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Curious where others have bough their broderie Anglaise lace, if you ever have. I have found some but I am not 100% thrilled by it. I would hate to commit just because I don't know of another source.
Same with the Cambric. Does that go by any other name? My goggle-fu is not working for it. I have only found a type of china and a dust cover.... not exactly what I think of when I am thinking fine lingerie. Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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I am trying to gather materials for Titanic undies. I know I am suppose to be getting everything from stash but I simply don't have anything to make fine undies from.Using the book Costume in Detail 1730-1930 by Nacy Bradfield page 323 as my example, I am searching the web for some of the materials. I am currently stuck on Broderie Anglaise. What I am getting to show up with google are examples of pre-made garments, which helps nothing. OR what looks to me a material that I have always called eyelet fabric. I am going to butcher my description but what looks like an eyelet with a twirling running stitch to another eyelet, rinse and repeat.... I don't think that's what I am looking for by the little pic the book drew of theirs... Or are they the same thing?
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Just curious. When did Duponi Silk come into common use? If I used it on a 18th century skirt would it just be sacrilege?  I may do it anyway because its what I have in stash but it would make me feel better knowing I am doing it on purpose vs. doing it cause I don't know better.
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Prompted by my desire to have a Victorian bathing suit, Next year's plans for Costume College, and the fabric.com wool sale amoungst other things.
What kind of wool exactly are Victorian bathing suits made out of?
I thought wool did evil shrinking and felting like things when it got wet.... so why were all, (okay may not be all but this is what my research as of now is showing me) made of wool. So confused.
Please oh LJ brain trust HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Since my computer crash I am having trouble finding my links. For my IRCC dress I wanted to get a new pair of stockings. I have not had a real pair yet, using white tights with my Renaissance stuff, and I would like to move up. So my question is:  Where do you all buy yours? Thanks in advnace!


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