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and SDCC is a week prior. No pressure or anything.... *cue wild arm flailing and screaming*
Sad thing is I am just getting my sewing mojo back. Its not flooding back like I had hoped, but rather a small trickle. The only reason I sewed anything this last semester is because Katherine made me... joking of course, though if she hadn't planned events with me, I seriously wouldn't have made anything new. I have lots of ideas but the end of the semester/stress/anxiety let down/ depression is really strong this go around. I made A LOT of supplies orders the past couple days so hopefully that will kick me into gear. I only got one limited class this year. Which kind of sucks for two reasons. 1. I won't be getting the hands on portion of CoCo I love and 2. its a class I won't be needing now for another couple years. I had been planning to go to Williamsburg this winter but with my acceptance to the nursing program and hubby and I's budget crack down, it doesn't look like that is going to happen anymore. I'm still going to take the limited class, An 18th Century Bodice Pieced to Perfection, because I will still use the knowledge. I'm just not super excited about it anymore.
So now the good stuff. The possible CoCo line up. I say possible because none of it is finished and I haven't kicked this mood yet!!!!!
Thursday Pool party- uhhhhhhhhhhh yea....
Friday- Possibly the historical Star Wars if the group chooses today, or the linen GoT
Friday night- uhhhhhhhhhh
Saturday- I have a class so it'll be 18th century undies
Gala- If I finish it my Winter fairy if not... uhhhhhhhhh yea..... no clue....
Sunday- Possibly the historical Star Wars if the group chooses today, or the linen GoT

These are also possibilities. I am making a vault dweller from Fallout for my hsuband and I for SDCC. But I know Cosplay is not a big deal at CoCo

There's also steampunk Captain America

And also the regency teagown with the new overgown

So nothing big and new and grand from me this year. But hey, at least I can't wait to go. ONly 7 weeks!!!!! crap only 7 weeks!!!!!

Date: 2016-06-09 01:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mala-14.livejournal.com
You do have some lovely things to wear, even if they're not new. But best of luck on getting your sewing mojo back and getting things done!


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