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I kind of stalled out with my big plans of getting a lot of sewing done this week. I did work on things but I didn't really finish anything. I am recognizing a weakness I have. If things don't go as planned or if there is confusion I start procrastinating and over analyse EVERYTHING instead of picking a new plan and getting to it. My stall out this week week was the corset. I drafted it up to my measurements which I am usually pretty good at, with it only needing minor tweaks. Besides the bust it was several inches off. Stall moment #1. It didn't help that I then got insecure about having regain almost all the weight I lost at the beginning of the year, during this last month. Stress eater for the win.... or not. I borrowed the Gazelle my parents have and don't use and watching what I eat resumes tomorrow.
Having a plan broke me out of that stall moment. I added inches to the mock up, did another, and it fit. Feeling better I cut it out of my coutil. Sewed it together and did a few hold up to me tests. During one of those I realized the gussets were not shaped right. Despite pulling the corset closed to my body they had extra bunchy material, but I was getting stress pulls at the top of them. I tore them out which is actually a pain in the butt because its an elastic material. I re-cut them by making them longer but skinnier and lengthened the gusset, which resolved a lot of the problems. But I was still grumbly about the fit. Every time I tried to pull it to check the fit it would collapse around the waist area. And why was it suddenly such a pain to try and close it, to where I was doubting it would fit? Oh yea...mock up was in cotton muslin, final is coutil. One has a bit of stretch, the other doesn't... FUDGE!!!!!!!! This is where is started to stall out again. I added some boning to help with the collapsing but still couldn't tell if it was to small. I decided the only way to know at this point was to try and close it for real. This corset closes with hooks and eyes instead of lacing closed. Problem is I don't have enough heavy duty ones. So I have to wait until I go to town. Complete and utter stall out.
I tried to go onto another project and drafted a pattern for the kirtle top. But I couldn't bring myself to cut it out after what feels like a fail with the corset.
So I started another project. I needed something that I knew I could do with no problems. Instant gratification type project. So I pulled out my hat for the Explorer gown. The first time I wore it, it looked like the picture to the Right. Wasn't completely happy with it but it worked well enough with the simplicity of the gown. This may not have been the best project to work on in the state of mind I was in. If I had difficulty with whether or not to add trim to the waistcoat, I am sure you can imagine how adding trims and feather and flowers pretty much drove me bat shit crazy.
But after SEVERAL hours, an emptying of my millinery drawer, a raiding of my ribbon drawer and many different ideas later, I am pretty happy with what I came up with.

and after
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I guess the weekend wore me out more then I realized. I wasn't able to start any sort of write up until last night. Here's a link to the Victorian Explorer dress write-up.
I had a wonderful weekend. Hubby took a half day Friday so we could get an early start to try and beat traffic. I was still sewing on hooks and bars so we got a 40 min late start, and hit traffic because of an accident, but we still got to Vegas around 4:45. We pushed dinner back 45 mins and were able to get checked in, put our luggage in the room, and get down the street to meet Katherine for dinner. As fun as being in costume is I always enjoy having time to just chat.  After dinner we returned to our room so I could finish sewing buttons on.  While I was working on the costume the night before I was in the shower by 11:00. I count that as a success!  I would of been in bed by midnight but I had started having an allergic reaction, probably to the detergent the hotel uses, and we had to go in search of some Benadryl. But I was in bed by 12:45.
The next morning I was so excited that I got up before the alarm went off and was ready to go with about 30 mins to spare. I had Chris take my now tradition photo of me in costume at a slot machine.
We choose Red Rock Canyon Conservatory for our hike and picnic. It has a scenic drive that goes around the entire area with little turn-outs through-out. We stopped at a couple of them to take pictures, but ultimately decided to go down the road a bit more for the picnic area. It was far to windy to eat at the Conservatory. But the view was perfect for the Explorer type pictures I wanted to get.

There were a few more of the both of us, but I think I have a derpy face in all of them but this one.
More pictures under here. )

After lunch we packed up, I dropped her off, and we parted ways. As much as I hated to see it end I was starting to get tired and had gotten to the point where it was time to get out of my corset. Nothing a quick nap couldn't fix. I spent the rest of the weekend doing Vegas stuff with my hubby. Best birthday, by far, in a long time!
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I've started my buttons and a second set of eyes/opinions wanted.
I am making my buttons with little wooden blanks which give the button a very rounded shape.

This is my first victorian, so I don't know and it's why I'm asking, is this a correct shape? Should I continue on? I have seen a tutorial using a washer as the blank. Should I change gears and go that route?
I don't hate the round ones and it is what I have in hand but I don't want to continue with something that is obviously wrong.

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After fighting with the binding on one of the collars for much to long this evening I decided it wouldn't have a collar for this outing. I think the only way I would be happy with it is if I did it by hand and I don't have the time nor patience at this moment.

So I just bound the edges for now.
I have buttons and buttonholes left. I also have my hat to trim and a hair piece to figure out. I think it's doable in the time frame. (Less than 48 hrs and I'll be in Vegas!) I am bringing a handful of safety pins to be safe. ;)

My speech went well, my knees and voice didn't betray me this time, but my hands were shaking. the reacher said I need to smile and gesture more. I can work on the gesturing... But I don't know how much luck I will have with smiling. I'm an open book when it comes to how I feel. Unless I'm on stage... Yea... I know it makes no sense.
Midterm tomorrow. I've studied but don't feel confident. I have no clue what to study for this class. Will find out tomorrow if I'm on the right track studying wise or not.

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No new picture because it looks much the same as yesterday morning except the sleeves have been set in and the lining covers all the icky seams.
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I'm not sure how much I will get done today because I HAVE to have my speech memorized and able to be said without any hiccups for class tomorrow. That comes first and foremost. Boo to being responsible. But I can live with having to safety pin everything for the picnic vs. failing my speech so I can have everything on the dress done.
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My site upon crawling out of bed today. In the morning I don't hate it. I really kind of like it. So if the cuffs are out of proportion, oh well!

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I've been bad today sewing wise. I had the opportunity to go to the range and I took it. I am trying to add calibers to my gun card, and get efficient with my non dominant hand. So I need to put in as much practice as I can.
Then my youngest brother's girlfriend needed to vent and get out of the house so we had her come over for dinner and a Walking Dead marathon.
These sleeves have been evil so far. Too tight, then way too loose. Now their...okay. Below is where I am with the cuffs but the sleeves are not set into the dress yet. I decided I needed to sleep before I moved onto the next headache.
I really like these cuffs I am just a little weary they are to wide. :(

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The skirt facings did not want to play nicely. I had to tear the bottoms out at least 4 times so it would lie flat. *grrrrr* And hindsight is such a great thing..... I shouldn't have trimmed the skirt up. I need the extra couple inches to get it to pull back where I want it to. I will make it work but dang.... Also the front skirts of the dress will always have to be pulled back now. With the facings the skirt is to stiff and look gross down now. This was the way I wanted to wear it anyway so *shrug* but its something to keep in the back of my head for future projects.

The update picture isn't very interesting, because I am just showing the lining and facings. But  for my amusement here's the update picture and updated list.

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I still need to play with the draping of the bustle, but this is probably the coolest thing (to me) I've done, costuming wise.


Mar. 1st, 2014 11:28 pm
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I was incredibly surprised to have the second mock up come out needing only a few tweaks! I still need to conquer sleeves. But still YAY!!!! Crappy phone pics but proof:
mock up front mock up back
I also got my swatch today. I think it maybe perfect. Nice and thin. I am a little bummed I am breaking my attempt to have it all come from stash but I think it's better then overheating AND I am growing more and more fond of the white and green combo vs. all green. I'm excited again!!!
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I was able to get my Husband to help me into my corset today so I could check lengths and mark where I wanted the pleats to start. While I had everything on I snapped a quick picture.
Not to exciting yet, but I still like the shape. I am sure with the next picture the fun should begin. Knife pleats :) I didn't want to add any more bulk up top so I'm not having them go all the way to the waistband.
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DSC_0535This is what I did this weekend. Its finished in that I could wear it right now. But in tDSC_0536ruth it still needs
the buttons and buttonholes to be finished. I am officially not naked for this event. I don't know why but it always amuses me to make my costumes from the skin out and as I get more and more done to see how properly I will be dressed, or in the beginning, not so much. One day I will start out okay because I will no longer need all the undergarments.
My hope is this petticoat will give skirt enough support. I guess I will find out soon enough. :) Up next is the underskirt.
And no... I don't plan on wearing the 20s chemise under it all. I just didn't feel like undressing DiDi, and my chemise and corset for this one are still packed away. I will pull them out soon so I can get proper measurements. I will try and take more pictures then.
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I know I have been quiet. I am still working on the Victorian Explorer. Slower then I would like but I am also getting ready for school starting next week AND I am sort of working on an Queen Elsa (from Frozen) dress. I'll go into that more later.
When I was scaling up the Victorian Explorer polonaise I ran into a little frustration. I used my half bust measurement and the corresponding ruler. It would NEVER have fit. It may have fit a pre-teen girl. *frown* So I completely do no understand where I went wrong. I then took the measurements on the page, took a few of mine and realized I was approx half. So I used half of all the measurements. It looks like it MAY be on the big side. And I know it is to long. But that is adjusted more then the way way to small one. I was going to plunge right into making bigger one fit, THEN I remembered I still needed my petticoat. I had run out of the 1 inch grided interfacing so I was put on hold until I could run to town.
Despite not knowing which ruler to use vs. my half bust, I REALLY like scaling up a pattern the way the book tells you to. It all works of a grids and those measurements. I can easily wrap my mind around it. I just need to figure out where I went wrong with the ruler.
I got the interfacing last night so I hope to have the petticoat scaled up today. And hopefully finished this week. Depends how Queen Elsa goes, and a new messenger bag for school.
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To size up the Natural Bustle pattern. I think I finally understand the directions. Even if I don't fully it has to become bigger then  page size before I can even begin to make adjustments. I foresee several mock-ups.

I chose the Close-Fitting Polonaise pattern. The beginning description sounded to me to be exactly what I was looking for. "A Polonaise is nothing but a princess dress shortened in front and lengthened in back. The back is pleated on the side and then sewn to the side piece."  Hrrmmmm.... This could work. I am not sure exactly what is going on in the back because I can't see it but from what I can tell there is definitely SOMETHING going on. And from what I can tell how much fluff in the back is up to me. I'm not as concerned with the back. I want the underskirts pleats and the fold back on the polonaise part. That's what drew me to this fashion plate.
*sigh* I wish this part was over. Is it so much to ask for a fitted pattern that I can just work from. :)
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I almost forgot! I figured out which fabrics I would be using for the Victorian explorer. AND they are ALL from stash!


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