! It was a new achievement for me. A corset done start to finish in a week. Okay it wasn't completely done... Side biding and eyelets were not complete, but still in a week!!!! that is great! I have Avien to thank for the skirt... I don't think I even touched that.... oh man.... I didn't. I really really owe her on that one. It is sooooo much fun. It has ruffles... Lots and lots of ruffles. In fact 65 yards of ruffles, IN ONE SKIRT. Lovely fun. This costume will be my Halloween costume in the end. The skirt is actually the petticoat. When I eventually find my camera cord and steal a few pics from Avien and Ryhnn I will be putting them up... more and likely on my webpage but I will make sure to put in a link.
Thats all I have actually been sewing on. Well unless you count cross stitching as sewing. I still haven't finished that up and her birthday was a month ago. I am to the back and straight stitching part so the end is near.
I have on the other hand been plotting and planning. I really really hope to get in to Costume College this year. Last year I tried many times to pick up memberships that people were selling because they could no longer go. No luck though I was always the third person to write them. I am hoping to get in this year withthe lottery. I sent in my membership request for the costuming guild west, in hopes that my odds go up. I really want to go though. I have been plotting and planning what I will sew this year. It all sort of depends on if I get in. I have been watching my friends list. They have already started on their costumes. 18th century fun....
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Hi all!
I am back in Japan. Okay I have been back for a couple days but it took me those couple days to get everything unpacked and put away. Catch up on the whirlwind that is my life right now and update my website/dress diaries.
Costume Con was cool. Not exactly what I was expecting but I think I was more geared towards a bigger Con. I also think some of my problem is I am a social reject really shy. If I could get over that I am sure things would be a tad more fun. An example is

[personal profile] koshka_the_cat came up to the group I was standing with and had said something about recognizing my name from LJ. All I could do is nod and mumble something like "yea"........ So if anyone came up to me and I seemed stuck up and didn't want to talk to you... that is really not it, I sware!
I very much enjoyed EVERYONE else's costumes which I know I wouldn't have seen at the bigger Cons. Mostly because there is no reason for a historical costume there. And that was by far some of my favorite parts!!!!! I have decided I really need to enter a masqurade. Not sure for what but that is where the fun seemed to be.
I was very pleased with how the Japanese Regency came out. Much Much Much thanks to [profile] aviendiora . She helped me so much with getting it done. I was a bit upset that hers was not able to get finished also, especially after all the help she had given me. She insists that it was okay because she had lots of other costumes to wear. I think I still owe her.  My steampunk still needs ALOT of work but it was fun to get to wear it out for awhile. I need to completely redo the corset. The instructions I used were not the best. At least not for the fabric I used. I want to redo the chemise also. Not enough poof at the chest. I have also decided there must be a bolero with this outfit. The picture was taken at the end of the day when the wool of the apron had begun to irritate me and I had taken off the cute Lolita hat so the people behind me in the masqurade would still be able to see.

I also wore my Regency gown but it seems no pictures were taken of that one.

In other news, my husband has been fighting with his chain of command while I was gone. He final got fed up and jumped them to talk to his detailer himself. Its a good thing he did. We will be going to San Diego after all!!!!!!!!!! It won't be for him to go to school which is what we wanted but we will be in San Diego and not out on our butts with no jobs. This makes me very very happy because it gives us time to get ourselves set up with housing, jobs, school before we are thrown out of the military system completely.
And of course greedy me is already thinking Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which we will be going to. We just need to figure out hotel/accomadations stuff.




Up late

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:39 am
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And it still seems like I barely got anything done. Yesterday I sewed all the pieces to each layer together, ironed all the seams open (yes I actually did this step for a change!) pinned all the gussets and started basting them in.  I still need to finish basting, then I can sew in the gussets and sew the layers together and add needed boning channels. At least another full days work. *sigh* 5 days and counting until I get on the airplane.
Because I work better with lists I am resorting back to that.
The list )


Baby steps

Apr. 12th, 2008 10:18 am
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I am making progress on the costumes though it really seems like nothing with the deadline looming overhead. I am going to be still working on them when I get to Avien's house. Probably even ont he drive up to Costume Con.
I ripped out the panel that tore on the Steampunk corset. That was such a pain in the butt!
I cut out all the pieces for the Regency corset, sewed the interlining pieces, and pinned the cover fabric pieces.  And that was it for yesterday. Well I did have to buy the lining fabric which slowed me down a little... But that is barely an excuse.
This weekend is all about sewing.  I have banned myself from all internet except for email and LJ. Hopefully that helps some. I still have to get to the gym. *boooo* So that is where I am off to so I can get back and sew already.
Still no news on my husbands extention.
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 It looks like my husband may get to extend here for 3 more months. Untill I actually see it I am not holding my breath. I am tired of how things get changed and messed up. *GRRRRR* But on a promise to my husband I am proceeding as if I am going to Costume Con. He is very very adament that I go.  He knows how much I have wanted to. And with the extention I have no excuse not to go, since my biggest excuse was I wouldn't be able to help him with the move. 
So I forced myself to work on costuming projects. I pulled out the pattern and fabric for the Regency corset. Finished a few seams and sewed on the strap button for  the apron. Packed up two boxes filled with accessories, beads, and my Regency costume, and my corset muslin to be sent to Avien. Not a whole lot but definatly progress for someone whose nerves are still fried.
I have decided I am going to have to rip out the panel that ripped, along with the binding:(. For now I am just going to replace it. In the long run it will have to be completely redone. I knew it needed another layer for strength but it since it was the first time I had done a Victorian corset I went along blindly thinking the waist ribbon would be enough. HA! Now I know to go with my gut. I just have to pray and hope it doesn't rip again at Costume Con.
Does anyone know if  you can bring needles and mini sciccors on the planes now? I figure that would be a good time to do Henry's costume since it has to be hand sewn anyway.
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Happy birthday to me, happy happy birthday to me. 
Can you believe my husband forgot to tell me happy birthday. Yea..... as far as birthdays go this one was not that great. I did get ice cream cake and one of my friends here  got me a necklace that says friendship in Japanese. She pretty much saved my birthday. Then my parents called me at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That secretly brought a smile to my face even though I was tired. As my parents said it may not have been my birthday in Japan anymore but it was still in the states. They are leaving on a cruise today to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  GO THEM!!!! 
I finished my steampunk corset a couple days ago. For the life of me I cannot find my camera though. As soon as I do my webpage will be updated. My plan is to spend today working on the chemise/shirt to go with it. I am completely drafting this on my own so if it sucks I buy more fabric and bring it with me to work on at Avien's.  I have a little over two more weeks *CHEER* The Autumn dress has been put aside. My goal with that one now is by this Ren faire season. I am going to bring my Regency instead. I figure its not to bad of an idea even though the costume is considered old now. It has never been worn in the states so its still new. :) I will start on my Japanese Regency corset this week. Probably after I finish up this chemise/shirt.
I think that is my update for now. Its been forever I know:)


Feb. 26th, 2008 10:59 am
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I haven't posted in awhile but I have been busy. Just doesn't seem like I have alot to show for it :( I guess that is what you get when the majority of it is hand sewed.  The apron is getting really close to done. I am ordering black cotton velvet today for the bottom hem, which will also be used in the Autumn dress. I need to finish attaching the top straps to the sides.  Still playing around with how I want that to look.  Avien was nice and gave me a suggestion for how to finish up the outer edges.  Single fold bias tape.... Still not sure why I can't think up these things by myself.  Thank goodness for patient sewing friends.  
I thought I would have to order that and wait for it since I have never used it before. Lets just say its a good thing I went through my stash first.  A couple years back a Jo anns I lived near had gone out of business and I stocked up on all sorts of random goodness. I guess I had picked up one package of black single fold bais tape at that time. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! So that has been attached and I just need to take an iron after things. So to finish up the arpon I need to attach two big pockets and put the embroideried gears (still need to do one more of those) on them, iron everything down topstitching or hand sewing as needed,  attach the top straps to the sides, sew on a bottom hem, and then attach all the hooks, gears, claps, and steampunkiness goodies. Not to much right?
I have also been slowly, say one or two motifies a day taking off the stablizer backing on the embriodery Avien did for me.  I have the forepart all done and might cut that out soon.  I am very excited about it all and wish I didn't have school and I wasn't trying to lose weight by April so I could just sew. 
I have pictures of everything so if your interested make sure to check my website..... probably tomorrow.  I will have them up in the updates to the steampunk page.
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 I have been busy playing away on GW.  I have a total of 6 characters now. :) Most of them still little ones. I don't think I have really mentioned them.

It hasn't all been about guild wars though I have been slowly tearing away stablizer when I have a free moment or two. Avien was able to finsh my embroidery and it is gorgeous. I am in love. I have been trying to figure out beading for it but am having a hard time because I don't want to cover any of the embroidery. It looks so yummy I don't want it covered with stuff. I am witholding pics until it is attached to the acutal costume. Its my little guilty pleasure right now. NOT SHARING!
I didn't get to far with the steampunk apron as planned because when I went to sweep the floor so I could set the fabric out to cut it I ended up cleaning the house instead. Which is a good thing... but not what I had started with. So now I am going to go and cut it. Going to attempt to ban myself from GW and most of the interent, except LJ and emai of course until its on its way to being done. April will be here before I know it and I will have all of 1 costume done and two half costumes. And the one done won't be mine it'll be Henry's!!!!
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Last night I worked on the mock up of the gown my stuffed bear Henry is going to wear for Costume Con. I am using the pattern in the Tudor Talior scaled way down. The first mock up was a bit long so I cut 3 inches off the bottom. Now I think it might be a wee bit short. So I might had about half an inch back. Today I will hopefully work on the sleeve mock ups and then take pics and put them on my site. I will put the link on here when I do. 
The plan is to also cut out the pattern pieces for the steam punk apron. Or at least the skirt pieces. I will probably have to do a mock up of the bodice part to get that just right. I need to wash the wool first though. Anyone have any special advice for washing wool. I keep having visions of it shrinking away to nothing. 
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 Instead of jumping straight away into the next part of the steampunk costume today I started a mock up of Henry's outfit.... Why... no clue it just seemed like the thing to do. It was calling to me. Maybe it will be the side project while I do the apron.


Jan. 21st, 2008 10:11 pm
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I updated the Steampunk page on my website. There are pictures of the skirt up there also. :) http://www.llyra-fantasyfae.com/steampunk.htm


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:58 am
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I have been working away at the skirt.... slowly. Seems I get one-two seams done at a time. Last two night have been good though. I finished the lining shell last night. It is just waiting for the fashion fabric to be attached before I pleat them up together. The fashion fabric's shell is complete except the back seam. I wanted to add the trim to it first. I plotted the trim out on the skirt. 11 inches from the bottom, all the way around. Yea for some reason it looks all crocked probably has something to do with the panels. So I decided to baste the trim on first. This will be a lot of extra work, yards and yards of trim. But it will serve two purposes. Will help me see if the trim is straight when the skirt hangs AND if it is correct gives me a solid hopefully  straight basis to machine stitch off of . Every time I move pins I risk it getting thrown off and crocked (am I even spelling that word right???? sorry if its wrong).
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The petticoat is as far done a I can get it. I am waiting to see how much weight I lose with the boocamp so I am waiting to do the final gathering into the waistband until I know what size my waist is going to be. After that I will also hem it to the proper length. Didi is wearing it right now. I told myself it was so the fabric could hang like it needs to before heming then I thought about it and it will be hanging awhile in that case. Its okay Didi wanted to wear it. I think it looks really nice and its almost a shame its just undies and no one will see it. As soon as I find the motivation to pull Didi out of the sewing room and into the living room I will get a pic of it. My room is to small to get a decent full length shot. Onto the actual skirt today which should go faster because I have no need for french seams. I just have to work around studying for my math placement exam that I will be taking tomorrow.


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