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I decided to just wear my steampunk costume for our Halloween party this year. I haven't gotten anything else done on it since Costume College but I didn't get any pictures of it at Costume College so I guess it sort of works out. Next outing will be the ice cream social at next year's Costume College.
Things I still want to get done on this one:
Jacket with tails or a bustle or something going on in the back, real clear right. ROFL
A pair of spats
A hat of sorts... I was thinking page boy hat... but now I'm not sure....
Incorporate goggles somewhere....
Fix the skirts hem, I sware it was even at some point
Many more accesories Its all about the trinkets.
If I'm really brave sorten a few of the bones in the corset. I am slightly afraid of taking it apart to do this though. I LOVE this corset's fit. I still can't believe my friend and I did this in only a week. It just has about 3, possibly 5, bones that are a bit to long. You can see this in the front now with the front top poking up.

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First Halloween at our house wasn't to bad. We didn't invite alot of people because we weren't done with painting and fixing things up yet. One of our friends at Camp Pendleton which is back down near San Diego, insisted on coming to visit so  we did have some out of town guests. It was fun. Costumes and board games and yummy food. After working on family costumes, painting, painting, and more painting I had no desire to mad rush anything for myself so I threw something together from bits and pieces of other costumes. Can't figure out why picture doesn't want to flip BUT it shows off the costume none the less. And you can see my newly painted blue walls. That aren't those shades in real life but what the who.
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House is taking so long to finish that it is starting to make me sad. Boxes are still everywhere because I can't get to them until I am done with things like painting and minor repairs. All the big things are done, Thankfully. I think I will put off painting the kitchen just because I am getting tired of painting. I have the trim in the living room to finish first though. Once I do that and we get our new couch I can finally start putting things where they go and then organization can resme. I wonder if I have a little OCDness in me because I have been feeling really off with my stuff in such disarray.
I got in a bit of sewing.  Family wanted help with Halloween costumes. Made a fur skirt to go with an eskimo costume for my mom. Sewed patches on dad's jumpsuit so he can be an area 51 worker, Jedi tunics for my brother, and a pair of white shorts for Chris to complete his Toad from Mario brother's costume. Of course after a week of working on those I didn't have any energy for myself and just threw things together for myself for the Halloween party last night. Oh well...
Off to paint some trim.
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have any of you done StarWars costumes? Well I know [livejournal.com profile] jainamsolo  has, yummy rainbow dress, but I am looking to do Jedi costumes. My brothers asked me if could make them costumes for Halloween. I agreed but I want to do them right. You know get crazy about little details. Any suggestion for sites, patterns, ideas, or just random knowledge?
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I have offically worn a corset all day :) Am I suppose to be this sore the next day???  Just a couple quick pictures, then I have to start cleaning my house. I have stray threads and fabric scraps everywhere!!!! thanks inpart to the kitty.  Expect updates to my dress diaries now that I have some final photos.

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Oct. 27th, 2007 09:15 am
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 I am still alive. I have just been enjoying my time off of school! It has not been nearly as productive as I was hoping. Me hubby bought a game that I have been addicted to. Oblivian (I think I just spelt that wrong), its a nice little RPG. Because its on the Xbox 360 and not the computer I can play away without worry about my computer being to slow, or up to date enough.
I have been sewing away.  I was asked to make a Halloween costume for a little girl. While not historically accurate it was intended to have a Rennaissance feel. Because of how small it has to be alot of it was done by hand which slowed me down alot! Unfortunatly I made a mistake with the straps by sewing them together first and then when I went to turn it of course I couldn't..... So I had to rip that out, turn it, and resew it down by hand.  Then I had to rip out parts I did with the sewing machine because it wasn't laying right. Add that to the ripping out I had to do with the chemise to add a gusset. As I was ripping out yet another seam my husband made the smart a$$ comment that I was ripping out alot of stuff lately. I have never had the urge to stab someone with a seam ripper as strong as I did at that moment. 
I was also able burn my husband's costume. No this was not punishment for what he said. It was actually in the plans. I need to make a black belt and that costume is wearable for Halloween. Then Gauntlets and it is done for costume con. That will be great. I can finally say I have at least one costume ready.
I still need to make myself another petticoat for my Regency costume that I will be wearing for Halloween. Fabric was bought last weekend I just need to drop it in the wash this morning.  Then to make a purple kimono for my hubby's friend... Okay so I have alot to do still. Hopefully I can stay away from the game....
pics )
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 I am crazier then a bed bug. I have agreed to make a toddler a halloween costume and participate in a Halloween costume contest :).  Thank goodness for the two weeks off before the next term. So here is a revised sewing list  and to do list that needs to be completed before Halloween.
Now if I am able to fit the steampunk costume in there I am going to wear that one instead of the Regency one. But I need a fall back in case.
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I know I am posting alot today. This is the last one I promise. Just wanted to get my sewing list up.

I am trying to put Chris' costue before the Autumn dress so he can wear it for Halloween. I was going to make a poodle skirt for myself.... but the call of the Steampunk apron/outfit is starting to become hard to resist.... It would make a good Halloween costume. And it would be another costume I could wear to Costume Con.  Avien sort of convinced me when she said if I made it we could both wear ours to Costume Con..... Will have to talk to hubby to make sure he doesn't mind the possible need for more fabrics..... or... I could start going through my stash now and see if I have any that would work out.... that way when I ask him I can say I have these I only need these.... More pondering....


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