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This one has been in my UFO bin for.... 2 + years. It was a limited class I took at Costume College 2011, if I'm remembering correctly. It was explained to me that it was called a Gollar. Like a partlet but worn on the outside of the garment and also for warmth not just modesty. Now I could be completely wrong, or there might be more to the story then I know, but that is what I got from the class. I like how the high collar looks and am grateful to have a new accessory to wear with my kirtle. The over gown is much to hot to wear out here during fair season. Even if this one is suppose to be for warmth it will be much cooler then the over gown. I am still playing with trim ideas. So far nothing has looked better then keeping it plain. It's a very nice dark black
DSC_0514wool. The first pictures shows it best. The buttons are from my stash. I have around 30 of them, intended to make my hubby a doublet. I have a feeling the doublet will never be, at least not for him. So I don't feel bad about re-purposing 2 of them.
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I've been unemployed for 9 days now. I am still in the "unsure" stage. Leading up to my last day I was so ready to be done with things. I had BIG plans on what I was going to do with my time off. Finally clean my house, get things put up on ebay/Etsy, SEW!!!!, you know stuff... The first week I did nothing. Minor picking up around the house but in general, nothing. I guess it really brings things home how much that place wore me out. Soul sucking more like. I am sure I will regret it more when we are back to living paycheck to paycheck but I am ready to start the next chapter of my life. Which is school starting Feb. 3.
So I still have two whole months to do all that ... you know stuff... :) My minor picking up the first week, and the last two days of actual cleaning in small doses has already helped.  There are small snapshots of cleanliness about the place now. I've also been knocking out some craft projects and UFOs.
- I finished my God-daughters' ornaments. I am waiting until I put the tree up before I show them off here.
- A set of Pjs I made last year had Iron on applique cherries on it. They started lifted after the first wash and have sat in the UFO bins since. I tacked down the the appliques and they are back in use!
- One of my go to hairpieces for Renaissance was looking pretty bad. It was starting to come undone in a lot of places and over all looked like a bad case of bed head. So I used the watered down glue tick I learned this year at CoCo and smoothed things out. There are still a few stray hairs but real hair isn't perfect either. It doesn't look like I slept in it anymore!  After I was done and it dried, I finally added pearls to the piece. Something I have wanted to do since I got it... 3 years ago? I like it!
- I attached lace to the sleeves of my Capt. America costume. Goal for today is to add it to the pants.
But I need to get off here to do that. I hope everybody had wonderful holidays!
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This has been sitting in my UFO bin for... 2 years i think. It's a panel that has all the pieces printed onto it, that you cut out and then sew together. I put it aside when it said serge or Zigzag the edges. Then I got my serger but forgot I had this project. I found it again and wanted a little practice before I started work on some pj bottoms. Good thing I practiced because the serger fought me the entire time! A 30 min project took 5 hours! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! But I do have a cute apron and another UFO out of the bin.

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These PJ bottoms have been sitting in my UFO box for well over a year. Well the fabric and pattern for them has. I started them on Wesnesday and finished them up yesterday night. I thought I would share their cuteness with everyone. Oh and my little sewing partner had to give them one last inspection. I jused the same colored ribbon, just bigger, that I used on the pocket you can see, on the drawstrings. It really brings out the cherries.  I like them! They are nice and baggy, almost huge, on me. Just the way I like my PJs.


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