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I tried to make it into a collage, because I think its cool to see how things like this progress over time, but couldn't figure it out where it didn't cute off parts of the pictures.
photo (2)photo (1)photo photo (3)
There are HOURS!!! into this already. Its crazy... I put around 30 hours in just the grey but you can barely tell where the grey is since its so light. I do enjoy how the shapes are forming now. Still a bunch of colorful blobs but the blobs are taking shape an it amuses me.
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I hate cutting things out. It is truly one of the worst things when it comes to crafts and or sewing that deals with fabric! - this rant brought to you because my hand hurts. 5 pj bottoms cut out. Two more to go. Then hopefully my serger wants to play right.
I'm in a bit of a slump because my three day weekend just passed and I was hoping to get a lot more done creatively. I did do quite a bit of research but nothing hands on. All my energy was put into house remodels. With help from my Dad we took the wall unit swamp cooler out and put in a roof unit, new air duct and all. Of course when you take a wall unit out it leaves a hole in your wall. So we had to patch that also. All that is left is to run the water line and power to the roof unit and texture and paint the wall. Thankfully it's Fall and past swamp cooler time so the first two don't have to be done till Spring. The last one should be done by Sunday at latest.
I guess I lied a little about not getting to do anything creative. I have been making myself do a little cross stitching every day, even if its just a few lines. So I have more then just the big orange blob, I showed you last time. I have several blobs!

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Okay that was wierd.... anyway LJ is letting me post now so whatever.
I finally finished the birth record cross stitch I was making for my Aunt. I am so glad to finally be done. I was getting very very sick of cross stitching. That and I have other things I would rather be doing. Then again until the hubby finally goes and buys me the new machine or lets me take my current one in for repairs I am not really going to be able to work on any of the projects that I would rather be working on anyway. I got to sew on the Viking Emerald 118 and I must say I like how it feels. My only gripe is Viking didn't make an eyelet plate for the Emerald series. :(
Thursday I head home so I can drive with my parents to the airport. We are going to my Uncle's wedding. Part of me is excited to see that side of my family. Its been several years. Part of me doesn't want to go because my stuff is finally arriving from Japan. YEA!!!!!!!!!! my fabric and bed are finally here. They can keep the rest for a few more days but I want those two!!! So Monday when I get back from the wedding I have the fun job of unpacking. Unpacking and figuring out where to put all of the stuff..... that isn't going to be much fun....
One fun thing about having to go to a wedding is finding clothes for the wedding. Avien was nice and let me go with her as she went shopping for stuff for her trip. I enjoyed myself and was able to find two outfits. Both skirts I got need slight tweaks made to them... but they are awful cute! AND I was able to find a pair of nicer shoes to wear with said outfits that aren't heels. One of my personal peeves with shoes is bows on shoes that are not meant for kids and these have them... but it is tolerable for wearing to just nicer things............ stupid bows........... okay so the bows really irk me, but the shoes are really nice except for that part. I might see if there is a way I can cut the bows off.... after the wedding in case that ends up destroying the shoe.
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Hi All,
I live.... and I have been making progress. Though very slowly indeed. But I have a good excuse! The movers come next week and I have been running around getting ready for that.
I finished the Leifang top!
I added all the trim and piping. I put the buttons on at first but after they were on I decided I really didn't care for the look. I felt the closures need a little more and they needed to be white like the trim. I feel the Chinese knot closures look a lot better. There was nothing wrong with the buttons they just didn't have the oomph I was looking for. The closures look extremely crooked in the picture but its not as bad on me. I should start on the mock up for the pants next week but with the movers coming I am not sure how much I will be able to get done.

And because I have lost all sense I have decided trying to get one project done before movers come is not enough. I have also been working away on two cross stitches. One is a baby bib for my Aunt. I don't have a picture of that one because it is at my friends house. The other is a cross stitch for said friend.  I took the picture without a flash becuase the flash drowned out some of the lighter colors.
To let all my LJ friends know next Wesnesday (Tuesday for those in the states) I will lose my computer and Friday the internet. From then until the end of August-Early Septermber I will not have steady access to the internet. So I will be checking here... because lets face it I am addicted, but may not have time to reply and enjoy myself. :( So please be patient and give time for replies!



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