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 they cannot sleep, despite taking their sleepy pill. They move on with their sewing. Finished up another set of pj bottoms. Only one more to go! I made this one for my hubby but I may steal them from him. They are cute monkey's in  browns and tans.  They are knee length shorts, and I went with no pockets on this one. Feels good to be getting closer to done with UFOs and misc other sewing so I can feel no guilt working on costumes. Let's see, whats left in my count... 1 full pj set, 1 baby blanket quilt, a throw sized quilt, and the actual quilting of hubby's quilt.
I am not sure if I mentioned it here before but I marked off straight edges to start work on the black work around low neck chemise. Not much but it is a start back on costume work.
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Finally, as promised a picture of the low necked chemise. I am not sure if other people get as excited as I am about the little stuff, but I am thrilled with the square neckline. Super proud too.l No bunches, only a slight curve at the corners, WOOT! This will have blackwork around the neck before its considered 'finished'. It also needs the hooks and eyes at the wrists to be moved in some. It was too loose when I wore it before and it had a big gap so why not close it up some. I will also have to finish up the seams. I just used pinking shears because I was in a rush. After a wash I can tell that will not be a permanent method. Anyway onto the picture!

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Adding my first finished item for 2011. The blackwork chemise. Except for the neckties all other hand sewing is done. And if I had to wear it today I could whipstitch some ribbon in there in 15 mins or so.
Dee Dee modeled it for me until I can show it off with some sort of bodice of corset.

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The ruffled of doom is complete. All that's left to do is back stitch around the bands, the four way plait around the edges of the ruffled, and the closure method for the neck. I plan on waiting on the plait until I have some practice at it.
For the closure I really like the bead or spacer look. I know I could get this look with some of the fancier necklace clasps. But that's just that the look... no clue if anything remotely similiar was actually used. I was extremely excited to see the tie used on one shirt was I have no doubt lucet cording. I may stick to that and tie it loose. I saw a few that way and even a few with gappage at the neck between ties. Still pondering... but that's my thought process for now.
I did choose to take a small break from the chemise and cut out the pieces to my next quilt. I am sort of excited about this one it should be fun.

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I tried the blackwork chemise for the first time tonight. I was really close to getting really upset. The neckband is to wide and not long enough despite several measurements.
But I convinced myself that its good enough. No better then that. It's not the best I can do but its pretty Dang good. It won't diminish any costume I may wear with it. And when I have no other hand projects I can go back and redo it.
But the utter failure keeps sneaking back in. Please someone *truthfully* tell me its okay, I can wait to fix it. I am just being overly perfectionest here. Or is it really horrible and as a costumer I shouldn't even step out my door wearing it.

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I was really hoping to have my chemise done for my sewing year round up, but it doesn't look like its going to happen. To many bits and pieces left. In the grand scheme of things its Dang close. Hopefully I can get it done by its one year anniversary. ROFL a whole year working on this thing. That's insane!!!

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My fingers hurt now, but I think its worth it. I got probably two feet more of the flat felled seam done on the second sleeve tonight. Yea!

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I'm in a slump. No clue why but its definatly creeping in and slowly buring me. suckage!
But I have been slightly productive. I added some reflective tape to my dogs collar. We have been taking him for walks and with it getting darker sooner, I felt better if he had something to show where he was... or at least that was the theory. Not sure if it works. We have no street lights out here and it still seems really dark. Maybe I should get glow in the dark hair spray for him.
I have finished up one side seam and half a sleeve for the chemise. Just have to finish flat felling the other half of the sleeve then I can move onto to the other side. With how its fraying I thought that would be the best idea. It would suck to put in the wrist band and what not and have the other side just fray away. 
Only other thing I have been working on is my brother's Spider Man pj bottoms.  I put in my first, inseam or in hip, the book said both, pocket. I also added piping to the sides. OHHH and AHHHS my PJs are getting fancy.
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Took a slight change of pace and helped my friend finish up the dog bed we have been making. Clears up a BIG space in my sewing room.
I also redid the part of the seam I ripped out yesterday because I hated how my stitches looked. I can tell this is going to take me awhile because my inner perfectionist is screaming at me on this one. My husband keeps yelling at me to leave it no one is going to be that close but I just can't.
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Two more things off my 2010-2011 sewing to do list.
Jedi costumes = check!
Though now my brother is saying he  may not wear it... turd.
10 quilt squares done. I know that isn't alot but it definatly progress.
And the hand sewing on the chemise has been going also. Slower then I would like of course but its going. Sadly I think I like the look of machine sewing more. It just looks so much neater to me. I am pain stakenly trying to keep all my stitches neat and even but I still like the look of a machine more. I am going to finish this one just to say I have done it, but I think all future pieces I am going to say screw it especially on seams that will never be seen. I may change my mind later.... but at this point in my sewing I prefer the look of machine sewing better than the knowledge I did it by hand.
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As I have mentioned in here I am reproducing a chemise out of Pattern of Fashions 4 pg 69. This is where my blackwork is going and the one I am handsewing. Everything is going good I just have one question that arose when I  was re-reading everything trying to figure out exactly how the hem things. It says in the notes that the wrist and neck frills have a 4 strand plait on the edges. My question is: is this how they treated the edges, and if so, anyone know of any tutorials of how to do this. OR: is it a 4 strand plait that is crouched down to the edge. Any input is GREATLY appreciated.

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Almost finished cutting out the chemise last night. I just have the wrist and neck frills left. I luckily have enough in scraps to do this I just wanted to iron it a bit more first. I plan to get started on it today. SOOOO excited!
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The linen thread came while I was in AZ. I haven't gotten to the chemise though. To much other stuff around the house that needed to get done. I think the only sewing I have done is a bit of hand sewing on my brothers collar. I plan to remedy all of this shortly. It would be awesome if I could finish the chemise by halloween.
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I finished the blackwork!  Its a huge accomplishment for me. I am soooo excited about this.
I think to celebrate I am going to go cuddle and hopefully fall asleep with the already sleeping Little Man. It is 4 in the morning after all. But SQUEEEEEE And *Happy Dance* just the same.
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Not alot to update on. I have had no ambition to work on anything on the machine. But I have been plugging away on all my hand stuff. The blackwork reached the halfway point yesterday... or was it the day before... Either way it is still moving along. I have been hand quilting the baby blanket also. All little things that are hard to show off but hey progress none the less. Now back to my margarita and that baby blanket.
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I hadn't updated for awhile because I figured no one would care about it. I am wondering how much of that was just a major case of the blehs. Said case of major blehs was affecting how much was getting done also. I just didn't want to do anything. Was sick of quilt squares, wishing the blackwork would just end already and no desire to do any other projects.
Even with all that I kept my promise to myself and continued to do work on the blackwork, even if it was just a few stitches here and there thoughout the day. Those few stitches add up to at least a flower thingie a day. :)
August 22nd   August 29th

I have also gotten the quilt top completely pieced together now! I cut out the backing and batting last night. It is securely safety pinned together... now I just have to figure out how exactly I am going to quilt it.  It's bloody bright enough.

And lastly. While I couldn't stand sewing ANYTHING, I started beading a few of the Christmas ornaments I had intended to send out to a few friends this year. They went alot faster then I expected.
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So I looked at my sewing to do list and the first things I should get done would be Halloween things. So my plan was to set the sleeves in my brother's costume.  Unfortunately I didn't have any black thread on any of my bobbins. So instead I pulled out the squares for the baby blanket I started awhile back. The baby has already been born. *doh* so I figured I should get back to work on that too. I have two others besides this one that needs to be worked on also. Same boat too. All have had the babies now. That's me though. Underestimating the difficulty and Overestimating how much time I would have to work on them.
I worked on the squares until I ran out of bobbin thread. I was able to get 11 done. WOOT! I rewound my bobbin so I will work on the sleeves tomorrow. I think I am going to go snuggle a kitty and work on blackwork until I get to tired to see straight. NIGHT LJ!
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I finished cleaning up my sewing room. It included getting two more bins because the fabric just was not fitting anymore. This means my book is not up to date. Which with my ocdness is driving me crazy. Perhaps now I will go to keeping the database on the computer. Besides the cleaning I have gotten two... maybe more motifs done with my blackwork.
I started a new dog blanket with left over fleece and flannel scraps. Didn't finish it because I wasn't feeling it. I am not a dog person......
Besides that I have only taken apart old curtains to make a set that fit my mini window in my sewing room. But that didn't require sewing just a seam ripper.
I have a new favorite site. Urban threads. Fun embroidery projects. Kind if bummedthey coome with no pattern but still fun and at $1.00 a pop I can free hand. They have some great steampunk stuff under their retro catagory.
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Today was just a bleh sort of day. Didn't get pretty much anything I wanted done. BOO
I did a motif or so of blackwork today.
Ordered the 18th century embroidery book I wanted to get for my future metal embroidery projects.....
and made wild berry pancakes, dinner and mint choco chip cookies...
Boring and sucky day.
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 because this is wearing me out! Not sure if I had updated on here but almost a month ago I got a job with the Census. This week I am in training for a crew leader position. I have two weeks left of school so not much more but it is still draining. I have had little strength/brainwave activity to do much else when I am done with those two. I hadn't sewn ANYTHING for over a month. I forced myself to pick up the blackwork last week and have gotten close to three inches further. Not a crazy amount but progress none the less.
Out of nowhere, or so it seems, about 4 members of my extended family are having babies.  So baby blankets are in the future two of them, both for boys, have been started. Which translates to the pieces have been cut out. Besides the 250 remaining squares I have to cut in half to make triangles.

I picked out farbics and a pattern for a little girl and the others sex has not been determined yet. At this rate I will have no new costumes for Costume College but some new babies will be warm... well I might have a new chemise.....
I do need to get to work on my Comic Con costume. I am just stressing I won't be able to get any tickets. :(


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