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And plus some. 7 total.

I am bummed though. I won't be going to the faire tomorrow. :( I was going to call off, which I don't have time for but oh well I will just take leave without pay. Nope. With our contract ending in a week they are getting stupid. I think they are trying to fire as many as possible so they won't have to pay unemployment. They have fired 3 in last 2 days. 2 of them were for calling off. I can't afford to not get unemployment so I will be at work tomorrow... And hating it!!!! 6 more working days... Then into the next chapter of my life. I have registered for 3 classes and hope to get more after I talk to the counselor.

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I have so much I need to update on. Hopefully I will get moment soon that isn't preoccupied by other need to do things.

First thing finished in the new year. The last of the Christmas pjs.

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Crazy inmate has moved on. Day went by so much nicer. Actually came home and was able to finish up my first set of Christmas pjs. Don't tell the serger but I think I am finally figuring it out.

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 they cannot sleep, despite taking their sleepy pill. They move on with their sewing. Finished up another set of pj bottoms. Only one more to go! I made this one for my hubby but I may steal them from him. They are cute monkey's in  browns and tans.  They are knee length shorts, and I went with no pockets on this one. Feels good to be getting closer to done with UFOs and misc other sewing so I can feel no guilt working on costumes. Let's see, whats left in my count... 1 full pj set, 1 baby blanket quilt, a throw sized quilt, and the actual quilting of hubby's quilt.
I am not sure if I mentioned it here before but I marked off straight edges to start work on the black work around low neck chemise. Not much but it is a start back on costume work.
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I was able to complete two sets of PJ bottoms over the past two days. That leaves only two in my UFO pile and I am done with PJ bottoms for awhile. At least until November when Jo-Anns has their awesome flannel sale. I am trying to decide if I should push on with them or switch over to quilts. I am getting bored of the pjs and am afraid I wont be as productive on them..... but then again to finally have them done and not in a big pile under my sewing table is attractive.
Here's a pic of one of them. Finally a pair for me! Its the fabric I got this summer in the fabric district, and since its sorta warming up I figured it was time to complete my summer pjs. I love the appliques. They make me happy!
Can't get it to go smaller so under the cut. )
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Just a small picture post to show what I have been up to sewing wise.
click to see )
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First X-mas present finished!

And the pocket I am proud of.

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I'm in a slump. No clue why but its definatly creeping in and slowly buring me. suckage!
But I have been slightly productive. I added some reflective tape to my dogs collar. We have been taking him for walks and with it getting darker sooner, I felt better if he had something to show where he was... or at least that was the theory. Not sure if it works. We have no street lights out here and it still seems really dark. Maybe I should get glow in the dark hair spray for him.
I have finished up one side seam and half a sleeve for the chemise. Just have to finish flat felling the other half of the sleeve then I can move onto to the other side. With how its fraying I thought that would be the best idea. It would suck to put in the wrist band and what not and have the other side just fray away. 
Only other thing I have been working on is my brother's Spider Man pj bottoms.  I put in my first, inseam or in hip, the book said both, pocket. I also added piping to the sides. OHHH and AHHHS my PJs are getting fancy.
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I finished up the PJs tonight. I would have finished yesterday if the power hadn't gone out. I personally think they are cutest ones I have done yet. Especially LOVE the ribbon detail on the pockets. Its two ribbons that I sewed together. They actually came out fairly straight and not crocked as a snakes butt (just for you Avien) as my normal things that should be straight come out. 
 The same fabric that I used for the pockets is also the 'cuff' at the bottom of each leg. I like them. I hope my sister-in-law does too.

I also got a bit of work done on the Corset/bodice for my SDCC costume. I was able to put it on today and get little fitting issues marked. Not to many. I am excited about that. Need to add a few more lacing loops, take in two seams at the hips on each side, add a few more bones, add some twill tape to the bust curve, Bone the modesty panel... and I think that is it... I may remember more later. Once I get those done, Try it on one more time, and then I can add the velvet fashion fabric layer. Then all the other fun stuff :) Tonight I was able to unpick seams and boning channels for one side of the corset. It was a little harder then I thought it would be  to resew those seams but it eventually fell to my will.... or at least that is what I am telling myself.
The petticoat for this costume looks AWSOME! The second Petti is going to be sparkling goodness. I can't wait to show pictures but I think it best to wait until after Comic Con.
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So I have been pretty busy. Hubby and I are trying to buy a house. This is in no way an easy task. We had a beautiful house lined up. But it was a modular/manufactured home. No one wanted to give us a loan for that, except for our VA  or FHA loan. But we couldn't get those because the seller wouldn't pay for anything. *sigh* so the new house hunt is on. Very frusterating. Good news to that is Chris was able to extend till September.
I have been sewing. All sorts of misc things. I am still working on my SDCC project. That is all sorts of elaborate fun. I am so thankful to the friend helping me. I know it is going to be about 110% better then if I had done it the way I had planned. Besides just my vanity though I am also learning a WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bunch.
I have also been playing with quilting things. I made another baby blanket. This time for a cousin of mine. It's a premade quilt from Jo-Anns so not to much creativity from me, but I think it's cute none the less.  I have also been practicing on a few squares that I intend to use for a quilt for Chris and me. Not sure what I will be using the practice squares for but I figured it would be best to practice first.
I also got the fabric for a pair of Cherry PJs for my sister-in-law. She loves the colors black and red and was making alo of comments about the pair I made for her dad.... so I jumped on the idea when I found fabric with red cherries on a black background.


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