Aug. 13th, 2017

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hahaha..... just kidding. I'm just being horribly snarky, because a similarly worded post rubbed me wrong last year. But I did find not wearing a costume at all times surprisingly freeing. And yet at the same time sad. I missed wearing something that allowed people to come up and talk to tme about. You all know I'm awkward as all hell so what I was wearing has always been my crutch for conversations. Also, and this part is going to sound vain, but I missed being in more pics because I wasn't in a costume. That MAY be a good thing though because I hated how I looked in almost all of the pics I saw, because of my low body image, but I still missed it. One of my favorite things is and has always been getting selfies with you guys.
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That said it was really nice to not have to get up early to get into a costume. I am so not a morning person. I think I need to have super easy costumes for the day from now on. And I mean SUPER easy. No corset, and I can dress myself type costumes. Which means retro/vintage or cosplay. The other conclusion I came to this year was I don't want to change into a different costume Friday day vs Friday night. The social is so short and for introvert me SOOOOOO uncomfortable that I don't feel like its worth it. So unless there is a group project or I just HAVE to show off this super cool costume I made during the year, I'm not going to plan on something separate.At least that is my thought process right now. Who knows maybe next year after school is over with and life doesn't feel quite as overwhelming, I will change my mind.
I took two limited classes this year. Fiber-optic fairy wings and worbla. I probably knew everything the teacher had to teach in the worbla class, BUT with being a hands on learner I appreciated the chance to play. I did a lot of stuff I've never done in the fiber optics class but she was a first time teacher and it showed. She needed more time for her class AND she didn't have all the supplies. I was grumbly, (could of been made worse by it being Sunday) but it wasn't bad enough to not recommend the class.
So those who went to the Gala or after gala.... why was it so different this year? I didn't dance at all. I really didn't want to be there.... Was it just me? I'll admit right away to this year being off for me. School has put my head in a weird place. My confidence is low, I quicker to irritate, depression and anxiety are kind of high so it may have just been me. I found myself in momentarily dark places throughout the weekend, and I know those were just me. But people were quick to agree when a quiet room after party was suggested so I am assuming it wasn't just me who was feeling off about the Gala. I am hoping its a fixable thing. I enjoy the gala. I love seeing everyone in their prettiest pretties or coolest new costume. I enjoy sitting down to a meal with those people and talking. And dang it I like the dancing to "I like big butts" and "I will walk 500 miles" and the such.
The last thing I can really talk about CoCo, is pictures. I had fun with it. I kind of wish I had been a little more pushy about it. "Hey you, let me take your picture." I can't tell you guys how much I like it, and how much I want to grow with it. But my shyness and self doubt got the better of me with it, (remember above when I said it was a theme). A couple people said something along the lines of, "oh if you want to take my pic you can but I already have good pics of this." so I would back off taking it to mean they didn't want me to take their pics. You know all the self doubt talking, "you're not good enough and they think you suck and don't want you to take their pic," kind of things. I need to get a more "Yea, but you don't have a picture taken by me" type of attitude... just not as conceited. :) I am disappointed in myself. I couldn't get my camera to work in the inside lighting. I gave up fairly early and its been bugging me ever since on why. I figured it out today. I didn't adjust my ISO. Such a rookie mistake. UGH!!!! Here's the LINK to the ones I did get from the weekend. A couple of the ones from my cellphone that are of me, are not taken by me. :)
A few of my favorites: If these are of you and you don't like them let me know and I will make them disappear.
I know I shouldn't like the first one from a photographer's standpoint. The shadows and highlights are a little too intense. But I ADORE it.


Whereas the first one of these is a personal victory. Perfect timing. And
I thank Katherine for being game to get soaked. I loved those beach pajamas. So elegant!
Merja is gorgeous inside and out. I was happy to catch her laughing.


She looks ethereal in some of these photos. A combo of the lighting, the white, the beads glittering, and well it being her..... I want to take pictures of this dress in candlelight!
Angela looked so elegant. I think this outfit flattered and fit her perfectly. I'm glad she allowed me to pull her outside to take pics.

My favorite pic of me from CoCo 2017


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