Jan. 12th, 2016


Jan. 12th, 2016 02:09 pm
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It's really hard to keep this up daily when some days are really really sucky. 2 days in a row I've had to wake up hours before my alarm goes off to mop floors because water is over flowing in the bathrooms from my hubby showering. We think the god-daughters blocked the pipe. Hubby thought he fixed it yesterday but no.... And last night Little had a weird episode that maybe a seizure??? I'm not sure if that was what it was because not all the dots that for me to say yea for sure were present. Whatever it was scared me to death. And I was rudely reminded he will not live forever. Which I don't want to think about, not my baby boy. I have tears rolling down my checks just typing this. I've forbidden him from ever doing it again. We are keeping an eye on him and if it happens again we'll take him to his arch enemy, the vet.
Okay so happy moments:
Jan 10: my costuming closet had enough bling and capes to make 3 very happy princesses
Jan 11: First thing of the year finished. Designed by the god daughters.


Jan. 12th, 2016 11:01 pm
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Jan 12- came home to my dad helping the hubby with the big toilet snake. My dad does these type of things all the time with his job working on the base houses. In an hour it was fixed! He thinks it might of been a root and a combo of the little girls using more TP than the house normally uses. Whatever it was its fixed and I can shower. And Little still seems okay. No repeats while we were home.


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