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Today has been one of those days... If I had a plate of brownies they would all be gone!
Sum up is work....
Today about 2/3rds of the way through my shift, I got my card saying I was Baton and Pepperball qualified. I asked my Sgt, "This means I can beat on them with sticks now, RIght?" He just shook his head and walked away. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Why can't I beat on them with a stick!!!!

CADD is starting to kick in. I really should work on Halloween costumes, which is finishing my Captain America and starting Hubby's Renaissance Batman garb. I should also work on some knit tops for my Mom, I only promised them a year ago.... But nope... I want to work on next year's possible Gala gown.

Thank you

Sep. 6th, 2012 03:30 pm
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I wanted to thank those who inputed on my pattern question. I truly appreciate it. I think I am going to get their jackets and corset pattern. My goal is to tweak it till I have a good lining/block pattern. Then I should be more confident to try things like the great tutorial Katherine posted not long ago. I am also investing in The Cut of Women's Clothes. It was on my wish list already, but I am going to splurge and get it sooner rather than later.
So, my funk is fading. Picture proof. My new work bag. We have to have clear bags for work and all the ones at the store were gaudy or boring. So I made my own!

It has two side pockets and a smaller non see through pocket inside for girly things. Its hard to see because I flipped them back but it has two sets of straps. The bottles of water I carry get HEAVY! So I needed the extra carrying strength.

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My meds came in the mail today. I feel so much better than I did Saturday but I am ready to start feeling "normal" again.  Its my late week at work. BOOO! I am hoping to still get something done, along with clean my house. But for now I think I am going to eat a cupcake, drink my hot chocolate, and then head to bed. Its already past midnight after all.
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While I didn't get much in the way of sewing done this weekend, I did get A LOT  of cleaning done. Somehow that is very satisfying. It has seriously been lacking since I started the new job. Of course if you saw the state of my sewing room you would know why nothing prodoctive has been done. My dad is going to help me put in permanant shelves and a hanging rod for my costume related stuff. Again Dad is made of awesome! It may still be a few weeks in the making but I am excited about that.
I have been mending a quilt. Dang thing was all but falling apart. But that isn't really exciting to post pictures about so I'll just close now and off to work I go.

Whoo hoooo

Jun. 6th, 2011 04:43 pm
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I can be excited about cocox2 again. My time off was approved. It won't be paid time off because I won't have been with the company 120 days but still, it was approved!

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 Getting use to working again has been a little exhausting. Maybe the first paycheck will help things. :) I am official now. I completed the training and got my badge. I am horribly horribly naive about the world. I learned ALOT in the training.
In only slightly more interesting news, I have gotten a bit of sewing done.  I thought I had the drawers for the IRCC done up to the hand sewing and embroidery, but when I tried them on for kicks and giggles the legs where doing an odd twisting thing. I am not sure exactly what I can do to change it but I am going to try making the gussets bigger. I think that will fix the problem. 
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 I finished my first week of training. I sort of feel like a weakling. It kicked my butt. I was exhausted everyday. But I also have a satisfaction from actually being out there and doing stuff. It looks like my job will be in the actual prison population after all.  Someone who tells you that doesn't bother them probably shouldn't work there, but I think I will be able to handle it. Honestly my main worry is I may not be able to get the time of for CoCox2. :( I am hoping to be able to ask them next week.
Because of the exhaustion I have gotten no sewing done. :( BUT I plan to use my three days weekend and get LOTS done.... Thats the hope anyway.
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 I don't have a start date yet. But I finally collected and filled out all the papers they need to send my background check to the Marshalls. They are pretty extensive about the info they need from you. Even though I haven't done anything wrong it got me paranoid about anything I have ever done.
So now its the waiting game. Knowing money will be coming in but broke as dirt and still stressing about money until it does.
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 I slept about 5 hours last night. (in the past two weeks I have had less every night so this is GOOD!!!!)
I got a call back about the job. I have been selected!!!!! 
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 I think if I don't get more than three hours of sleep in one go sometime soon I may just lose my mind.
In other news.... Kirtle )
JOb interview... )
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This training is seriously exhausting! I want it to be the weekend already. I know I know it will be friday in a matter of 3 hours but I am beyond done already. I have a BURNING desire to sew, even if it is just more boring quilt squares. Knowing how I feel right now though.... sleep is all I can garuntee for sure. Its sad too. I am MAYBE 2 inches from finishing one sleeves embroidery and I have not made my 4 a day quota in quite some time.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not include the Comic Con costume I HAVE to make, finishing both of my steampunk costumes, or starting my Autumn dress' undies. The are all musts in my eyes, that HAVE to be done before Costume College. And if I was to lose my mind completely I would say I want to finish the 50's dress that I had started, (It needs some adjustments to the bust darts and its one of those things that is being put to the side until I have lots of time to futz with it properly, since I have never tackled that type of fitting issue before.), my secret project's undies, and the Elizabethean version of the Autumn dress. *sigh*
I think I should go to bed and quit letting my delirious mind ramble.
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 because this is wearing me out! Not sure if I had updated on here but almost a month ago I got a job with the Census. This week I am in training for a crew leader position. I have two weeks left of school so not much more but it is still draining. I have had little strength/brainwave activity to do much else when I am done with those two. I hadn't sewn ANYTHING for over a month. I forced myself to pick up the blackwork last week and have gotten close to three inches further. Not a crazy amount but progress none the less.
Out of nowhere, or so it seems, about 4 members of my extended family are having babies.  So baby blankets are in the future two of them, both for boys, have been started. Which translates to the pieces have been cut out. Besides the 250 remaining squares I have to cut in half to make triangles.

I picked out farbics and a pattern for a little girl and the others sex has not been determined yet. At this rate I will have no new costumes for Costume College but some new babies will be warm... well I might have a new chemise.....
I do need to get to work on my Comic Con costume. I am just stressing I won't be able to get any tickets. :(
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Math has been my personal pain the rear the past couple days. I decided to move on to the next section in the chapter that way when the professor gets back to me I could give all my problems... this section... I had no problems with. I only got one problem wrong. What the heck!! My mind works in wierd ways. Wierd ways I tell you. So much grrrr in that. I also finished up half of my English homework. Biology is already done except two problems. Just half of the English work. Type it all up into the online class boxes and Gerontology (BOOOOOO). Not bad for a Wesnesday. And since I am not tired yet I am going to go handsew a little and watch an episode of Firefly. *cheer* Hubby got it for me for my b-day. He is so winning points for presents so far this year. Dr. Horrible and Firefly!
I can't stay up to late though because I have an interview for school tomorrow. Bartending school, I decided to just go for it. It has been something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, like years. Besides it is one of those things that no matter what happens with Chris and his work situtiation, I can do this anywhere AND it can work around my schedule with school. Hopefully there is more of a job market out there for a bartender than an ex-corspman.
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So today I had my first job interview. Seriously my first ever.... I just sorta got my first job and the Navy doesn't interview... unless you count MEPS in which case that is a horrible interview. I guess I did have one with the Japanese preschool but in all reailty that was my Japanese friend talking to the boss... I didn't say anything...
Anyway... after all the applications I have put through I finally got a call. I have been looking for 6 months!!!! Damn depressed economy. I think I did pretty well. I was able to answer all her questions with no ummns and uhhhhs. Was early and nicely dressed.... But even if I was excellent she had a HUGE stack of applications. I guess I will know by Friday if I got it or not because they want to hire someone NOW! Part of me really wants to get this job because we could use the money. It would make things a little less stressful. But the other part really doesn't. I don't want to be a meat handler. Even the interviewer warned me that this is NOT a glamor job.
I am going to go do some homework, that will help my blehs...


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