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Since I am turning 30 29 for the second time this year hubby decided it would be a week long celebration. So far it's been good. Yesterday we celebrated withy parents and they gave me their present.

It's a working trendle sewing machine. It has its original manual, bobbins and feet. :)
Today my Travistocks from American Duchess arrived. I got the wide ones AND they fit!!!!!!! I was worried they wouldn't with my thick/muscular calves but they do. *squee*

I may tighten the buttons around the ankle but that's a definite maybe. I do recommend a button hook. I will be ordering one myself.

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Its almost officially over so I can say it now. It was kind of 'eh as far as bdays go but ice cream cupcakes and phone calls from my dad and my friend in Japan moved it up from a crappy bday to its current 'eh status. A Jo-Anns card also allows for future plotting of things needed. Half the fun of course is the plotting, since right now I really don't "NEED' anything for the Ren Wench costume I am working on. Except for those bloody lacng rings....  Alright so maybe it was an okay birthday since I am slightly excited about future plottings and another cupcake. Maybe I should wait until my homework is over for that cupcake and watch it with the firefly my hubby got me. *hehehehehe*
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Math has been my personal pain the rear the past couple days. I decided to move on to the next section in the chapter that way when the professor gets back to me I could give all my problems... this section... I had no problems with. I only got one problem wrong. What the heck!! My mind works in wierd ways. Wierd ways I tell you. So much grrrr in that. I also finished up half of my English homework. Biology is already done except two problems. Just half of the English work. Type it all up into the online class boxes and Gerontology (BOOOOOO). Not bad for a Wesnesday. And since I am not tired yet I am going to go handsew a little and watch an episode of Firefly. *cheer* Hubby got it for me for my b-day. He is so winning points for presents so far this year. Dr. Horrible and Firefly!
I can't stay up to late though because I have an interview for school tomorrow. Bartending school, I decided to just go for it. It has been something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, like years. Besides it is one of those things that no matter what happens with Chris and his work situtiation, I can do this anywhere AND it can work around my schedule with school. Hopefully there is more of a job market out there for a bartender than an ex-corspman.
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Happy birthday to me, happy happy birthday to me. 
Can you believe my husband forgot to tell me happy birthday. Yea..... as far as birthdays go this one was not that great. I did get ice cream cake and one of my friends here  got me a necklace that says friendship in Japanese. She pretty much saved my birthday. Then my parents called me at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That secretly brought a smile to my face even though I was tired. As my parents said it may not have been my birthday in Japan anymore but it was still in the states. They are leaving on a cruise today to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  GO THEM!!!! 
I finished my steampunk corset a couple days ago. For the life of me I cannot find my camera though. As soon as I do my webpage will be updated. My plan is to spend today working on the chemise/shirt to go with it. I am completely drafting this on my own so if it sucks I buy more fabric and bring it with me to work on at Avien's.  I have a little over two more weeks *CHEER* The Autumn dress has been put aside. My goal with that one now is by this Ren faire season. I am going to bring my Regency instead. I figure its not to bad of an idea even though the costume is considered old now. It has never been worn in the states so its still new. :) I will start on my Japanese Regency corset this week. Probably after I finish up this chemise/shirt.
I think that is my update for now. Its been forever I know:)


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