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 Today has been a total waste so far, for sewing but I think my body needed  a break. I went to bible study in the morning and came home and slept. I woke up about 45 mins ago and have done a little more packing. Went through my beads and picked out which ones I might use for the steampunk accesories, Henry and my new plan for my third day costume. I guess that will have to be a secret for everyone but Avien simply because I am not sure if it will get done. I was also able to find some scrap pieces of the Regency dress to test tension on so thats one more thing off my list. Always a good thing! So I guess if I get no more sewing done today I took two things off my list.... SO many more to go.

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Apr. 14th, 2008 06:39 am
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And it still seems like I barely got anything done. Yesterday I sewed all the pieces to each layer together, ironed all the seams open (yes I actually did this step for a change!) pinned all the gussets and started basting them in.  I still need to finish basting, then I can sew in the gussets and sew the layers together and add needed boning channels. At least another full days work. *sigh* 5 days and counting until I get on the airplane.
Because I work better with lists I am resorting back to that.
The list )

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 It looks like my husband may get to extend here for 3 more months. Untill I actually see it I am not holding my breath. I am tired of how things get changed and messed up. *GRRRRR* But on a promise to my husband I am proceeding as if I am going to Costume Con. He is very very adament that I go.  He knows how much I have wanted to. And with the extention I have no excuse not to go, since my biggest excuse was I wouldn't be able to help him with the move. 
So I forced myself to work on costuming projects. I pulled out the pattern and fabric for the Regency corset. Finished a few seams and sewed on the strap button for  the apron. Packed up two boxes filled with accessories, beads, and my Regency costume, and my corset muslin to be sent to Avien. Not a whole lot but definatly progress for someone whose nerves are still fried.
I have decided I am going to have to rip out the panel that ripped, along with the binding:(. For now I am just going to replace it. In the long run it will have to be completely redone. I knew it needed another layer for strength but it since it was the first time I had done a Victorian corset I went along blindly thinking the waist ribbon would be enough. HA! Now I know to go with my gut. I just have to pray and hope it doesn't rip again at Costume Con.
Does anyone know if  you can bring needles and mini sciccors on the planes now? I figure that would be a good time to do Henry's costume since it has to be hand sewn anyway.
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 I have been busy playing away on GW.  I have a total of 6 characters now. :) Most of them still little ones. I don't think I have really mentioned them.

It hasn't all been about guild wars though I have been slowly tearing away stablizer when I have a free moment or two. Avien was able to finsh my embroidery and it is gorgeous. I am in love. I have been trying to figure out beading for it but am having a hard time because I don't want to cover any of the embroidery. It looks so yummy I don't want it covered with stuff. I am witholding pics until it is attached to the acutal costume. Its my little guilty pleasure right now. NOT SHARING!
I didn't get to far with the steampunk apron as planned because when I went to sweep the floor so I could set the fabric out to cut it I ended up cleaning the house instead. Which is a good thing... but not what I had started with. So now I am going to go and cut it. Going to attempt to ban myself from GW and most of the interent, except LJ and emai of course until its on its way to being done. April will be here before I know it and I will have all of 1 costume done and two half costumes. And the one done won't be mine it'll be Henry's!!!!
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 I am still hemming the bottom by hand and debating on adding some trim but here is the finished gown for Henry.
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 The mock up of the sleeves went much better when after consulting my mentor *grin* I concluded ot just skip on of the steps. It was making no sense and getting rid of it did make sense so thats the route I took. So the mock up gown and sleeves have been taken apart and were used as the pattern pieces for the fashion fabric. I cut out all the pieces and called it quits for the night. Yea for progress!
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 The sleeves are not going together quite as easily as the gown part did. I am sure i am just reading the instructions wrong making it alot more difficult then it really is but as of right now my head just hurts. So I am putting it aside until later otherwise I will get frusterated with it and not want to play with it again for a long time. I threw a small sample scrap of the wool into the wash, cold water, gentle cycle, to see what happens to it. If everything is okay I will throw the main portion of the fabric so I can work on the apron tomorrow. Now to go find or start something else to do.
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Last night I worked on the mock up of the gown my stuffed bear Henry is going to wear for Costume Con. I am using the pattern in the Tudor Talior scaled way down. The first mock up was a bit long so I cut 3 inches off the bottom. Now I think it might be a wee bit short. So I might had about half an inch back. Today I will hopefully work on the sleeve mock ups and then take pics and put them on my site. I will put the link on here when I do. 
The plan is to also cut out the pattern pieces for the steam punk apron. Or at least the skirt pieces. I will probably have to do a mock up of the bodice part to get that just right. I need to wash the wool first though. Anyone have any special advice for washing wool. I keep having visions of it shrinking away to nothing. 
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 Instead of jumping straight away into the next part of the steampunk costume today I started a mock up of Henry's outfit.... Why... no clue it just seemed like the thing to do. It was calling to me. Maybe it will be the side project while I do the apron.
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I was going to put these up in one of my communities but Kit isn't really helping me sew but cuddling with what I was sewing. Don't show Koko, Avien.
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I have started the page for Henry and he has started getting dressed for Costume Con. www.llyra-fantasyfae.com/henry.htm Yes I know I am a dork.

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The old man is snoring.
We have hit raining season with a venegance... But I love rain so it doesn't bother me one bit. 
Sewing is slow but steady. I have under 20 more channels to go for the corset. This of course makes me very very happy! I also scaled up the smock pattern the other day and started cutting out the pieces. I was stalled on that though. I had also scaled down a shirt pattern for Henry. (WAIT no one knows about Henry yet. Henry is a stuffed animal that I am making for Costume Con 26's mousekerade.) I had cut out all his shirt pieces with the scraps of previous chemise.  I started sewing a few pieces together and before I knew it a day had passed and all I have left is one sleeve cuff. It is on such a small scale I am having to do alot by hand. OUCH. But it is turning out so nice. I even put a little bit of black work on the collar :) I should have pics up today or tomorrow on my website after I finish that last cuff.


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