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I hate cutting things out. It is truly one of the worst things when it comes to crafts and or sewing that deals with fabric! - this rant brought to you because my hand hurts. 5 pj bottoms cut out. Two more to go. Then hopefully my serger wants to play right.
I'm in a bit of a slump because my three day weekend just passed and I was hoping to get a lot more done creatively. I did do quite a bit of research but nothing hands on. All my energy was put into house remodels. With help from my Dad we took the wall unit swamp cooler out and put in a roof unit, new air duct and all. Of course when you take a wall unit out it leaves a hole in your wall. So we had to patch that also. All that is left is to run the water line and power to the roof unit and texture and paint the wall. Thankfully it's Fall and past swamp cooler time so the first two don't have to be done till Spring. The last one should be done by Sunday at latest.
I guess I lied a little about not getting to do anything creative. I have been making myself do a little cross stitching every day, even if its just a few lines. So I have more then just the big orange blob, I showed you last time. I have several blobs!


Sep. 22nd, 2010 09:20 pm
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I have a mouse problem in my garage.... which could mean they are getting into my house though there is no sign of it yet. I hate all modes of getting rid of them. UGH!
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If finished up four of the items last weekend but haven't had time to post about them. Besides sewing I have been busy with Christmas baking and fixing up our yard. I made peanut brittle and angel food candy for the first time this year. VERY VERY YUMMMY!!!!!
Any way for the finished sewing I sewed:
Three little dog sweater things, which my kitty wouldn't model for me so I have no pics of them yet
A snuggie for my bro's fiance. Which hubby wouldn't model for me so I don't have pics of that either.
AND a kitty stuffed animal which I do have pics of, which I will put up later.
ALLLLLLLLL done and a whole week ahead of time!

I live

Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:50 pm
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I promise I do. Life has just been sooooooooo crazy. With new house stuff, job hunting, family drama, family emergancies, and a mini vacation I have no clue where November went but I want it back.
House is starting to look nice and feel like its mine. Still a ton of things I want to do still but its looking nice. Some of the things have to wait for spring and others for more money.
I interviewed for a job, he said he really wanted to hire me BUT I don't have my EMT and he has to make sure with the higher ups that he can still hire me under the condition that I get it within a certain amount of time. Still haven't heard back from him *le sigh*
Family drama is... well family drama. Sum up my mom can still be crazy, and I confronted hubby's father about his lies and the fact that he told him to divorce me. Now there is tension there....
Hubby's little bro go hurt and had to go into surgery. won't go into details because they are of a private nature but he wasn't taking it to well and he is still in pain having problems.
Went to Vegas for 3 days at the begining of the month. We were suppose to go for our anniversary last Feb but we didn't get to. It was nice to get away but I felt guilty spending money.
And to top it all off the only thing I have sewn has been a nylon tow strap for my dad. He needed me to add a hook to one end. So got out my heavy duty needles and thread for a whole 10 mins of sewing. *sigh* I have been cross stitching also. But seeing all the pretties on my friend's list makes me wish for something more. Maybe after the holidays. I am gonna have to start my holiday sewing soon. Black Friday is the start of it... well sort of. I will be getting the rest of the fabric then. I started the crazy patch work teddy bear already and I got a pattern for a stuffed kitty.
eta: I got my Costume College acceptance. WOOT! AND I WILL HAVE NEW THINGS TO WEAR TO IT THIS YEAR!!!!!!
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First Halloween at our house wasn't to bad. We didn't invite alot of people because we weren't done with painting and fixing things up yet. One of our friends at Camp Pendleton which is back down near San Diego, insisted on coming to visit so  we did have some out of town guests. It was fun. Costumes and board games and yummy food. After working on family costumes, painting, painting, and more painting I had no desire to mad rush anything for myself so I threw something together from bits and pieces of other costumes. Can't figure out why picture doesn't want to flip BUT it shows off the costume none the less. And you can see my newly painted blue walls. That aren't those shades in real life but what the who.
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House is taking so long to finish that it is starting to make me sad. Boxes are still everywhere because I can't get to them until I am done with things like painting and minor repairs. All the big things are done, Thankfully. I think I will put off painting the kitchen just because I am getting tired of painting. I have the trim in the living room to finish first though. Once I do that and we get our new couch I can finally start putting things where they go and then organization can resme. I wonder if I have a little OCDness in me because I have been feeling really off with my stuff in such disarray.
I got in a bit of sewing.  Family wanted help with Halloween costumes. Made a fur skirt to go with an eskimo costume for my mom. Sewed patches on dad's jumpsuit so he can be an area 51 worker, Jedi tunics for my brother, and a pair of white shorts for Chris to complete his Toad from Mario brother's costume. Of course after a week of working on those I didn't have any energy for myself and just threw things together for myself for the Halloween party last night. Oh well...
Off to paint some trim.
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I just finished the embroidery on one of the pillow cases I have been working on, (pictures to come later), and I have NO desire to work on the second one. Its not CADD or sewing ADD its Sewing BLEH!  I know most of it is house blehs rubbing off on to everything but bleh non the less. I am washing the fabric for one of the Jedi costumes right now. I didn't feel like carrying two loads over to the laundry room so the other fabrics will be washed tomorrow.
I tried the muslins on my brothers this weekend.  My youngest brother's muslin worked wonderfully. The elder of the two though.... not so much. He is built, maybe not body builder.... but broad shoulders and big arms of a guy who works outdoors all day with a slight beer belly. So the back fits him wonderfully... and the front is to wide. THe shoulder creases fall exactly right in the back, just a little past his natural shoulder crease while the front  starts going down his arm. Not attractive at all.... I am not entirely sure how to correct that but plan to go through all my misc sewing books. Any advice from fellow sewers is COMPLETELY welcome.
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The tunic muslins have been cut out, but I just didn't have the ambition to sew them together tonight. I need to get up early tomorrow to drive out into the desert so I figured a shower and bed would be the better choice. If need be I can baste them together for the fitting this weekend.
In other news we signed some papers with the house and got all other needed paperwork together for our package to go to the powers that be. If nothing comes up we should only have to sign the final papers at closing and we are done.... but I am sure something will come up. It always does.
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Or at least it gives me a sense of control and I don't get as panicy. Right now I am completely overwhelmed so lists it is. If you see this its because you are on my friend list. If you like... Just go ahead and read the next post on your friends list.

Sewing to-do-list )
Rest of my life list )
ETA: Checking things off and added a few under Job stuff.
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So I have been pretty busy. Hubby and I are trying to buy a house. This is in no way an easy task. We had a beautiful house lined up. But it was a modular/manufactured home. No one wanted to give us a loan for that, except for our VA  or FHA loan. But we couldn't get those because the seller wouldn't pay for anything. *sigh* so the new house hunt is on. Very frusterating. Good news to that is Chris was able to extend till September.
I have been sewing. All sorts of misc things. I am still working on my SDCC project. That is all sorts of elaborate fun. I am so thankful to the friend helping me. I know it is going to be about 110% better then if I had done it the way I had planned. Besides just my vanity though I am also learning a WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bunch.
I have also been playing with quilting things. I made another baby blanket. This time for a cousin of mine. It's a premade quilt from Jo-Anns so not to much creativity from me, but I think it's cute none the less.  I have also been practicing on a few squares that I intend to use for a quilt for Chris and me. Not sure what I will be using the practice squares for but I figured it would be best to practice first.
I also got the fabric for a pair of Cherry PJs for my sister-in-law. She loves the colors black and red and was making alo of comments about the pair I made for her dad.... so I jumped on the idea when I found fabric with red cherries on a black background.
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So after finding out my husband will be seperating from the military. Future sewing projects and events have been put under review. Hubby is allowing me to still go to both Comic Con and Costume College because he knows how much I have been looking forward to them. I just have to do them as cheaply as humanly possible.
Comic Con will be just one costume. I might still go as a Jack, from Nightmare before Christmas, fan. But that only requires me to gather some Jack items together and wear them. That would make two costumes, but only one is being made and will cost me. Thankfully most of the fabric and what not is already bought. I will be buying some netting tomorrow, I need shoes, a wig, and some random materials to make a crown. Which is not to bad.....
For Costume College I really need to cut back on plans. My souper sekrit project that was suppose to be my gala dress, which turned into just getting the undies done for the undies breakfast, is totally being cut from this years line up. Hopefully next year if all goes well with moving, and finding jobs. I really want to make this dress and do it right. But to do that I need time and money which I don't have right now. So right now I have my Regency dress planned to wear. I do love that outfit, it makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess. I wore it to last years Costume Con but its okay to rewear costumes and it has never seen a Costume College.
I also want to finish up an outfit that was suppose to be my Steampunk apron out fit but now I have other ideas for it. So a little revamping and finishing up. Thankfully for the most part I have all the materials for that one. I may need a little more velvet trim but that is it.
I have my Steampunk Lolita still in my UFO bin but it requires to much additional materials to finish for Costume College.
I am hoping the Autumn dress will get to a wearable and decent looking state so I can wear that for my gala dress.... but I don't intend to hold my breath with that one. The Autumn dress has a way of throwing loops and obstacles so that it can remain forever the unfinished dress.
I do have a stash so I may be able to throw some small projects in but the rule is except for the Comic Con, and Autumn dress projects any new projects cannot cost more than $20 to complete. Even Comic Con and Autumn have a price range of $120 each. After that I have to get crafty because I can't spend any money.

I am back

Aug. 24th, 2008 11:10 am
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Its been awhile so I am sure I will forget something of great interest that happened but I will attempt to sum things up. 
We still do not have our stuff. It really does take a while for your stuff to follow you on the boat. Both hubby and I agree we just want our bed. They can have the rest for a few weeks more if they give us our bed already.  Well my sewing stuff would be nice also.
The week before last  [profile] aviendioraand I had a bit of a sew-a-thon. She was nice enough to let me raid a good bit of her supplies and gave me use of her skills and machines.  The goal was a steampunk like outfit to wear to a local cotuming event. We didn't get quite as far as we were hoping. But for one week of a few hours each day I think we did a great job! It was a new achievement for me. A corset done start to finish in a week. Okay it wasn't completely done... Side biding and eyelets were not complete, but still in a week!!!! that is great! I have Avien to thank for the skirt... I don't think I even touched that.... oh man.... I didn't. I really really owe her on that one. It is sooooo much fun. It has ruffles... Lots and lots of ruffles. In fact 65 yards of ruffles, IN ONE SKIRT. Lovely fun. This costume will be my Halloween costume in the end. The skirt is actually the petticoat. When I eventually find my camera cord and steal a few pics from Avien and Ryhnn I will be putting them up... more and likely on my webpage but I will make sure to put in a link.
Thats all I have actually been sewing on. Well unless you count cross stitching as sewing. I still haven't finished that up and her birthday was a month ago. I am to the back and straight stitching part so the end is near.
I have on the other hand been plotting and planning. I really really hope to get in to Costume College this year. Last year I tried many times to pick up memberships that people were selling because they could no longer go. No luck though I was always the third person to write them. I am hoping to get in this year withthe lottery. I sent in my membership request for the costuming guild west, in hopes that my odds go up. I really want to go though. I have been plotting and planning what I will sew this year. It all sort of depends on if I get in. I have been watching my friends list. They have already started on their costumes. 18th century fun....
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Here is my attempt at summing up everything from the past few weeks.

Lets see... we have been staying between my parents house and Chris'.  Unfortunatly for me more at his house. This irritates me immensely.  I am seeing more and more the cultural difference and differences in the way we were raised. This was of course never a problem while we lived in Japan. Now that we are closer though.... Problems galore. I am hoping when we finally get settled in San Diego these will go away... I have a feeling they won't though. Which really really irriates me. Enough with that though because that is a rant in and of itself.
We found an apartment. It is in the same complex as good friends, which is a bonus.  We decided on it mostly because of location, because they take pets, and the niceness of the complex. Like I said friends living there is a big bonus though.
Last weekend was comic con. I think next year I am ditching my hubby.... maybe not. Like I mentioned earlier his family issues has been causing alot of problems and he may not be such a grouchy burden next time. Besides him and attempting to keep him happy I had fun. My costume was more then simple. A Dr. Horrible groupie. :)  If you haven't seen this web based show try and find it. VERY VERY funny. I was able to meet up with Avien and Ryhnn and bum around with them. Avien wore her Dr. Who costume. I love LOVE love her coat. There were about 4 panels I really really enjoyed. I LOVED the masquerade. Some of the people seated around us were kind of brutal to what was on screen... and I must admit there were a few that I was embarrassed for them. But there were also alot that were really good. My favorites were 

[profile] jainamsolo 's group, the little girl in the star wars plane, and the nintendo character/muscial group.
Sunday I dressed up in my Lei fang costume. Whenever I find my camera cable I will put up pics. I liked how the costume came out. Wig was kind of sucky... okay no... my skills in putting on a wig and securing it are sucky. The shoes I wore were pure evilness. I had raw ankles just from the walk from the parking garage to the building. Which is not a far walk... maybe a block. Evilness I tell you! I was also happy to be able to see [profile] redheads_anon , a little sad it was brief but happy non the less.
The weekend before the con Avien and Rhynn let me crash at their place. They are the absolute best! Not only was I able to get away from in laws but I was able to complete my costume. Avien was a great help with the completion of said costume. Within the first hour I was pissed off with my pants and ready to throw them away.  A few helpful tweaks later and I was back to completing them. So I plugged away on trim and ties while Avien plugged away on her coat.  I think I enjoyed myself the most that weekend out of the whole time I have been in the states. (THANKS AVIEN AND RHYNN!!!!)
[Bad username or unknown identity: And now I am back at my parents house. I need to watch the animals while they are in Vegas. It my dad's b-day. Happy happy birthday to him!   ]
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We flew in on Thursday. I still think that is so weird. We left on Thursday and landed 18 something hours later yet the clock said only 2 hours had passed. Or maybe its just me that is weird.
Kit made the trip okay. I was all sorts of upset in Tokyo. He was playing Hudini so well I couldn't see him in his cage. He wouldn't respond when I called him and the had strapped the cage so I couldn't open it and search for him. After a good 5 mins he finally answered me with a very small meow. Little bugger.
We are visitng family now with plans to be at Comic Con the 26th and 27th.  Chris will check into Balboa on the 31st. Hopefully not to long after we will have our own place... hopefully. 
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Hi All,
I live.... and I have been making progress. Though very slowly indeed. But I have a good excuse! The movers come next week and I have been running around getting ready for that.
I finished the Leifang top!
I added all the trim and piping. I put the buttons on at first but after they were on I decided I really didn't care for the look. I felt the closures need a little more and they needed to be white like the trim. I feel the Chinese knot closures look a lot better. There was nothing wrong with the buttons they just didn't have the oomph I was looking for. The closures look extremely crooked in the picture but its not as bad on me. I should start on the mock up for the pants next week but with the movers coming I am not sure how much I will be able to get done.

And because I have lost all sense I have decided trying to get one project done before movers come is not enough. I have also been working away on two cross stitches. One is a baby bib for my Aunt. I don't have a picture of that one because it is at my friends house. The other is a cross stitch for said friend.  I took the picture without a flash becuase the flash drowned out some of the lighter colors.
To let all my LJ friends know next Wesnesday (Tuesday for those in the states) I will lose my computer and Friday the internet. From then until the end of August-Early Septermber I will not have steady access to the internet. So I will be checking here... because lets face it I am addicted, but may not have time to reply and enjoy myself. :( So please be patient and give time for replies!



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