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I know I'm not posting much, I'm hoping the second half of this semester changes and I'm back to having a social/creative life of some sorts.

And if not, 8 weeks until summer break!

This last bit of LJ going boom has scared me. It seems a mass exodus of people. I hate change. It's a huge nasty flaw of mine but I do. I like LJ. I like my friends being here even if I do go missing for weeks and weeks at a time. I like that things are in chronological order. Facebook doesn't have that and it drives me batty. I can't follow a conversation there like here because if I go back to find it I can't. I feel left out half the time, which could just be socially awkward me.

I hear there's another blogging community that starts with a d that everyone is jumping over to, but I currently need an app. If it requires getting online on a computer I may post once or twice a year. An app means I can post in my bed when the insomnia hits, like right now.

I guess if everyone does run away to there though please someone show me how to do the cross posting and what not some night at CoCo. I seriously get extreme anxiety with change, unless it's just infinitely better. And currently the other options aren't to me, except to see my friends.

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